Knife Fighting

by Ryu

WW I trench fighting knife

Knives have cetain advantages over other weapons. There are no knife registrations, no background checks, no ban on high capacity or assault knives. They are silent, concealable, and don’t need reloading.

7 Responses to “Knife Fighting”

  1. That’s why I carry a 11″ Bowie knife…

  2. Thank you for the book in the link, it´s very basic but cover a wide range of topics (from knife training to nutrition) and give some very good, reality based advices. (I´d add that European Renaissance era fighting books can be useful too for learning about the topic, i don´t think the authors knew about that source of knowledge in the 70’s when they wrote it).

    BTW, do you know something more about the authors?, they seem to be interesting characters, seeing as Mike Brown, for example, tried to blow up the U.N building. I´ve tried to search more info but there´s almost nothing, and only related to the Iron Cross MC that they founded.

  3. I know Mike Brown and am trying to set up an interview with him. He’s one of those guys you have to get on their good side and earn their respect. Which is taking time…

    • Just go to the gym with him and try harder than him, Jaeger. Then he’ll respect you. Or try the bible angle.

      Hey, how is your housing project going?

  4. Ryu actually have something bigger in the works…serious activist business. But these things take time and planning and people have to prove themselves, myself included.

    The housing project is going. Very difficult dealing with rednecks who just want to drink beer and whine.


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