The Snooze Button

by Firepower

Firepower & Friend, 3am

If it’s too deep for you, think of the Roman concept of Bread & Circus modernized as “Fun & Games.” It’s not Barnum & Bailey with clowns, a BigTop and dancing elephants. The Circus Maximus meant “The Big Circuit”. It was a giant oval track …a NASCAR circuit. It held three times more people than the more famous Coliseum we all know. Roman government dispensed free bread and bought tickets to horse racing; that’s what Romans called the circus.

Citizen-Sheeeple do not risk dangerous combat, nor want to – with all the Pizza, Sexting & Football they have to do.

The greatest improvement over the Hitler/Stalin model of dictatorial totalitarianism is combining jackboots with a coat of goodies then finally adding “free speech” to complete the facade.

It took the internet to amplify a rare, once revered concept into the…… worthless noise of 300 Million turkeys cackling. Now, it’s just venting – masturbating into a tissue instead of exerting the effort of picking up a female. You can prove this in observing that no “Great Man” ever emerges to speak The Truth.  People once yearned to follow leaders who spoke rare truth, but now they avoid them like their alarm clock. They just roll over and hit the snooze button.

Circus Maximus, foreground; Coliseum, background

Now, the only ascendant leaders who emerge promise more Bread & Circus. More Fun & Games. Hope & Change… like an Obama did. All you get from dissenting celebrity opinion leaders are hasbeens like James Woods & Jon Voight who now, have less left to lose.

While Fun N’ Games N’ Yapping!™ is the most expensive method, USG figured out it is the best scheme to pacify a mob: They had to – with that 2nd Amendment looming over federal tyranny. In the past, BIGov could always afford it, but it’s increasingly sketchy now, having to feed growing numbers of breeding coloreds and imported miggers.

The Orwellian model we’re so enamored with paints too bleak a scene to resonate with new sheeeple readers; it is fantastical, too exaggerated to believe. However, that bleakness does eventually come when USG finally possesses most of the guns. They know they cannot confiscate them outright, but they can get Future Peeeeple to surrender them of their own accord because they’re “too dangerous and we don’t need them”.

This will most likely happen, but long after we’re dead.

Party on.

33 Comments to “The Snooze Button”

  1. Ten years ago flag saluting GOP types dominated the political landscape. Support the troops and Murkan flag waving idiocy was mainstream. Nowadays this same crowd is listening to Alex Jones and other safely subversive types. That’s a big improvement although still far from ideal.

    • Good article. One of many. There’s a very low ROI for a currently great man to speak up for us, AND unless he controls the mainstream media outlets he wouldn’t be heard anyway unless it was allowed in order to provide a vehicle for public chastisment. The only one I’ve seen come close this sort of thing is Mel Gibson and he is just a voice crying in the wilderness.
      We either need to accept our slave status or become the kings. It’s a struggle as old as time.

  2. The danger for us is in waiting. That means we rely upon today’s 20-ish Generation Brandon to take up arms against the fascist liberal MINO Machine when we are old and feeble.

    That will not happen. I cannot think of a worse generation of Murkans.
    So, we then set our sights to the future: The Sons Of Brandon who are then “supposed” to awaken – when their fathers did not.

    I presume this time frame renders us all dead by then with only today’s youngest Eradicans surviving as octogenarians. Tell me why I should care.

    • Indifference as principle is a sin. The “alt-rite” indifference is nothing more than their own accepted version of radical autonomy. Clearly, mass indifference is no threat to the Leviathan. And this points to Ryu’s call for cold-bloodedness. Inherent to the idea is an indifference devoid of passion and therefore loyal to nothing and seeking no actual victory. Cold-blooded killers don’t kill to win. In fact, such a distracting notion must be discarded for the poisonous passion such winning thought will always carry with it.

      • A killer is very passionate, but not in the field. In the field, he’s a machine. The passion goes into the training and discipline.

        One needs both passion and indifference, at different times. The logic of the Universe is not the logic of Socrates. Take care putting too much faith in human rationality. We only see part of the picture.

      • Ryu…

        Indifference as principle is sin…

        Indifference as principle is the very essence of the “dark enlightenment.”

        “We” are in a vicious cycle of increasing disingenuous concern and its “equal and opposite reaction,” sheer indifference.

        So the answer to FP’s question is that he cannot be indifferent in principle. So he must care about SOMETHING.

      • At some point a new model will emerge where individual humans will be classified as experiencing true free will or only “knowing” an HBD-structured paradigm, ie, de facto AI. Both classifications will have their worldly pros and cons. All trends tell us that many are ready to surrender to AI status. Shall we actually lament?

