Our Greatest Enemy: The American Middle Class

by Ryu

Who pays the taxes in this country? They are the ones funding the USG.

Not the rich; they know all the tricks and have jew lawyers cook the numbers. The poor don’t make enough to tax. The only people left are those in the middle class.

The most fervent believers in the Murkan dream are the middle class. They think they’ll get rich, if only…they work hard enough, if they want it enough, if they sacrifice enough. The rich know it’s not at all probable. The poor know their place and have given up hope.

Hope can be a dangerous thing. Many of the middle class still think there is a political solution to America’s problems. That they can vote their way out of this. He sees what the wn sees, but he believes that one day, others will wake up and do his work for him.

The difference between a house negro and a field negro is…… that when the plantation burns, the house negro’s going to be sad. Just because you polish the silver instead of picking the cotton, doesn’t change your condition. A slave is a slave under any name, even if he has a PhD, even if he makes 100K per year. It is the mental condition and the buying-in to the dream that makes them slaves.

The revolution will begin when the middle class reaches a minimum. There should be no hope that working harder and more cooperation will solve our problems. Money is not what stops revolution.

13 Comments to “Our Greatest Enemy: The American Middle Class”

  1. Got your note. Still around.

  2. “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order.”

  3. Murkans never developed Marxist “class consciousness” despite decades of pain and harm.

    So, to assume they develop Firepowerist “Racial Consciousness”
    Just in the nick of time
    To prevent The Fall

    …is to suffer the pain
    of the eternally

  4. The middle class is duped but the true enemies are the Jews and a handful of Elite White families.

    To turn the focus of my hate onto my own Kinsman who are soon to be poor (the phony middle class distinction will be gone soon) would be no different than Americans and Brits turning in Germans in WW2. The rats make all the money while the poor people kill each other.

    • If one desires radical autonomy then the eradication of family, friend AND foe IS INEVITABLE. The most proximate infectious loci of radical autonomy is family ~~> friend ~~> foe. So your typical wn won’t eradicate where he most probably could and bloviates about eradicating where he most likely cannot. And because most wns will reject “white supremacy” under direct inquiry then the white Supremacist is left to assume that the desire is radical liberation, i.e., radical autonomy. The implications are clear.

      [ed note: the degree of bloviation is determined by the numbers of a force taking action. had Patton or Osama not had believers, all their magnificent plans would’ve been mere… bloviationistism]

  5. Ryu, do you have a twitter account ? is eradica your only outlet ?

    • No, I don’t twitter. My attention span isn’t that short yet.

      • You’d find Twitter as empty as Murka.
        It’s full of Leftists screaming for Mo’ Money for coloreds to breed Mo’ DemoVoters.

        And ConTards screaming for Jordie to nuke ISIS.

        All played to a reductionist tune of 142 characters. At least The Stupid is mercifully brief, while unrelentingly voluminous.

  6. Thank gawd people are finally catching on. The bourgeois have always been the enemies of revoultion.

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