Generation Wuss: Brett Easton Ellis

by Firepower

In his books, he used to shoot at the materialistic excesses of his generation. But today, youth has become Bret Easton Ellis’ favorite target. According to him, young people are just too sensitive, too narcissistic ,too stupid. But ultimately, as he explains in this exclusive text, he kind of feels sorry for them ( and they love it !).”

My huge generalities touch on their over-sensitivity, their insistence that they are right despite the overwhelming proof that suggests they are not —but when Millennials are criticized for this content they seem to collapse into a ……shame spiral and the person criticizing them is automatically labeled a hater, a contrarian, a troll.

And Generation Wuss responds by collapsing into sentimentality and creating victim narratives rather than acknowledging the realities of the world and grappling with them and processing them and then moving on, better prepared to navigate an often hostile or indifferent world that doesn’t care if you exist.

And then you have to look at the generation that raised them, that coddled them in praise—gold medals for everyone, four stars for just showing up—and tried to shield them from the dark side of life, and in turn created a generation that appears to be super confident and positive about things but when the least bit of darkness enters into their realm they become paralyzed and unable to process it.

A friend of mine—also a member of Generation Wuss—remarked that Millennials are more curators than artists, a generation of “aestheticists…any young artist who goes on Tumbler doesn’t want to create actual art—they either want to steal the art or they want to BE the art.”

then what do you rely on? Well, your social media presence: maintaining it, keeping the brand in play, striving to be liked, to be liked, to be liked. And this creates its own kind of ceaseless anxiety. This is why if anyone has a snarky opinion of Generation Wuss then that person is labeled by them as a “douche”—case closed.


Note Ellis writes only of white Millenials. He describes them as I do: A Generation Brandon in Button-Mashing Faggots. There is no way Ellis knows any colored “millenials” as sure as I know they’d bristle at being called such a term. It is even more unlikely E knows any real niggers of the Ferguson/Detroit and Oklahoma Jihadi variety.

You’ve got to be white to think like Ellis.

44 Comments to “Generation Wuss: Brett Easton Ellis”

  1. If the incredibly inflated ego of the white millenial is the problem AND public chastisement only feeds the (b)east then I’m insistent that the only provocation is genuine white Supremacy. In the millenial is both acute sensitivity (total worldly assimilation) and cool indifference (total worldly detachment… With no other extant “world”). But underneath these “liberating” extremes IS FEAR OF genuine white Supremacy. A fear that is animated by the unspoken understanding that genuine white Supremacy is immune to one’s inflammatory sensitivity and mocks one’s highly manufactured indifference.

    • To become a PUA takes confidence.

      To become a wn takes super, uber, ultra mega confidence.

      You’d better believe one needs ego and self confidence to stand against a million others. They call it a weakness, I call it a strength. That confidence, with ability, form an unstoppable combination.

      • Yet when smarter people than you
        Point out the direction
        To remedy your anger

        You transfer the anger to the messenger…

      • You are WAY behind me. That’s okay.

      • In your rural forest worm farm, you can’t see past your wooded driveway

        And so…
        Cannot see
        Where anybody is at

      • @ Maureen

        Karl Marx said the exact same thing but classified groups and individuals as class enemies.

        When it comes from toupee wearing Donald Trump instead of Marx suddenly it’s believable.

        Reactionaries said Marxism was Jewish power but someone explain that to Red China please.

      • Even when I have been disenfranchised from God and synagogue, I have always been culturally proud to be a Jew. A source of that pride is the Jewish tradition of helping the oppressed, and our involvement in social movements such as labor and civil rights.

        Until I saw the documentary “The Revolutionary” at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, I mistakenly thought that China during the revolutionary period was one country that had not felt the Jewish embrace. In fact, 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish. This included the daughter of the founder of the brokerage firm Goldman Sachs, who left the comfort of her Park Avenue home to assist the Chinese.