      • Until demonstrated otherwise, I am disappointedly now certain future generations shall be completely worthless of even my slightest concern.

    • Individual victory is possible. The lone man can overcome fear and take action. He can do it and get away with it. That one guy got into the white house. That shooter in PA is still free. ISIS even.

      Collective victory, at least in the US, is not possible. We do not have the numbers or group cohesion. Maybe Golden Dawn could do it if they had more radical leaders.

      Perhaps you should not care, FP. But the decision was already made for you. There is no free will in wn. Those who do it the best are compelled to. You fight because the gods made you that way.

      We must content ourselves with small victories for now. We don’t have the “bankroll” to make big moves. The bankroll in funding or in people.

  3. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be cackling, with the rest of us Turkeys. You are at the very predictable stage of frustration that long term dissidents experience. You get over it by deciding on a course of action and implementing it. We all just do our best correcting our course as necessary.

    • If you don’t want to take action because others aren’t doing what you wish them to then accept your slave status and live out the rest of your as contentedly as you’re able.

      [ed note: you’re now so accustomed to relishing TDO Niggerspickiker sites you fail to see superior ideas and are thus doomed to a perpetual, twisted… enjoyment of TDO]

      • Erin…

        I think in the proper order of things you will come to see that it is not your place to provoke FP into action WHILE AT THE SAME TIME it may be entirely FP’s place to attempt to provoke the white male masses into action WITHOUT he, himself, taking “equal” action.

        In my estimation, YOU, as white female Supremacist, should be relentlessly provoking your fellow white females to reject all forms of self-annihilation starting with abortion –> homosexuality –> miscegenation. You start with the premise that one DOES NOT have the “right” to “f$&k, screw, love” whomever they please. This all presumes that you are not already tasked with the responsibility of directing your progeny towards genuine white Supremacy.

      • I think in the proper order of things you will come to see that it is not your place to provoke FP into action WHILE AT THE SAME TIME it may be entirely FP’s place to attempt to provoke the white male masses into action WITHOUT he, himself, taking “equal” action.

        Wow, *no sarcasm* that’s the best thing you’ve ever written. You completely defined the issue.

      • Most females are wedded to the idea of “equality” as fairness and as the declining fertility rate continues this state of growing childlessness unfortunately allows such naïveté to grow and progress. The egalitarian paradigm is truly the great equalizer.

      • You’re a retard and s coward. No one will follow you. Take the hint.

        [ed note: and you’re a fat harpy who’ll be digging for worms in your same tattered housecoat 25 years from now – just for Uncle Beast]

      • Erin…

        I’m not sure who that’s directed towards but I believe such expression is indicative of a focus that is misdirected.

        Someone has to provoke dispirited, deracinated, homosexualized “white” males into action. And if that someone is not dispirited, deracinated and homosexualized himself then it is highly unlikely that both leader and convert will take “equal” action. Now, you will retort that FP is provoking eradication as the means to the end. I’d like to think he is impressing upon us an historically solidified inevitability. The very course of white Supremacy Separation violent struggle/eradication forced integration default elite/mass man IS OUR MILIEU.

    • You are dreaming
      And like all dreamers
      You speak incoherently

  4. To advance further, Hillary’s youthful letters to Saul Alinsky recently surfaced.

    Note that a nobody, 20-ish snot, Yale law school grad practiced correspondence with a famous writer and God of Liberalism; her elite family of American Royalty fully equipped that evil fascist bitch with complete backroom connections.

    Evil Liberal nazi though she be, she is a consummate Elite well-schooled in her Ruling Class’ accouterments & trappings of power. She is a Patrician, so it is wise to study her machinations for the Truths she practices.

    She noted to King Saul that she wondered if the proles of Lib-Hippydom would ever advance past the early, impotent stages of mere cathartic grumbling to form programs accomplishing real social change.

    “Many of the Alinsky-inspired poverty warriors could not move beyond the cathartic first step of organizing groups ‘to oppose, complain, demonstrate, and boycott’ to developing and running a program,” she wrote.

    Google it; it’s fascinating:

    The Great Man actually “reached out” to Lil’ Hillary. So nice.

    Some goodies:
    “The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power,” wrote Alinsky in his 1971 book. “Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”

    • Crept Hillary wasn’t a have not. What’s HER excuse?
      You DO know FP that the lefty protesters then and now are mostly for show right? If you actually think Rosa Parks was a brave little Negress that stood all alone against the powers that be, you’ve got a lot learn.

