The black Torture-Murders a White Child

by Firepower

These are the kind of articles to email to liberal and fence-sitting people you know.

Ask them to explain why they’ve never heard of this in the news, while black thugs Trayvon & GentleGiant Michael Brown are glorified. Use your head. Quit being so stupid.

Blood is exciting.

Johnathon Paul Foster was tortured to death with a blowtorch – by a twofer, a colored female: Mona Yvette Nelson.

This happened in Texas where they like to BRAG how tough they are. How Lawn~Order! they are. They are full of hot air. They exaggerate and…lie.

The Propaganda Media – of course – first accused his ……redneck step-dad. Mens’ Rights Activists everywhere were completely oblivious as usual – as a flock of pretty moths one millisecond before decorating a windshield.

Today’s Murkan Propaganda Media embodies the spirit of Hitler’s Socialist propaganda – but with Stalin’s totalitarian longevity added.

Email this article and disseminate the knowledge. There’s tons more dead white meat killed by colored savages to spread around.  Tortured to DEATH with a blowtorch…cooking away his most sensitive nerves. The screams must’ve been demonic. The cries for mercy…for it takes a long time to blowtorch a child to death.

…and a Fascist Liberal Propaganda Media Machine to erase it all in one second…

22 Comments to “The black Torture-Murders a White Child”

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  2. well they asked for diversification and got f the bloody zionist wasps bloody british bastards

    • It would take a long time to kill with a blowtorch. She looks indian or negro. His pain must have been Biblical.

      Do you think this would wake someone up, FP? It seems to me there are only a few limited paths to becoming a permenant racist. Think of the racist origin stories of the people you know.

      This guy on ROK wrote about becoming a racist, then quitting. “When we moved to our new and more peaceful city, I lost most of my white supremacy convictions. I had befriended the Neo Nazis in my school for the same reason a white inmate joins them in prison.”

      • ROK naturally follows Rooshi’s editorial/dictatorial ideology of denying its own blatant hypocrisy.

        To call one city “peaceful” avoids discussing truthfully the comparison to the other city’s violence – a violence caused by coloreds. In a sick way, ROK embodies the zombie PC world of Today’s Brandon and their twisting gyrations avoiding calling a spade a spade.

        The awakening part *should* emerge: We have REAL examples of Colored Crime – even the ultimate PC charge of “hate crimes” done to whites.
        We now have the:
        What IF A White DID THIS???
        tactic of counter-charge clearly presenting the hypocritical double-standard of “justice”.

        Yet, it will accomplish nothing to a nation of whites propagandized into denying their Race Consciousness.

        ALL coloreds are hyper race conscious.
        All MINOs are, including the Feminists and Faggots.

        It IS why they win and – until it changes – why they shall always win and why we shall always lose.

      • I was going to comment over there, but I’d have been drowned out by 200 commenters who didn’t get it. Kind of like real life.

        It’s not racists who get beat down in the streets. And the advanced wns aren’t outting themselves or getting touched by the USG. I would almost say that only wns and system whites would remain after a long time. Problem is, less than 1 in 100 whites is a wn. Long time to wait.

        [ed note: true. the BEST thing about commenting at ROK is luring folks to Eradica for a lesson – or a beating. every colored who meets me (except the crazy) are quite scared of me; their attacking me is thus, quite unlikely. coloreds have an innate, primitive instinct sniffing out weaklings. change will take a long time. so long, i now fear, that you and i shall degenerate into old age and thus become weak and targets for increasingly greater savage coloreds yet unborn]

  3. Oh geez, so you finally understand the usefulness of TDO (h/t FP).
    It’s use is for the still un-awakened and to keep the hate alive for the awakened. It is read and mulled over in moderation lest it lead to despair and apathy.

    [ed note: you fail yet again at advanced intellectual analysis: one post out of 1000 does not make TDO bc it’s NOT DAILY. it’s sad. you never grasp the multitude of posts here brimming with original thought; all you appear to understand are the TDO ones…]

    • You need to see the rationale of the Big Picture:
      I have parted ways with (in ascending order)
      Republicans; then
      Conservatives and
      Libertarians and
      Men’s Rights NonActivists and perhaps, even
      …Whine Nationalists

      Now, I suspect I’m a White Supremacist.

      I’d ask T-daddy to welcome me into the fold but he’d confuse the fuck out of me…

      Repubbies kiss the ass of Miggers for votes.
      Contards suck the dick of Baby Jesus and his nativity displays and want to bomb everyone.
      Libertards refuse to see even the tiniest threat from coloreds.
      MRAs “think” coloreds & jews “should” be their pals – even though they don’t pays no child support and shit.
      wns? They are a flea with a foot-wide target painted on their back – and they haven’t even done one damn thing as of yet.