        Read more:

        Communism was a jewish creation, they spread the Gospel of Communism to the wretched of the Earth like they did with Christianity and Islam, jews are the eternal revolutionary.. revolutions destroy goyim culture and advance jewish interests.

      • Imperial China was ruled by despotic emperors and court eunuchs. Europeans made China the drug addiction capital of the world enslaving the population to opium. Warlords and criminal groups also dominated the landscape. Later the Republic of China (bourgeois nationalists) had the support of the international community including the United States. A few foreign volunteers together with the Soviet Union is all the Chinese communist revolutionaries ever had.

        Red China is set to be a superpower and 21st century communist successor to the USSR. It really doesn’t surprise me that bourgeois reactionaries are so eager to discredit the Russian/Chinese revolutions. Once you realize that class struggle permeates all aspects of society including politics and history everything makes sense.

  2. Millenials should be understood at the “progression” of Gen X where the latter was truly experimental while the former needs to been seen as more of a finished product. In one person, the millenial, is essentially matter/anti-matter (inherent instability). The millenial exists both in the Matrix and outside the Matrix with no chance of convergence AND total realization of this paradigm. Totally assimilated. Totally detached. One or the other but never in between. Radical autonomists.

    • Wooooo! Finally the orator has come from on high. Let us praise and adore Bret Ellis…amen.

      His faux-criticism would turn to fear in 3 seconds flat if there were more Eric Freins. Eric took action and did it extremely well. I’ll take the Millenials over the baby boomers any day of the week. They will be the start.

      Sensitivity allows one to “feel” what’s going on today. Youth are not sensitive enough. Stupid too can be both good and bad. Smart enough to know one probably won’t win, stupid enough to keep trying.

      Part of something is better than all of nothing. I do not write to bitch about the excesses of children. I’ll take those willing to listen and teach them. And they can win, getting away with anything they want, if they so desire.

      Yesterday, one man virtually shut down the American airline system. As time goes on, it will take less to bring down the whole house of cards.

      • ryu wrote: Sensitivity allows one to “feel” what’s going on today. Youth are not sensitive enough. Stupid too can be both good and bad. Smart enough to know one probably won’t win, stupid enough to keep trying.

        This is why I’ve long pointed out GENBrandon will accomplish nothing – except neglect their brood of children. By default they will inadvertently create the wretched childhood conditions apparently needed to motivate Murkans; it’s obvious taking the wiser, studious path to preparation fails on them.

        Even so, it’s likely GenBRANDON’s grandchildren will be The Ones: The worst wretched spawn cast from a less miserable version of wretched spawn. But, what you get is not Tom Jefferson & Paul Revere – what you get is Morlocks. They may not even understand your language by then. However, I’m sure they’ll find a 168-year-old man fascinating.

        Part of something is better than all of nothing. I do not write to bitch about the excesses of children. I’ll take those willing to listen and teach them.

        Defining 30-ish trainees as children creates a great problem: The natural tendency for such degenerated minds is frivolity – not productivity.

  3. If baby boomers consciously rejected white Supremacy and Gen Exers subconsciously reject white Supremacy then millenials inherently reject white Supremacy. Millenials reject white Supremacy as biological imperative. This is System “success.” In that rejection is the practical result of total assimilation/total detachment. These “extreme” ways of being benefit the System in both ways.

  4. I’m not sure I understand you anymore Firepower. You ridicule people who sacrifice for the system while also deriding anyone who chooses to have fun instead. Ideally you want them to sacrifice to create a better system while offering them little in reward. Soldiers have always joined up for social advancement purposes, a desire for adventure, and to loot/rape with impunity. The talk about noble ideas is mostly stuff written for the history books.

    • Understanding is the most overrated value in today’s world. Plenty of readers understand Che, Ho – your Marx – and 29 billion online Thomas Jefferson quotememes; understanding means nothing.

      Ponder the vast difference between:
      1) My explanation of an ungrateful system expending Jordies as a series of disposable meat puppets – and
      2) GENtertainment 24/7 fleeing the responsibility of fighting that system

      Those noble ideas are what inspire the listless, callow youth – and the very same written words of your Communist revolutionary heroes.