      [wtf brought Mizz Roza in here? can’t you fucking read? comprehend? you ignore that 60s hippy “show” actually toppled Traditional America. pretty dumb]

  5. “Tell me why I should care.”

    Why should you care NOW? You very easily can move somewhere away from muds, eat, drink, fuck, travel today.

    The reason you should care now and care in the future is that as a race we are one organism. After you’re in your grave, other Whites live on. If that doesn’t persuade you, then there is no reason for you to care about what happens now, so long as you can step out of its way.

    • Step out of the way – of what?

      A tiny feather blown by an invisible wind?
      I was thinking of our mutual pal the other day – and something you wrote.

      Smart as you are, you believed chucki would have an impact purely by an upgrade to “Real Author” despite the pattern of churning out lukewarm drivel both before and after.

      Like Erin you suppose Happy Pep Talk equals progress despite actual reality.
      Both of you make the perfect Cubs fan, serially plunking down your money for season tickets because Coach says “jus wait’ll NEXT YEAR!”

      @BOTH pa and erin:
      You see THIS kind of programmed response from youth – Murka’s “future” – yet still deny its reality. You do NOT see them rally for whites or even against blowtorching children.

      Denver Area Students Walk Out of School in Protest of Conservative Curriculum

  6. T Daddy, I was speaking to FP. He is definitely dispirited which is why anyone with any spirit won’t want to have anything to do with him…and he blames in on THEM.

    Maybe I’m missing something. Are you all meeting in real life where FP has proven himself a worthy leader? If so, I’ll bow out. Otherwise he is the very cackling turkey he calls all of you, a nut in an armchair telling everyone else what to do.

    • Erin…

      But there is nothing automatically illegitimate concerning FP’s opus eradicus. If he were in prison, how would your view of his writing change? His grasp and interpretation of history tells him that some future Western man must eradicate his enemy in order to survive as Western Man. I’m not sure any of us disagree with this near inevitable future scenario. Yet, there is a real time assessment that does not lend credence to the idea that this Western Man will actually emerge in the future. Take these two “realities” together and then envision the writing of the revolutionary who has chosen to articulately provoke the nearly unprovokeable.

    • Out of the blue, PA serendipitously returned to augment your 9th Grade education – to unite as The Titanic Cheerleading Squad.

      You suppose Happy Pep Talk equals progress despite actual reality.
      Both of you make the perfect Cubs fan. Always plunking down your money for season tickets because Coach says “jus wait’ll NEXT YEAR!”

      You have a disturbing tendency to ignore reality to delude yourself and still declare that a “good thing”
      Both of you make the perfect Cubs fan, serially plunking down your money for season tickets because Coach says “jus wait’ll NEXT YEAR!”

      • Both of you make the perfect Cubs fan

        What the fuck are you talking about. I responded to your question “why should I care in the future” by saying “for the same reason you should care now.” Where are you seeing happy pep talk or any other future-looking emotion?

      • You’ve always been the unwarranted optimist, despite a reality proving otherwise.

        While I agree with psychological strategies of “keeping up hope” and seeing the bright side, I also determine that the Rainbow Auto-Pilot is dangerous when events prove that tactic a fantasy:

        Snake handlers who believe G-Ziss will protect them from venom.
        Cubs fans who “keep the faith!” that Championship Season is just….right around the corner.
        Titanic deckwalkers thinking “the best” will “somehow” happen. Clue: THAT “somehow” should tip you off.

        Hope is not a strategy and relying upon “good vibes” will lull you to comfy sleep only to awaken in a boxcar rattling toward a frighteningly real camp.

      • Edit: “for the same reason you care now” (without the ‘should’, as you do in fact “care now.”)

      • A man would be better off meeting with men he grew up with than joining up with this internet entity they don’t know.

        JB Campbell started what is called the militia movement a while back. Maybe y’all should find out how he did it. He may also articulate for you what he would do differently next time to avoid getting infiltrated and shut down.

        [ed note: very true. it’s good to see you using your brain and not your uterus. try discussing JBC instead of just tossing in links like your carkeys when you want hubby to fill up the tank]

      • I don’t need to spend precious time discussing him when his website does it very well.

  7. Nice catch, the Circus Maximus was the Nascar of Antiquity!

    You also mentioned the Colosseum, its construction was financed with the wealth of the destroyed Jerusalem Temple, the Centrak Bank of antiquity.

  8. Even if the bad guys win the only unforgivable failure would be to just commit suicide.

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