Joe Paul Franklin

by Ryu

I’ve been doing some research on an wn hero, JPF. There’s quite a bit of new stuff out there:

4 Comments to “Joe Paul Franklin”

  1. Definitely a mixed bag. Subtle contradictions in motivation. Clearly re-educated at the end. High intelligence with NO indication that he viewed miscegenating = self-annihilation and therefore as abhorrent and pathological in his mind. Obviously ripe material for a truly omnipotent System. Played in with his detractors on the role of childhood abuse as mitigating factor. No articulated “white supremacist” vision. Certainly a prolific killer though.

  2. Even the dimmest of liberals can see that the JPFs are the product of coercive integration and certainly not stifling racist segregation. To be forced to live amongst those you find abhorrent and degrading LEADS TO mass murder. Ask the jihadist.

  3. Hopefully there will be more.

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