      • Understanding is indeed vastly overrated. The late WWF wrestler Ultimate Warrior told a story about younger guys trying to get into the business asking for advice. He automatically knew they wouldn’t make it just by doing that.

      • Advice should always be freely given to youth who ask for it.
        They don’t have enough of a track record showing whether or not they take advice so the benefit of the doubt must be given.

        When the scant 3.6% of today’s seekers show proper appreciation, then you discard that worthless 96.4% and focus on the worthy.

  5. There’s something to be said for animal stupidity and persistence. I don’t believe most Muzz understand the deep meaning of what they do. They just go ahead and do it. Only a part of the leadership really “understands.”

    Understanding what to do, and doing it, are two different things.

  6. Bret Easton Ellis’ article is at best limited, but insightful. Ellis is a childless gay man who’s opinions on millennials are the byproduct of young lovers and children of family and friends. I would not be surprised if this article was not written in part due to Ellis being jilted by a young lover or his lack of success with gay twenty somethings.

    Ellis article is silly on two main points. Everybody does not criticism. I have never met a person who takes criticism without some hurt. And then the idea that millennial naivety is some how different from previous generations is funny. Most of the hippy boomers and gen x slackers were not aware of the cold eye of reality.

    However, Ellis biggest problem and strength is that the article reflects his class and geographic bubble. Ellis is not writing about white millennials who live Middle America. He is not writing about my friends who are mechanics, fast food workers, or truck drivers. He is not writing about the working class white people of Middle America. Young white proles have survived pretty well after the 2008 crash. Ellis writing about the failure of the children of the white upper middle class on the coasts and suburban enclaves in Middle America. He is writing about the children of the yuppies or cotys for short.

    The yuppies are the social class that has dominated America since the eighties. They are the boomers and xers who run the media, who work in the business, and own the McMansions. The yuppies voted for Reagan and Clinton. They love gays yet want them to be married. They love welfare, yet want people to work for it. They love communism in theory, yet love capitalism in practice. This social group produced the cotys.

    Cotys unlike their prole cousins, never worked for anything. While white proles never got trophies for being there, the cotys had truck loads of them. The cotys have wasted their birth right, and the yuppies are angry for at them for it. Generational politics is a war between the yuppies and their children. The yuppies are unable to deal with the death of their culture pretend it is a universal one. That all millennials are brats like their children. Even other failed millennials like basement nerds with autism are some how like the cotys. They can not deal with the fact they failed as parents and as a culture.

    Ellis knows his group is coming to an end. This will be the beginnings of the process that will lead to a white homeland. White proles and the surviving normal white middle class in Middle America will become more racial over time due to competition from non-white and the decline of the yuppies. Yuppies will have less influence on the normal white middle class, and the people who shall be called the normals.

    The first successful pro-white politicians will be millennials from the normals. However, it will be the children of the millennial normals who build the new country. White Zion in North America will be born from this process. And the yuppies will be a footnote in history.

    • I wrote this really quick, and I am sorry for the grammar and spelling.

      [ed note: good stuff. if you want, submit a corrected comment and i’ll post it instead]

    • Interesting points.

      I’ve met many people that accept criticism; they’re called… responsible. I see little of it in M’s. It’s why they cannot claim anything.

      You must admit the young white proles have survived pretty well after the 2008 crash due to their parents’ money – and hiding in their house.

      The yuppie social class dominating Murka are no different than all previous gens of 50-ish elites arriving at that age level to rule a nation. The same will happen when Millenials reach 50. Decay is by default.

      Generational wars are characteristic to all. Today’s is not even as notable as the GI Gen and their hippy/boomer kids’ of the latter 1960s.

      Brett’s view is as opinionated as everyone’s would be when discussing a different age but it holds essential truth. He is biased because he loves the young ‘uns and the peen and plays on The Enchanted Magic Fairey Isle of Fortress Manhattan.

