Hide and Seek Tag

by Ryu

…with no tagbacks, and unlimited field.

The game was like regular tag, but you had to catch and actually tag the hider. The best time to play this was at night, dusk or when raining. The seeker closes his eyes, counts aloud to 30, then tries to find people. We played with 15-20 people, all places allowed. We did this in cemetaries, abandoned buildings, woods, the mall, wherever.

The real game, as a hider, was to track the seeker, to taunt and demoralize him. If you’re good, you can get real close and never get caught. As a seeker, if you’re good, you’d let on to a hider that..… he had gotten away. It teaches one valuable skills.

We learned several things right away. Rich kids and rich parents are uptight bores who not only can’t play, but would narc; that has not changed. Most civilians too were uptight and would call the police. People who obey the rules, hate those who do not. All the real fun left in Murka is illegal.

Use my rules. They don’t fail. Does he care about the rules? Does he benefit? If they don’t benefit and they are too scared of the law, they WILL narc. Bet on it.

Military survivalist training doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. It doesn’t have to be some hardon DI screaming at recruits. That’s a bunch of control freaks. Teachers should show their students how to get things done in the real world. We want, and need, people who have discipline and who can break the rules. This combination is unbeatable.

When I form a racist group, we will not be discussing politics and current events. We train for skills. How to get in, get out, how not to get caught. How to gather and use intel. How to avoid detection and the authorities. How you use yours skills is up to you.

The Dirty Dozen, with Lee Marvin. Not only is this a good movie, but it demonstrates the very best type of men for wn and military recruitment. You want people who know what trouble is and how to handle it. Understand that the only true revoltionaries left are all criminal. If you chose to watch DD, find which one is you.

5 Comments to “Hide and Seek Tag”

  1. When very young we played hide and seek in the dark scary basement. Jailbreak was another neighborhood favorite.

    Considering how sheltered we were, my brothers got into a fair amount of trouble. When they were barely in grade school the got the cops called on them for throwing rocks at passing cars.

    • Oh yeah and you’d have thought the world was coming to an end at our house when one brother THREW SCISSORS in the classroom. Funny stuff.

    • Jailbreak! Now that sounds like an interesting game. It is good to know what trouble is. One can’t learn these things when they are older and the consequences are worse.

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