Legalizing The MINO Machine

by Firepower

The MINO Masters control all government institutions from The Imperial Presidency down to the Affirmative Action Army troops staffing most cubicles – even to the janitor’s closet.

They control the military with its Ebola-fixing, feminist-loving and faggot-recruiting mentality. It’s another reason The Bois in Camo are unable to whip anybody since 1945 but third world shitholes.

They control the family. They control education. They control law enforcement and the prisons. It’s why you go to jail for calling a nigger a “nigger” but a nigger can Bash Steve Utash and get probation.

The final most important fence in the gulag is the judicial system. I’ve warned of King Obama’s “wise Latiña” Sotomayor for years. Nobody cared and now the fence has closed.

Courts are the place that decide law. They decide that a 10-round magazine is what you get instead of the full mag. They decide (and make legal) you go to jail for ……calling a nigger a nigger – but a nigger can Bash Steve Utash and get probation.  They make it illegal to belong to the TEA Party, but the fascist USG IRS is OK to freely stick a telescope up political enemies’ assholes. They legalize (and encourage) the NSA to spy on you for complaining about their LN Fascism.

The courts now decide every single issue of your life in Today’s Degraded Murka. Laws exist for dictators and the Ruling Class to subjugate a stupid mass.

Lord Obama has set the stage for LN Rulers. Now, the pen is complete. The pigs are in their wallow, happy to Reality Show & Sext in Happy Fun N’ GamesLand until they’re table fare for the Elite’s pork banquet.

Name one branch of Government – you know, that entity that will machine gun you with SWATZIs for letting your cattle graze on its land – not under Liberal Nazi control.

When Hillary is crowned Our First Queen and Our Historic Feminist President, like the insane PC MINO worship of Obama’s Coronation, the grip of fascism and the Liberal Police State will start to squeeze. Even harder.

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27 Comments to “Legalizing The MINO Machine”

  1. Heck, I was warning about this stuff 20 years ago. Lots more people need to feel the pain. Dick Morris warns of a coming One Party Democrat State. Good, we need that so ordinary White conservatives feel the pain even more, and get radical.

    • Yet if we presume that will happen, we are accepting current times as inadequate to ignite change and must therefore wait until worse conditions arise.

      In short, that says no means yet exist to carry it out.

      Which is why I’ve long said you’ll be a 168-year-old Thomas Jefferson
      …but relying on Morlock Troops further dumbed-down worse by future MM social policies.

      That is ominous and bodes ill for your chances.

      • Then quit your bitchin and fix it. You are no different than anyone else.

      • No. Fixing it for you is no longer worth my time.

        You are raised on The Tit of Christ: You are conditioned to expect a Savior to come down, jam his nipple in your mouth, spout scripture, write a book, then hop on a cross and – boom! – instant salvation.

        You expect Your SuperHitler!™ to be the first soldier to invade Poland then also fly the first Me-109 over England. Only a fool would want to lead you – and your kind – with childish demands like these.

        When you can’t even get the gist of this post…

        My purpose is to reveal to you things you’ve never thought of before and show you new ways of thinking.
        Your purpose is to apply them as a salve and binder of your seething anger. But first, you must shut the fuck up and listen.

  2. Yes, their victory seems complete. It is true – MINO Masters control all government institutions. I saw this while watching “the news” this morning. They were reporting on the white house fence jumper and how the secret service failed mein bomma. It was truly hilarious – all the officials interviewed, all the reporters, EVERYBODY involved, was either a dyke female or some species of migger. It’s obvious their evil plans are beset by one GLARING weakness – they will ultimately be relying on dykes and miggers! For fucks sake – they are so incompetent that a deranged mexican jumped the fence, ran into the white house and overpowered some super human SS soldiers, endangering their messiah!

    Unfortunately for us they are currently living on the “american legacy” – a large stock of well trained white men who still believe in the constitution and apple pie, who protect the LN’s and make the LN machine work. When this legacy is used up or lost, the LN’s will have lost. Our job is to expedite the loss of this legacy through effective propaganda and subterfuge. In my opinion, the prize go go after is the white man – the most valuable resource on the planet.