      He is a homo, and therefore, a worshipful, devout Obama Voter. Worse, he is an old guy who fell for Obama’s bullshit and ignores the vast majority of Millenials fell for him also, proving they are susceptible to the same fairytale fantasy mentality of 22nd place T-Ball Trophyism etc. he describes in his essay.

      The key to understanding any GEN’s future character is determining its values – what it cares about…and what it hates.

  7. Firepower, your comment has some flaws, here my counter points.

    First, a majority people do not like criticism. Even people who are responsible do not want to hear criticism. How can that be is simple. A lot of people learn to be responsible through conditioning and not criticism. They are just taught at an early age not do certain things. This is why teaching kids values are important. If believe they are responsible because they accept criticism, than I suggest actually criticize them. I know from experience people no matter the age, race, class, and religion do not want to hear how bad they are. Even minor criticism does not go will with the majority of even successful white xers, who are the ubermensch among the alt-right blogsphere.

    Second, young white proles are wiling to work in construction, trades, retail, and anything else considered to be nowhere job. It is not their parents money, it is their work ethic from their parents. Wal Mart, Walgreens, K Mart, McDonalds, and many other stores are full of white millennials who have been working there since their teens. Many now making good wages due to their time at those establishments. And then you have tons of white millennials working as plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics. It is not uncommon in real America.

    Everything else I do not have a big problem with. I disagree with some of your other points, but they are valid to me. I will take them into consideration. Also I am not defending millennials. White proles are willing to work, which is good. But they have lots of nasty habits like tattoos, obesity, piercing, ugly beards, and drugs. A lot of them do not read. These people are thriving not because they are perfect, but because they are tough.

    Trashiness is a bigger problem among millennials than being wusses. A lot of them do not bath.

    • Mills cannot be shamed; that is their greatest flaw.

      Murka once was a Shame Culture (google it) but it hasn’t been so in three generations.

      Today, mills are not shamed by face tattoos (even bad ones) or multiple teen pregnancies. Coloreds portray this in a hyper-exaggerated form. Fergusons are not ashamed their Gentle Giant was a strong-arm thug. They are not ashamed they burned stores.

      I see no mill-movement of enthusiastic workers you describe – or even plain enthusiasm. They have no shame in not having a job in high school and continuing that trend until 30 and still living at home. Not one I know even cuts their own grass, but their moms do it for them.

      They are impossible to shame because they were taught to be shame-free and if remotely snagged, to find excuses and blame others.

      The only ones who will thrive in GenMILL are the children of Elites with connections and inside info on how to run business and politics and other arenas of Ivy League Rulership.

      This makes Elite Millenials the most dangerous generation in Murka. Thus, they will enslave their dimmer 32nd place t-ball medalists worse than any Boomer Yuppie.

  8. Also I know my first counter point goes against the basic understanding of how the world works among rightwing people. However, this where the right is really wrong about human nature. You can not shame people to make them better. You can threaten them, condition them, but you can not criticize them to be better people. It is one of the biggest reasons why the right is failing. You are fighting against human nature.

    • For all of History, everyone took criticism – until Mills.

      They were taught to believe they are Special Snowflakes by feminist teachers and feminist momz.
      Reflecting the females who taught them, they have the identical characteristic flaw polluting all females: They cannot accept criticism: On down from the “does this dress make me look fat?” cliche to fat feminist females controlling the entire Government Education Machine abjectly refusing to “believe” our education system went from #1 to shit in 40 years because they “feel” it cannot be true.

      • John Stuart Mills was worst than Marx.

        [ed note: Mill(enials)]

      • This is another angle that very few see because there is mutual benefit at hand. A totally lopsided ideological “education” environment = freedom of parent to work/play = a circle jerk of “atta boy” backslapping. It is now even an article of “faith” that sons and daughters take equal educational paths. So there is exponential decline. There is an ideological stunting coupled with egalitarian educational androgyny. One dogma fed equally to different natures = ???

      • The dogmatic discourse naturally emanating from Ellis is the description (and exploitation) of degenerate filth.

