David Durham

by Ryu

“This is an assault that was not only just on the individual troopers, it’s an assault on the state police, it’s an assault on law enforcement, it’s an assault on society.”

David Durham shot a cop and went clear. That was 3 years ago, and he is clear to this day.

He shot the cop on the 23rd. Search called off by the 28th. The system cannot afford long engagements. With all their money and power, they still can’t afford to…… throw money at lengthy investigations. Either they break the case in a few days, or they throw in on the back burner.

It’s a mental game for than anything else. Hide and seek with guns. The seekers huff and puff, trying to flush out and bluff the hider. When the hider keeps his head, he wins. The system gets tired of playing and quits.

The perp in Pennsylvania will get away with it if he planned well. If not, he won’t. It’s that simple. Every hour that passes, his probability of escape rises. Word is, he’s a survivalist. He shows what a true SP can do.

As of today, we’re running at 96 hours out. He’s weathered the worst of it by now.

Those interested in more direct news can listen to the police channels. They are all available online.

6 Comments to “David Durham”

  1. The blowtorch attack on JONATHAN PAUL FOSTER, an innocent baby, was an attack on society. I have no sympathy left for the highly paid report takers whose only other job is to enFOR”CE revenue laws (exorbitant traffic tickets etc.) but not immigration laws.

    Cops are just leaches.

  2. You might be interested if you haven’t already heard it:

    Oswald left the USSR saying, ” I have plenty of money but nothing to spend it on.”

    So in his case, at least, the USSR was a nice place to live. That is, if you weren’t an American prole like Oswald.

    • Hmm. I haven’t heard that one before.

      What could he want to spend it on? He could have found a decent woman and a job. The middle class of any country can’t make the really extravagant purchases.

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