How to “Make” a Cop

by Ryu

Even out of uniform, cops have certain tells that can be used to ID them.

1) The Cowboy Stance

Left hand on left hip, right hand on butt of gun. Legs spread, chest out, eyes ahead. All cops make this movement. They also are accustomed to crossing their arms. This gesture indicates someone with a hardon for the rules.

2) The Eyes

Cops use their eyes to intimidate. In uniform, they stare people down. Many cops wear Hollywood-style sunglasses to put a distance between themselves and others.

3) Checking on Everyone

Cops need to check everyone walking in the door, all noises, everything. Like a guard dog. Watch for ……someone who snaps to at every noise. Scanning the room, looking left then right.

4) Body Type

This is a more difficult indicator. Their PT gives them a distince physique early in their careers. Chest dominant, quad dominant. Little back, arm, or hamstring development. It comes form doing high rep pushups, situps and running. The finished product is a marathon running with some chest.

I look at the elbow and the delt/pec border. Someone really strong shows a thickness in the forearm and lower triceps. Because cops only do high rep pushups, they are only left with a bit of lower chest development. The delt/pec border will show front delts with little width and little upper chest.

5) “Tone”

Cops speak a certain way. They are accustomed to projecting power and authority with their voice. Asking alot of questions, too many questions, bullying with question is a part of it. One might call it an accusatory tone.

6) Moustache

Cops cannot have beards in most PDs. The most facial hair allowed is a small moustache. They also tend to try to have a clean look, with short hair up top as well. Many cops today shave their heads.

5 Comments to “How to “Make” a Cop”

  1. haircut ,build contemptous look

  2. #3 (scanning surroundings) is just good sense in a dangerous world… it makes the world a little less dangerous in that you aren’t as likely to be caught off guard. The real trick is to observe without being caught observing. Cops don’t feel the need for this; it is in their nature to let people know they are observing.

    • Cos are totally obvious about it. I actually saw this one mentioned in a instruction manual for working vice. Deprogramming old cop gestures.

  3. Cops are also good at dismissing non-threats. Ive been on thousands of nightwalks, had five cop cars pull in front of a house I was passing by, but they rarely seem to see me lol. Wicked and suspicious characters tend to be assertively dominant or furtively anxious instead of profoundly indifferent.

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