        His better known books, Less Than Zero and American Psycho are more depraved than the movies. Whereas he was made famous by nothing more substantial than this, it ironically makes him the world’s preeminent expert on degeneracy.

      • haha. thx. I posted this on rok:

        lol. Even fat old white guys over 60 have KNOWN for decades it’s easy to snag asian pussy in a 3rd world country – where the prettiest ones fuck for The Big Tickee to USA.

        Shootin’ ducks in a barrel…

        Still, it’s good to see Ferd amping up hiz Game…

      • I honestly did not know of this individual, but the fact that he is a homosexual and penned Less Than Zero and American Psycho tells “us” literally everything we need to know about him.

      • Often, the way to incorporate a new concept is to examine its antithesis.

        For instance: Shame Culture is the negative obverse of Honor Culture. As this concept is even harder to grasp today, it is nonetheless frequently easier to illustrate the positive.

        Proving both is as simple as declaring that both Honor & Shame Culture are extinct in Murka by observing all Congressional Medal of Honor recipients are invisible and worthless, while millions of millenials know the name of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s pampered spawn.

        Getting impregnated at 13 by a colored parolee, or banging your students (if you’re a MINO of the Empowered Feminist ilk) is less shameful than being photographed in a Klu Klux Klan outfit.

    • Human nature says one only takes criticism from a credible source. Ergo, millenials don’t take criticism (a general critique) because the source of criticism is not credible. Where Old Fag deludes himself on the idea that faggotry means nothing and therefore homosexual = heterosexual, he cannot see that many millenials discount him on his open faggotry alone. Full stop. Period. Here is this self-annihilator dishing out gratuitous civilizational dogma to the stunted product of his ideological fantasies.

  9. So this “dude” is an old fag who can’t see “progressivism” when it slaps its shriveled balls across his face? If, along with spiritually and intellectually starving your lil’ pup, you feed him bowls of shit and one day he licks the whole bowl clean, should you think your lil’ pup is harmoniously satiated? No foolish faggot, he is at that point nearly permanently stunted. He eats bowls of shit because that’s all he was ever fed. And now if he’s not fed more bowls of shit then he’ll die. But for an old fag for whom the bell tolls, he has not pondered what it would mean to turn those lil’ pups into fags desperately seeking new bowels of shit.

  10. RE: Criticism.

    Two problems with criticism.
    1. Most people can’t take it.
    2. Most people don’t know how to deal it out properly.

    We all get #1, so I’ll focus on #2. It goes back to the “Why’s Guy” principle I learned in manufacturing: Something is wrong, you ask why until you figure out the causation. Most people, when dishing out criticism, never ask “why” even once, so they never get to the root of the problem. This is useless for all parties involved; the criticized person never gets to correct the mistake, and continues making it, and the criticizer then assumes that the criticized is just stupid or scatter-brained.

    To exacerbate the current situation, millenials are being criticized mostly by boomers and GenXers. The boomers have a smug problem because they were never properly challenged on a cultural level, so their default position is “you are wrong and we are right.” It’s a special kind of arrogance where they won’t admit they were wrong even when you lay the facts before them. That reason alone is why I can’t wait for them to collectively waste away in nursing homes, even if that fate is too good for them. GenXers had to deal with their shit as well, and tend to come in two varieties: those who grabbed the smug ball and emulated their boomer “superiors”, or those who rejected it but never found the right way to do things. So they can be like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re going to get.

    Yuppieland brought up an interesting point: That kids are raised by conditioning them on what NOT to do. This is insufficient if you want to raise a useful generation. It’s good when parents want their kids to get good grades, but it hardly raises a complete human being. That’s how you end up with a generation of bookworms in the STEM fields getting pushed out when the wimminz, who are AA’ed into those fields, don’t get the ‘gina tingles over them. If their folks had simply nudged them towards sports (as in PLAYING, not WATCHING), they could have learned a few valuable life lessons which would take them so much further. At some point, kids just need to make mistakes and learn from them… that’s a part of being responsible and being able to accept criticism. (At the same time, participation trophies in little league soccer, et al, have to go the way of the dodo.)