    This fact must enrage the LN’s! Imagine it, they despise white men, but are absolutely dependent up on them. It brings a smile to my face just thinking of it.

    • You, my friend, totally GET IT – like ryu.

      Yes, the LNs of the MM despise white men, but are so absolutely dependent up on them the LN will do anything to keep their meat acting as triggermen in the military and their NRA guns subjugated domestically.

      all the officials interviewed, all the reporters, EVERYBODY involved, was either a dyke female or some species of migger.

      When you point this out to our targets you implant The Seed of Doubt in their little MM brainwashed heads. You can often see the teeny-tiny lightbulb come on. Either way, it is impossible for them to argue against it with the Auto-Robot Reply they’re trained to use by the Feminist Government School System of “that’s RAYCISS!” to thereby discount your point and smother that Nagging Truth you just shot like a dart through their PC-infected minds.

      That they have no argument against a picture of Janet Napolitano, Sebellius, Holder or any other of the near total domination of MINOs in Rulership positions befuddles them to the point of actually thinking…

      • FP, what do you make of this ebola story?

        I know the USG is incompetent at everything not involving force or taxation. Usually when something like this happens, its as a distractor for something else.

      • Ebola is foremost an epidemic…existing for thousands of years.

        Still, the threat of Murka’s swift infection via vectors of jet travel are ignored by the mass-media-hysteria deliberately concealing the comparison to jets being around for 50 years – since the 1960’s.

        Thus, with far less technology of any sort back then, infectious epidemics *should* have been more common.

        This comparison *should* be obvious to Murkans; that it is not, proves their utter stupidity and readiness for slavery. “Why now?” is the proper question.

        Mankind has benefited from plagues throughout its history and the scum are cleaned out. That hasn’t happened for a while. Even faggots avoided well-deserved death via AIDS being, for all intents, cured.

        LNs are always trying new tactics. With Obama’s Imperial Power, only a few people need know of his plans such as: All it takes for 20 million new Miggers to get FREE usa citizenship is the stroke of a pen from one man; tyranny really lives now in Murka in the form of Kings with 8-year reigns.

        The MM may need MINOs to operate, but it does not need so many as it has now. It needs even less if NRA Whites die off with the colored trash. The LN knows full well it cannot buy off foreign barbarians and maintain a Giant Military Complex and… pay welfare to an exploding class of Ferguson Race Rioters. Or, fund Social Security for Old Whites who worked their lives away funding that Liberalism with their blood, sweat & taxes.

        The LN is experimenting with methods of its version of Nationalistic Social Order. It often makes awkward gyrations for it knows the door is closing with national debt, racial discord and our military’s failure to defeat foreign enemies.

      • I didn’t know the director of the SS was a woman, FP. You were right, they’re everywhere now.

      • I’m honored by your words.

        re the MM, I want to apply your research skills to collect and collate pictures of them all in the administration tree. I googed it, but surprise: No results.

        It *should* be expected MINOs of every stripe would be so proud of their total victory, they’d shout it from the rooftops, but it’s as secretive as Obama’s birth cert.

        My favorite tactic is to challenge opponents and targets to: Name The White Men in Obama’s Court.

      • That would be poor psychology of their part, FP, to celebrate too loudly. You never rub victory in a man’s face. He could rise up and get angry.

        It means nothing to be successful in a police state, other than that one can satisfy the regime in power. What can their money buy us, for the future we have seen?

      • Intemperate celebrations and words are avoided by real Leaders. It’s why an Obama can be elected President and Al Sharpton cannot.

        A major flaw of wn (and what prevents it becoming WN) is its intemperance. One cannot give equal voice to you, me – and some stupid redneck – simply because we’re all white.

        All White Men are not created equal

    • That’s good. Like yourself, over and over I see only the white men as good soldiers. Every single time.

