He Made It.

by Ryu


I had doubts, which came from believing the system howls that they had him “surrounded.” Anything a public relations officer or information officer says is a lie. Their job is to assuage the public, assuage the police, and made the system look good. Sometimes they can bluff out a perp.

More can be learned by what the system doesn’t say than what it does. They totally dropped this story after not finding him. Almost like it never …… happened. They have to be careful not to encourage revolutionary spirit.

Another survivalist has entered into legend. He shot 2 pigs, they saturated the area with about 200 uniforms for 2 weeks, then they called it off. He did it and got away with clean.

A good survivalist “should” be better than anything the system can produce, on an individual level. He should be a better planner and more far-seeing. He always fights on his ground, when and how he decides it. He begins with the proper ending, going clear.

The true leaders of our movement are operating right out in the open, if one has the eyes to see. The leader and soldier are one. That’s how it works in the American environment. We cannot form groups, so we become our own group.

200 cops against one man. The one wins. This is the true meaning of white supremecism. It’s what all wns should strive for. When you’re strong enough, you don’t need a group.


25 Comments to “He Made It.”

  1. Like any organ, it’s becoming clear LE develops into its form from simply reflecting real conditions within the environment. Fish have fins, Lions have claws.

    In past Leave It To Beaver world, developing cop garrisons were polite, uniformed servants because they respected (mostly feared) that MOG; Mountain Of Guns.

    Today, entertainment obsessed helicopter parents, Single Moms and their Brandon Spawn, chose atavism and degenerated to forgot The MOG. They’ve lost not only Marx’s class consciousness, but American Constitutional Consciousness.

    All that yapping from teevee now on down to EARBUDS demands volume in both quantity and decibels. So, LE now shouts a BigTuff Game of “force” as applied to Law, instead of yesteryear’s policing. In short, Murka went from policing to ENFORCEMENT. Water to BRAWNDO – The Thirst MUTILATOR!

    Now it’s big fat SWATZIs swaggering around in $39,000 of machine guns n’ military gear until they sweat through the Kevlar to require immediate, emergency intravenous donut injections. It’s loud shouting to keep the idiots controlled, because that’s all it takes anymore to get them to obey.

    Super LE HEROCops!™ from Sir Eric The Holder on down to the noobiest rookie SWATZI triggerboy have no plan besides image, swagger & shout.

    Their inept incompetence from The Shooting to the subsequent Ferguson Colored Riots illustrate that as fine as Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka illustrates Murkanism…

  2. Editor… Could you erase that ^^^

    If Frein assassinated two subversive imams then his pursuit would be even more relentless and the “alt-rite” and their self-annihilating “white” co-conspirators would be yapping about the creation of a hundred more jihadists. Did Frein just create a hundred more pigs for USG? And doesn’t the realization that pigs would hunt down the killer of jihadists more relentlessly than they will hunt down the killer of their own speak to the truth of why pigs and jihadists are so readily “created” and why the genuine white Supremacist is rare indeed?

    • No way. Cops care way more about their own than any Muzz. The police response says it all.

      Today, Eric Frein is the strongest white man alive. I’d like to read his work on white supremecism.

      • Ryu…

        Disingenuous concern is the “elitist” affliction of our time. A smart pig knows he will be readily slaughtered at the benefit of the collective. His very membership in the “Gray Law Society” is tacit admission that he, the individual pig, will never be greater than the whole pig farm. So you have a feigned loyalty at play in all the executive institutions desirous of maximizing their collective autonomy AT INDIVIDUAL member’s expense. Psychologically, our only real choice is a) articulating to white males their true relationship to white man if or when they become cops and b) articulating to white males that in an increasingly autonomous society, the trend is cop –> pig and WAR with your white brothers.

      • Ryu…

        I am obviously dubious of the claim that killing one’s enemy then creates 10-100 more of those same enemy YET this is exactly the thinking of the “alt-rite” and radical liberals as it concerns jihadists. If Frein would have killed two subversive jihadists the relentless drive to capture him would be solely driven by this thinking. The question then becomes whether this ideological thinking carries over when killing pigs? You have already indicated the answer and so the only question is the plausibility of my hypothetical?

      • It’s possible that killing cops encourages more to join the force. It’s also possible that cop killers who go free encourage others to become revolutionary.

        People do not join the police force for the same time they become jihadists. Most cops now join to have a stable career with a pension after 20 years.

        The American police are not “relentless.” This will be forgotten by the end of the week. No man can serve two masters. Either serve the revolution or serve the dollar. Cops serve the dollar.

      • But serving the dollar, from a secular standpoint, is no better or worse than serving Allah. YOU HAVE ALREADY indicated that even when pigs are slaughtered, the hunt for their killer IS FIRST politically calculated. This hunt is over. This Frein will eventually be left alone granted he makes no obvious mistakes.

        BUT IF Frein would have killed two subversive imams, the manhunt would still be on… That’s the point. But WHY would this be so?

      • Because Murka is a liberal Nazi state. The Muzz and fruits are protected classes. The police serve their masters who have their priorities. To the system, minos rate above the pigs.

      • Sorry Ryu…

        The point is that cops are not relentless in the pursuit of cop-killers BUT WOULD BE relentless in the pursuit of subversive imam-killers… Or abortion-killers… Or homosexual-killers.