    • Yuppies got it wrong. You can’t “not hate” by “loving” anything and everything. Behind this primitive rejection of the First Commandment lay the justification for exalting the homosexual “nature,” ie, the self-annihilating “nature.”

      If one takes the following equality to be unimpeachable:

      Homo = same = exact same = Self…

      Such that the exaltation of the homosexual “nature” is the exaltation of the individual in “love” with the Self then we have clearly reached a critical mass. If we defined the homosexual “nature” as that “nature” asserting the “right” to “f$&k, screw, love” whomever one pleases then we can say the Western world is 99% HOMOSEXUAL. Self-annihilating at an exponential rate. All due to a failure to reject homosexuality in its entire scope. We shall pleasure ourselves to death says the Yuppie.

    • I have a question for you BTR. Does a cabbie learn anything about driving from his work? You can respond on your site if you like.

      • Well, for starters, you get plenty of practice at it… in the vein of 10k hours to mastery. I’ve driven in pretty much every weather-related conditions the east coast could throw at me. In fact, hurricanes, while rare, were some of my best days money-wise. Crazy thing is, it was mostly people trying to get to a good place to party through the storm. Fools and their money and all… I’ve been in 2 hour traffic stanstills due to accidents, then I got better and learned how to know about them and avoid them. Even in a brightly-colored and well-marked vehicle, I could blend seamlessly into the flow of traffic until an opening presented itself, then I’d jump on it and get a bit further into the flow of traffic before anyone could do anything about it.

        Two things I took away from it:

        1. Patience behind the wheel. Sometimes you just have to drive slow. No need getting your panties in a bunch over it, like I’ve seen so many other drivers do.
        2. Situational awareness. Sometimes you end up going to some shady parts of town; sometimes you go into the heart of the hood. You get good at backing into parking spaces, and your senses get honed pretty quickly. Not just for the surroundings, but awareness of you and your vehicle. I always had my regular cars in the shop for some “bullshit” preventative maintenece (mechanics’ words), but I was rarely in a “loaner” for more than a day, because I picked up on things as they were starting to go to pot, instead of two weeks into the pot.

      • Danke, BTR.

        Partying through a hurricane sounds uniquely American to me. Maybe watching some football as well.

        Interesting how you back into and park through. Cops are taught to do the same thing, called tactical parking.

        Have you ever been paid to tail another car? Who was the best driver you knew and what did he do different than others?

      • Partying through a hurricane is pretty fun actually. Been there and done that. If you have the right people and are well-supplied, it’s not a bad to spend 18-36 hours. I mean, most people won’t really have anything better to do anyway. Most businesses will be shut down, having made their money on storm prep anyway, so it’s kind of a bonus for them if they can avoid any major property damage. You could go outside and play some futbol, or football, or lacrosse, and it would be fun for an hour or so, but at some point, being waterlogged gets to be a bit much when you can dry off and change into something clean and dry.

        “Tactical parking”… why do the police always have to come up with some bullshit mumbo-jumbo for common sense stuff? You know how many classes I took for “tactical parking”? None. Just seemed like the smart thing to do.

        That last question is interesting, because I was asked on several occasions to tail another car. I’ve also been asked on other occasions to evade another driver, usually a jilted baby mama. Just another reason to keep your cool, be patient, and wait for the right time to pull something out of your ass… as I said, most drivers are frantic as it is, add in emotions to the equations, and you can gain the upper hand pretty quickly. That said, my favorite tactic was “whiplash chicken”, where you just slow down to the point where they have to either ram you, ensuring a fat payout, or get bored of the chase. So far, no one has taken option A, although most of them did take option B. When neither of those are taken, then I pull something out of my ass and say “Sayonara, baka.”

