Make 250,000 Euros in 60 Seconds

by Ryu

No one is untouchable in this world.

Good op. One can tell that alot of prep went into it. Because so much time went into planning, they got away clear. If they let things cool for a month or so, the incident will be forgotten. I waited a month to publish this article, because I felt sure that anyone who could plan and pull that op would know to cover the back end.

The action was nothing. They had to put tremendous effort into getting…… there without detection, controlling witnesses, then getting out while evading authorities.

The system will always tell you what works against them. They comment “we’re dealing with a heavily armed and determined group of criminals. Once again, unfortunately, we see that these individuals had no fear of the police and were not concerned about the consequences of their actions.”

Heavily armed, determined, and fearless criminals are dangerous to the system. No cop wants to die for his cause, law and order. The whole reason the perps made that money is because they were willing to gamble. Of course, with hundreds of hours of preparation, it can hardly be called “gambling.”

10 Comments to “Make 250,000 Euros in 60 Seconds”

  1. Voltaire stated you can tell who holds real power by whom you cannot criticize. This is genius, but by no means the only method.

    You can tell who has ascendant power by who takes the boldest action.

    Notice how even “white supremacist” prison gangs do not stage such high-reward robberies even though they are the most organized. Biker gangs excluding coloreds also do not even dabble.

    It *should* be a disturbing warning that if such combat-experienced groups aren’t in the news, creating operators from pasty, weak Brandons full of KJ Bluster N’ Bullshit is nearly impossible – with the majority oblivious faggots, totally impossible.

    • I think wns have represented themselves fairly well in the past.

      The Aryan Republic Army was able to commit many bank robberies, before infiltration. The Silent Brotherhood pulled the biggest armored car heist in American history, worth 3.6 million dollars. Of course, this is the 90s and 80s.

      The problem is, as the police state grows stronger, the safe group size gets smaller. Smaller groups, smaller ops. Whites just don’t have the personal ties that minos and Muzz have.

      Individual whites still do some very impressive work. Brevik comes to mind.

      A good lifetime goal for some enterprising wn, would be an organization that starts with the end in mind. Starting by covering infiltration first. Most groups fail because of this today, not by outsiders. It would take years to make it airtight.

      • Then, you’ve just described the precise areas to remedy.

        Today’s Brandon!™ was sucking mommy’s tit in the 90s. The 80s? They don’t even appear “like, real” to them.

        No personal ties means they’re handicapped against MINOs N’ Muzz – when it’s not just USG that’s the only enemy.

        Your point still does not explain why white prison gangs don’t capitalize on criminal behavior; they’ve already screened operating members.

      • That’s why networking and social gatherings are so important. People can come together and begin building trust.

        Our group that was attacked in Tinley Park knows very well how afraid our enemies are of us meeting up.

      • I didn’t know that. How were you attacked? How many, how did they come at you?

      • An Murkan Breivik is a very very rare individual. Almost like an unicorn.

        This goes back to our discussion about WNs and undesirable losers, who take it out on society for their shortcomings. Breivik, was not really this sort of individual.

        All we have in Murka, are guys like Dylaan Storm, Jared Loughner and recently, the older guy in Louisiana.

        Perhaps Tim McVeigh, but I want to see someone make a dent on the conduits of Murka. NYC, DC and perhaps Hollywood-Los Angeles.

      • You’ve realized that JS?

        Most WNs think direct action is easy. Simple. So they look at McVeigh or Brevik with contempt.

        The problem in big cities is the American police state. In one big city, on a drive, I passed 27 cameras for a 30 minute drive. It’s hard to be anonymous. It’s hard to get out clean in that environment.

  2. Most people would have to be thoroughly broken before they could be reassembled in this way.

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