      • The desire to demonize and then invert the “white Supremacist” concept is deeply ingrained into your average healthy white boy from a very early age. Where there is true simplicity, prolific liars must craft psychological complication in the victim.

        We glean from Liberalism the two fundamental “equalities,” i.e., man-made social constructs:

        Supremacy = degeneracy

        Such that…

        White Supremacy = white degeneracy

        We know this to be a simple inversion invoked by primitives in order to maximize their autonomy.

        A white Supremacist is a white man that believes in objective Supremacy. Period.

        Objective Supremacy = Perfection = He who will do all right = Jesus Christ.

        The radical liberationist is the polar opposite. He who rejects objective Supremacy. Anti-Supremacist. Equalist. Believer in absolute “equality.”

        Such that…

        Supremacy = degeneracy

        And the degenerate life is god.

      • To elaborate further, the radical liberationist will prosthelytize on the impositional nature of the The Perfect Man when the reality is that his existence is a total reprieve for all of mankind WHO SIMPLY ACCEPT the reprieve. Likewise, and speaking out of the other side of one’s mouth, is the (usually high IQ “white” male) radical liberationist’s desire to “perfect man” in his myriad of maddening schemes. And of course, having rejected objective Supremacy, the task of “perfecting man” is a self-destructive one.

        White Supremacy or radical autonomy. Those are the only two paths available. No third way. Man cannot float in “no man’s land.”

      • There are two manners in which to conceptualize omnipotence.

        As Perfection… As in He who will do all right.

        As Radical Autonomy… As in He who will and can do anything.

        Would one choose Perfection or the capability to do anything? And which epitomizes true omnipotence?

        This is in reality the battle in white man’s head. Even if one gives the Jews mastermind status, it is still white man that brings this psychology alive in all its glory and chaos.

      • An interesting comment. The higher one goes, the less company one has. There are certainly levels above wn. Just discard the things that frighten most wns.

      • Libertarians do make a show of being PC as if they could teach the black community, and if Liberia would only deregulate bureaucratically nothing would prevent them from designing luxury automobiles.

      • Libertarians are led by their own version of political elites the same as Liberals and NeoCons: People who live in gated suburbs far from the nearest colored.

        My standard weapon against them is to accuse them and say:

        “You’ve got to be a white suburbanite to think like that.
        You haven’t lived near a black making less than $100,000 a year – for two decades.”

  4. Maybe not such a long time, Ryu. The more conditions deteriorate for whites, the more they realize that such basic concepts as self-government, i.e., government by consent and in accordance with one’s own values and traditions, imply wn. Third World immigration and affirmative action are attacks on white self-government, as are high taxes, the export of jobs, and devaluation of the dollar. The race is the people is the culture. Not scientifically or genetically, but as a practical matter.

    • Such realization is natural for traditional whites.
      Alas, those seem long extinct.

      To expect Today’s Brandon!™ to suddenly “awaken” denies the very years of evidence – right in front of your eyes – showing that increased servitude and surrender is their forte.

      • True, we are talking about a remnant. But when did any but a small minority ever shape the course of events? The OT is instructive. A moment of mass enthusiasm got the Hebrews out of Egypt. Then followed their disillusion. It wasn’t easy, they were hungry, slavery looked better in hindsight, they had to be threatened, punished, slaughtered, cajoled, and generally yelled at before they were dragged to the promise land, and then there was nothing but fighting as far as the eye could see — except for punishment when they failed to fight, or only fought among themselves.

  5. The obvious solutions to White problems can’t be discussed online because it will get you locked up.

    • Voltaire said you know who holds power by whom you cannot criticize.

      I propose you also know who is the slave – by their silence.

      • I know I’m a slave right now. That’s an easy confession.

        In a way, it’s good. Few can play both sides well. It’s much easier to be on top. It takes alot more self control to play it from the bottom. There’s less room for mistakes. Like being the hider rather than the seeker.

        [ed note: what a shame, to sit on a Mountain Of Guns, have the correct ideology, yet be surrounded by Today’s Sexting Brandons, then finally abandoned when old and defenseless]

    • Sacrificing yourself upon the altar of vain glory gets us nowhere.

  6. It’s easy to surmise the media suppression of this absolutely explicable murder, but the probing inquiry by those most invested in this symbolic annihilation is so severely lacking. These individuals simple refuse to look into the heart of darkness and see integration in all its “glory.” Where Ferguson set about to demand more integration because white man cannot control his violent urges around innocent black babies, the HELLISH murder of a seed of white nordid blood by a nigger dyke IS IDEAL INTEGRATION manifest. Show and tell it is not.

  7. Please issue a warning before posting a photo of a thing like that. I had both eyes opened when I copped that horrendous mug.

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