        The “best driver” question would be tough, because I rarely got to experience other peoples’ driving from apassenger’s perspective. Whenever I do, it’s usually a bit unnerving, because people just do the dumbest stuff while driving. That and the sense of a complete lack of control in such a situation. I know what *I* would do if someone was driving 10 mph under the speed limit, but most people don’t have the patience to do that… they have this fear that their boss/doctor/lover/dealer/customer will get butt-hurt if they’re five minutes late for something, in which case they should have left sooner if they’re that concerned about it. Funnily enough, i’ve had this conversation with many of my fares who insisted that I should drive faster because they’re running late. Telling them that getting pulled over for speeding isn’t going to improve their arrival time is usually enough to get them to drop it. Oddly enough, I would go a little faster for the people who left with plenty of time to spare… usually with enough time to make a stop at the store, grab a drink and a snack, and jack an extra buck or two onto the meter. Rewarding smart decisions feels almost as good as punishing stupid ones.

      • Excellent. You use the same trick as I.

        Most Americans drive fast, very jerkily. If I drive ten under smoothly, anyone tailing me would become immediately obvious. Almost no one drives under the limit in Murka, even when their car operates better there.

        You would be an ideal candidate to teach high performance driving, and to learn how to drive better than a patrol officer. It’s a natural strength for you.

        You have a gift. You should develop it. The information is out there.

        You know Ghostrider?

  11. Sorry for the dumb mistake on assuming Mills being John Stuart Mills.

    Now to a few last points. The real problem with criticism is that it is anti-Darwinian even if it is helpful. Fat people for example. Fat shaming is really smart. People should be criticized for being obese. They cost this country millions of dollars, and are hurting themselves. Yet fat shaming does not work most of the time. Why, because it is rational from Darwinian evolutionary standpoint that fat people be hard headed about their obesity. Darwinian evolution has produce organisms whose primary purposes are self preservation and reproduction. And the fact is that not all criticism is helpful, and came be predatory. If fat people just accepted fat shaming it means they are open to dangerous forms of criticism. Imagine a young white fat guy who decides to lose weight, yet also decides that criticism about white people is true too. The guy’s open mindedness means he is improving his health, yet also falling for dangerous political ideas.

    And I know I seem to be really simplistic about Darwinian evolution, but nature is really simplistic. Darwinian evolution is about survival of the simplistic and strongest organisms. For example, Spiders do use their stomach acid for venom instead of having evolved separate forms of venom and stomach acid. Spiders evolved to be simple because simple is less costly. The ability to know what criticism is good and bad is cognitive costly from Darwinian evolutionary standpoint. For a lot of criticism is novel, and we did not evolve to recognize it.

    My opinion is you got to let people fail. A lot of white middle class millennials need to be kicked out of their parents’ houses and need start living in the real world. And that is real tough love, and not tough whining like criticism. A lot of Boomers and Xers just need to stop helping their kids after a certain age, it is that simple. I am not about coddling anybody who is capable. My argument against criticism is not out of empathy. It just fails. However, coddling does not work either. You got shut up, and leave people alone to fail or win. It is the Darwinian way.

    I love your blog, Firepower. And I hope I have been a polite commentator.

    • I’m curious, howdid you come to this site, Yup? Random luck or a link somewhere? Welcome.

    • Your comments make fair and rational points.

      Would one not say Fat Shaming is acceptable because they “do nothing and cost money?” Of course. So if the same criteria is applied to Millenials…is that not the same truth?

      Take note: Boomers and Xers had little need to take action at all because they grew up in plush times. So, they did not act or become remarkable.
      However, mils have an urgent need to act. They will suffer the greatest economic reversal into deprivation since the Great Depression, yet they do nothing.

      When threatened with a draft to senselessly die for LBJ and Nixon in Vietnam, even cruddy Boomers sacked-up and protested this country into massive change.

      In no significant way have I witnessed a millenial ever ask an elder for advice, whether it be how they handled their own generational problems, how to cut a lawn or how to work on a car.

      I actually know some who have their moms put air in the tires on the third car the copters gave them.

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