      WHen you employ a man, you own his ass. I do think our soldiers can be better than them. One survivalist can tie down 400 pigs, like Eric Frein did. A free man, fighting for himself, is superior to a merc working for Mammon.

  3. “White” liberals are the practical targets.

    White man is the general enemy.

    White Supremacist is the motivating hatred.

    The MINO machine is the “white” liberals’ perverted and inverted idea of “white supremacy.” The notion of controlling your lessers is deeply embedded into the psyche of the radical liberationist BECAUSE minimizing the freedom of your lessers is maximizing your freedom in a zero-sum game.

    In the big picture, “white” liberals are AUTOMATICALLY lesser than a genuine white Supremacist and thus lose freedom wherever the genuine white Supremacist may roam. The “equality” sought is an anti-white Supremacy. Where no genuine white Supremacists exist, there can be an “equality” of radical liberationists.

  4. I believe many white Supremacists shall foray into the general “white” male liberal brain to commit psychological murder. Clearly, in the “white” male liberal is both problem and only real solution (because he is the critical mass of extant “white man”). If we are to have a MINO machine ultimately controlled by “white” liberals then the scene of the crime will be inside those “white” liberal heads. “White” liberals fear genuine white Supremacy like nothing else. That’s where you start. Expose and expound on this FUNDAMENTAL fear and compel “white” liberals to react so as to pin down their type of extremist liberationism… Right to Self-annihilation or right to sexual autonomy? Either stance makes one unfit for a leadership role EVEN unfit for the bureaucratic leadership of minos.

  5. I am trying hard to understand this post, and I do not mean that negatively, what posistion are you advocating for exactly? The Tea Party? They were assilmated very rapidly.
    Or ‘Liberal Nazi control’ you do realize this is a inherent contradiction, and it is no accident the left absolutely demonizes ‘nazism’, right?

  6. Hello, EK. It appears you’ve spent a lot of time on feminism, but it’s just one of the FFL®. Nonetheless you probably need some kind of purification process to wash the dirt off. While you’re hanging out in the desert or wherever, you might enjoy Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West and anything else written by him. He has a mature perspective on civilizations that is very fresh and applicable, though the book will soon be 100 years old. We are into the Fellah period of Western Faustian civilization, in which a nationless mass just lives without creating history or culture. Democracy dissolves into rule by money. Only a few are driven by the feeling that they have a future nation within them.

    Over the years I’ve noticed, about everywhere I look, a huge deficit in “moral imagination,” by which I mean the ability to understand how other people think and act. White conservatives look at the government that is wearing them down and manifesting its incompetence on a vast scale in every area of life, and they are so sickened by it that they really can’t imagine that anyone would not be sickened and would instead support it. They are certain it will eventually show its imbecility even to the imbeciles on the left.

    That view shows a total lack of moral imagination. It attributes a demand for rationality, competence, sound government, and sound finances that is, to say the least, a low priority for the Red-lib-minos. It totally misses the priority placed on destroying and dominating white American society by the Red-lib-minos.

    The Eradica authors do not lack moral imagination and totally appreciate the enemy’s dedication to domination and destruction of white America at any cost. Are they just discontented fellaheen or pioneers of a new/old nation? Time will tell. You speak of the Tea Party being assimilated, but the other side of that is that the difference between the Tea Party and White Supremacism is vanishing, as it becomes obvious that traditional American self-government is a part of white American culture only, and there will be no traditional American self-government in any place where white American culture is not supreme. In other words, you are necessarily a white supremacist if you believe your community, state, and nation should be ruled by traditional American concepts of self-government. Those are white concepts. If there are minorities in your community, they have to be governed by white culture too. If whites give in to being ruled by other cultures, they are giving up self-rule. Other people for the most part don’t care about white cultural traditions, except as a matter of temporary convenience, and most whites don’t care about them either. So those Tea Party folks who are hurt when someone calls them racist are absurdly naïve. They are telling everyone, You should be ruled by our white traditional culture. But they don’t want a power struggle; they want everyone to kneel before the Constitution, our “White Goddess.” Maybe when the Red-lib-mino dictatorship really does fall apart, white supremacists will take it over and only give self-rule to those people who are loyal to it; others can be subjects or slaves, as they evidently desire to be.