      • Whites are tamed, divided commodities of the MINO Machine’s voting stock.

        Half will always vote Liberal nazi, the other – never.
        Thus, the LN MINO Machine buys its winning plurality of votes from coloreds, faggots and white liberals all at the same time; three birds with one stone.

        White SWATZI triggermen are a dime a dozen. A surplus of this fresh meat arrives daily from the US military. They are unemployable and fit for little else, so they gratefully obey orders from the same government rulers for those fat salaries and pensions.

        If the targets were MINOs
        (colored cops or Hero-GIRLCops!™ or any mix n’ match Racial Poker hand)
        popped by the white guy with a German name, the Liberal nazi regime mobilizes its Standard Military Attack, proving the discrepancy’s reality.

      • So the lesson for white males when they choose the benefit of cop/soldier life is a) you are completely expendable at the System’s indiscrimination and b) you are AUTOMATICALLY considered suspicious by all freedom loving white Supremacists.

    • Bill oReilly would pretend to be outraged if Frein had shot two subversive but legal imams, and accuse Obama of dereliction of duty and perhaps even racism if he got carried away before apologizing the next day.

  3. It is just as easy to believe that Frein knew exactly who to shoot in order for the expected manhunt to be half-hearted. And there is simply no getting around the fact that white males killing white cops is evidence of self-annihilation at play. The question for the white Supremacist then becomes one of normalization or principled rejection. The gray place in between offers no answers. The Leviathan would like to normalization such a phenomenon. Yet, no white cops in Ferguson were gunned down in “righteous” rebellion.

  4. Revolutions aren’t won by men of action they’re won by vegetable farmers and bloggers. The “collapse” is also coming so no need to put effort into overthrowing the system. The few examples where action changed the world like the October Revolution and the World Trade Center attacks were Jew conspiracies.

    • I do not know about the overall revolution. There is a personal revolution against fear and indifference. That war CAN be won. Every time a man of action succeeds and gets away with it, he wins.

      • Absolutely which is why victories should be celebrated but most people won’t even do that. Once you understand that class struggle permeates all aspects of society everything makes sense. The modern era is the creation of bourgeois society. SWPL values, ideas, and morality shape everything. The middle class is our number one enemy.

      • Yes, the middle class still believe in the system. The Murkan dream is their great mythology. If only they work hard enough and stay quiet, they’ll get a nice payday. The poor have given up, the rich know how unlikely it is. The less middle class, the better for us.

  5. Interesting, can you explain this ‘A good survivalist “should” be better than anything the system can produce, on an individual level.’ a bit further?

    • Sure.

      A cop or soldier has a badge and uniform to hide behind. He has a budget. He has thousands of comrades. He has a great margin of error. All he has to concern himself with is the action, not the planning or the back end.

      The action is 1% of what must be done. Eric Frein and Anders Brevik planned for years….for one op! Ten minutes in the field costs a month of planning.

      You and I will never have those things. If you want to study killers, don’t listen to a Marine. Listen to the Zodiac. Listen to those who do and get away with it by themselves.

      Eric Frein is still free today. 3 weeks later, 500 cops, dogs, choppers, night vision, everything they could throw at him. He is truly one of the best in the world.

      • Ryu…

        There is another narrative. It says the Civil War never ended and white self-annihilation is now the most dominate force in America. We know the System is at the forefront of turning out deracinated, dispirited and homosexualized white males. When white men kill white cops then a civil war is at hand and self-annihilation is a given. It is rather easy to speculate that Frein killed on behalf of the System as professional culler AND recruiter. There is no reason to believe a wholehearted effort to find Frein. At the same time, the pretext still remains. ALL sides win EXCEPT the two dead cops (fully expendable under System obligations) and their family/friends and average joe whiteman.

        Remember, if Frein kills two jihadists… What’s the likely reaction? So how then do we define the two vastly different responses to similar crimes by what would hypothetically be the same killer?

      • Sometimes the body needs to kill its own cells in order for the entire organism to live, TD.

        It’s not suicide. It’s survival. The cancer cells working for the system can contaminate the whole. They must be eliminated.

        I advocate self annihilation of some things, and self development of others. Words don’t frighten me.

      • Ryu…

        The problem with even introducing a mere smidgen of tolerance for self-annihilation is that you have NO PSYCHOLOGICAL defense against its inevitable exaltation (what greater “right” can you conceive than the “right” to exit reality at your leisure?). Your EQUATING (vintage liberal tactic) the body attacking cancerous cells to white Frein killing white cops LOGICALLY leads to where? I mean, no one would argue that the body did not possess the “right” to kill ALL cancerous cells, would they?


        Frein kills two white cops… Manhunt is winding down.

        Frein kills two imams… ???

        Frein kills two homosexuals… ???

        Frein kills two abortion doctors… ???

        Frein kills two dykes… ???

        Same criminal + same crime + different victims = bifurcated response.

        If you think there is light at the end of the tunnel that says “we” shall go along with the USG and normalize lone white wolves gunning down white cops and allowing said lone wolves to “escape” then you clearly don’t see the potential for exponential growth in violently irrational pretext. In the minimum, smart wns would be demanding of Frein an articulate explanation of his actions when the time is right for him.

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