My Liberal Childhood

by Ryu

I recently happened upon a trove of TV shows from my childhood. I was shocked! I don’t remember seeing that many vibrants. Though all shows are majority white, latinos, negros and indians are sprinkled in.

6 Comments to “My Liberal Childhood”

  1. This kind of subtle propaganda goes back to at least the late 50s on TV/Movies. Take for example John Wayne movies (even the westerns). Don’t think they are full of propaganda? Look at them again. I like to listen to Old radio Shows (30s, 40s, 50s) and its even there. For nostalgia someone left an old Public Service Announcement in a show from the 40s. It goes on and on about getting along and not being racist or it would hurt the war effort. None of this is new or sudden its just that now its as subtle as a train wreck. Honestly though, all this kind of propaganda goes back to at least the 1800s. Abolitionists in the 1800s were not popular with the general population because they liked to promote things like race mixing with the blacks to put an end to oppression and other such nonsense. The rot goes deep and its been there a long time.

    • Nations have finite lifespans as defined by John Baggot-Glubb (what a horrid name) of approx. 400 years.

      I posit The Modern Age accelerates these lifespans.
      It could be argued successfully America died in 1855: The moment it embraced freeing colored slaves, to lay all its virtue & treasure at the feet of the most worthless human race to ever live.

      All such dead nations took approx. a hundred years to fall, and almost fifty years to even notice the death.

    • I’m not against propaganda. Little children need something to imitate. But it “should” be our propaganda they listen to.

  2. Oh yes. The implementation of the genocide plans started long ago.

    My 99% White east coast school made sure to teach us the Mexican Hat Dance (decades ago!) and good old Sesame Street taught me that Spanish speakers were nice people too.

    This is interesting

    • Interesting indeed. They have done well to escape detection for the last 24 hours. If they keep their heads down, and stay off of the roads, they should be clear. It seems the people are finally wising up to who their enemies are.

      Just gotta wait it out. Others have weathered the storm and made it. The pigs will huff and puff for a 2-3 days. Half power by a week in, nothing by 2 weeks in. After that, he just has to avoid mistakes.

      One can surely tell what’s important to the system. They never react like this to civilian deaths.
      “It cuts us to the core that such an event could happen.”

  3. Nice video brings back fond memories but yeah there was plenty of liberal messages back in the day.

    I Love Lucy even featured a white woman married to a Cuban beaner back in the wholesome 1950’s.

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