    Struggle, tension, force are our elements in Western Faustian culture. The yearning for peace, relief, wholeness, unity, and so on, usually represent flight from the true Western calling. Find like-minded people who “will stick together like wolves,” as Hemingway said.

  7. Ok, I read all those articles, and some of the related.

    I do not disagree with the premise that the white male is the ‘true minority’ if I may use that word, but what is the system you are advocating? Are you still ok with a ‘fascist’ or ‘national socialist’ platform if it is whites at the top? If not, what else is there, because I am sure you will grant that democracy is a failed system.

    • Nazi Germany was created and built up to invade and eradicate the USSR. The Cold War didn’t begin after WW2 it actually started back in 1917 when the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia. Just because Hitler hated Jews and you also hate Jews doesn’t mean there is otherwise much overlap. Fascism itself is not an ideology but a process where the most reactionary elements of the bourgeois degenerate into barbarism. Marxism-Leninism will be the future and not fascism or bourgeois democracy.

    • I don’t seem to use words as you do. Communism and Islam are two great systems for countering the Americans. The USA has not beaten a communist or a Muzz yet.

      In a liberal Nazi state, the mulatto is the ideal man, not the Aryan. And the closer you approach that ideal, the more goodies you get.

      I advocate winning. That is the system to use. We have no moral attachment to capitalism, environmentalism, America, or Xtianity. Whatever works.

    • Yes.
      The white male is the ‘true new minority’ in the sense they are the main group that is legally discriminated against.

      Voltaire said “you tell who’s in power by whom you cannot criticize”.
      I take it a step further and say:

      You can tell who’s not in power by whom you can attack.

      Be aware: The system I advocate is less important (and urgent) than destroying the current LN system.

      If I want to project into a future ideal government it is a combination of pre-Civil War US Constitutionalism coupled with National Socialism.

      National Socialism is already well-defined, so a cursory introduction to its combination with Original Constitutionalism is provided with room, of course, for modification.

      The Founding Fathers were correct in denying automatic rights to coloreds; they must earn them. Benefits of this automatic “freedom” would apply only to whites, with (perhaps) coloreds earning citizenship and respect the way Janissaries earned rights in the very successful Turkish Empire. Pragmatically, I am forced to say this because many blacks (and some Jews I’ve known) are as American as I and they deserve citizenship as much as some whites (like Jerry Brown & Pajama Boi) deserve a gas chamber.

      Remember, these type of “good” coloreds etc. are a very small minority, so most would initially be eradicated or deported.

      The way the US functioned long before “civil rights” – as in the 1840’s – was very Nationalistic. It was an ideal model needing a bit more teeth, as in: Join us or perish.

      This gives a reconstituting government the flexibility of both keeping the truly good ones while simultaneously eradicating equally dangerous filth like white liberals. There will be no “automatic” benefits for anyone espousing leftist ideology.

      • Ok, and to be clear of your posistion, the problem is that the current ‘socialism’ is not real socialism, correct?

        We may actually agree on a lot I am just trying to make sure we are talking the same thing here, and your last statement ‘espousing leftist ideology’ is different than how since socialism is conventionally a ‘leftist’ posistion?

      • Easy tiger!

        All this talk of positions and statements makes one sound like a conservative. We aren’t in the smoking room drinking brandy, discussing politics. This is real life. WN matters. Life is not a philosophy paper. It’s about surviving.

      • If you believe one side eradicating and deporting 99% of coloreds is conventionally the same as today’s leftist rulers who import Miggers and pump trillions into colored baby-making ghetto factories it is you left holding the hot potato of definition.

        Remember, in those articles I wrote, the only true difference between “historical Nazism” and Liberal nazism is what color the rulers are and the color of the dis-empowered – and what letters get capitalized.

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