What If They Are Watching?

by Ryu

It’s very helpful, even if the enemy is not tailing you, to pretend that he is sometimes. It will help to plug holes in your security and preparation.

There’s a natural tension between paranoia and effectiveness. One has to optimize, rather than maximizing them. Because we all have different risk tolerances, we will choose differently. When you work with other WNs, keep in mind that they may assess danger in a different manner.

No man performs well when he is panicking. Emotions have no place in the field. One has to operate at a tempo and range that he is comfortable with. Stay in control of ……yourself and the situation.

If you truly think someone is an agent, stay away from them. That’s the discipline.

Technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the internet is the most complete library ever assembled. On the other, the internet is almost totally controlled by the system. The entire online WN movement could be terminated at the USG’s whim. Until we get a handle on it and get serious about the training, WNs should not bet the farm on the internet.

It’s good to practice standard procedures. Dump your favorite email account – delete all emails, change the password to something long and unintelligible. If you own a blog, dump it, take the content and yourself to a new location. Don’t get attached to a name. You are what’s important.

It’s a mistake to isolate yourself completely when things get hot. It’s often profitable to increase exposure, to go out into the public more.

Chris Dorner goes out to the forest, the cops push back the media, and they burn him alive. Today the cameras couldn’t have gotten within 50 miles of Waco, Texas. It’s better to go to public places where there are alot of people – then you have witnesses. Going out to the country isolates you and makes it “safer” for the system to exterminate you.

How is your situational awareness? Do you listen to the radio when driving? Would you be able to spot a tail, whether person or car? How observant are you about people? Is your hearing good?

The time to learn these things is before you need them. Every battle is decided BEFORE it’s fought. Your preparation determines your success.

This is a correct scene. The American public is just like that.

10 Comments to “What If They Are Watching?”

  1. You’ve mentioned before that it is a good idea to study programming, hacking, etc. Hypotheticaly speaking, how is a person who is studying electronics, programming, etc. formally and on his own, supposed to be useful, in a real and concrete sense. What should such a person do, in your estimation.

    • Ryu you are pure genius.

      Commenter-purely having fun with this but if I were a hacker, how could I have the most impact? A large credit company, a bank? An anti-White org?

      Fyi everyone, not all hacking is done thru high tech measures. Sometimes it’s starts with simply looking over someone’s shoulder and getting their password.

      • Hacking….it sounds so exotic. The human moves or ‘social engineering’ is just as profitable as the technology based methods. Probably a pretty girl could just ask for a password and get it.

        Do something useful for your own life. Like all actions, we strive to avoid detection and to not get caught. Start with not getting caught. Then, as you gain proficiency, go further. But never get caught. If studying our own direct action people teaches us anything, it’s that.

    • There comes a point, in your racist education, where you must seize the reins. You know your abilities better than anyone. Electronics and programming may not be for you. The best compete in areas where they dominate and are gifted.

      Reading other people can only take you so far. That includes reading me or this site.

      To me, the most interesting story in the world right now is that survivalist in PA. He’s gambling with his life. He must be either crazy or very good. It’s beautiful, like a star being born.

      If he makes it, he will be one of the best in this world. Better than any Marine or SEAL. It’s the greatest game.

  2. Whether it is or not for me, is too late at this point; i’m interested in too many things, includes these, so there’s no point in not taking it further. And of course, student loans will be an issue.

    Listen, i understand your rhetoric; being from the old world, this hyper individualist mindset doesn’t mesh well with my style. Does your project intend on establishing a base of some sort, covert or not ? and/or some sort of spiritual/philosophical base ? i’m looking for reasons to stay on this side. although maybe i’ve already made up my mind.

    My .02c: The weak group ties are the biggest weakness of you people. This should be the biggest priority, even before the project this website proposes.

    • Too many of our groups get infiltrated (plenty of info online about it) so many men prefer working alone.
      A smart man can do a lot and live to do it again.

    • Interesting. We have some things in common.

      We wish to form a group. This is hard, because everything dictates against it. Group ties can be either a strength or a weakness. It’s a calculation. It has to be a net positive. We would not form a group just to have a group.

      In America, group cohesion is a problem. Cohesion of anything is a problem. I would gladly move to Eastern Europe or the Balkans. But at the same time, if I leave the US, I leave the Beast and become weaker.

  3. I understand present circumstances, but this can’t keep going on forever. The foundation has to be laid for something else; a new foundation. It has to have deeper roots than mercenary carnage, or else you end up like the vandals, instead of like the Ottomans.

  4. You are right; in that case, the best thing to do is heterogenize and sow new seeds. Which is happening throughout europe too; like the lifeboats from the titanic. New identities. For one example, the hegemony of one language creates a boring, sterile place (imo).

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