by Ryu

How the system hates “cold-blooded” people. They will always tell you exactly what you have to do in order to beat them, if you listen properly.

A cold-blooded man does not allow his emotions to cloud his judgement. He’s got a plan, he’s got it figured out. How to get in, how to get out, what he needs.

Like a machine or a computer, he follows the procedure to the letter, because he understands that his precautions are his best defense after the action. His adherance to the rules is what guarantees his freedom.

The system wants men who make mistakes. Those mistakes are what ……get you caught. The authorities are just incidental.

As great as Chris Dorner was, he made mistakes. Those mistakes are what killed him.

Anytime a hostage is taken, he must be terminated when his usefulness is over. When on the road, obey traffic laws to the letter. Swim in the sea of people; do not retreat to an isolated rural area when on the run. Avoid familiar people and places. Don’t stand out, don’t be important. These are just a few of the rules.

The fire of emotion provides the stimulus to action and to train. Cold logic to train and act sucessfully. One needs both abilities in quantity, tremendous postive emotion to give the desire to act, tremendous cold-blooded and frankness in calculation. It is an unbeatable combination.

The Zodiac was never caught. It wasn’t luck.

4 Comments to “Cold-Blooded”

  1. Speaking of luck (graphic YouTube link):

    Syrian Soldier Finds AK-47 Among Dead And Turns It Against His Captives

    There must be a lesson in this, or at least an intro sequence to the new Rambo movie.

  2. Make 250,000 Euros in 60 Seconds #2

    Exclusive here on eradica, i have only seen it mentioned in the German press yet!

    The Apple store in Berlin was robbed in broad daylight yesterday (sat, sep 20.) during the “up to 1000€” iPhone 6 launch event, three armed men committed the robbery in front of hundreds of waiting customers! They jumped the security guard when he was taking the daily takings to the transporter. The getaway car was found later in-flames nearby, with the men are nowhere to be found. It is speculated that they took of with hundreds of thousands of euros!

    Some relevant pictures:,w=559,c=0.bild.jpg,w=559,c=0.bild.jpg

  3. One thing about swimming in the sea of people;avoid tourist spots like the plague. They have tons of surveillance and police. For example, Las Vegas is a lousy place to hide due to massive casino surveillance everywhere and the cops have special fugitive squads just looking for people on the run. Every month they catch lots of criminals who are on the run who try and haven’t gotten the word yet.

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