Osama bin Laden: Anti-Terrorism Crusader

by Ryu

Most posts begin as a question in my mind. For this one, the question was – where is the world center of terrorism?

It’s Manhattan and Washington DC.

America trains, funds, and directs more terrorist groups than any nation on Earth. They deal the most arms. Murka has also overthrown the most democratically elected leaders and replaced them with puppet governments. The USG is a terrorist organization, worse than they accuse Hamas of being.

By striking NYC and DC, Osama struck a blow against global terrorism. Especially in hitting the Pentagon, the very heart of the Beast. No other place on Earth originates more wars.

The genius of Osama has rarely been described. For him to strike such a blow and…… live free for a decade afterwards is amazing. The largest, most well-funded manhunt in human history could not find him.

In one day, he set the USG upon a course which would only lead to total annihilation. Who is taking our “freedoms” away?

Saddam didn’t pass the Patriot Act. Osama didn’t create the NDAA. The NSA is not run by Qaddafi. And it’s not the president of North Korea brutalizing citizens, killing over 5000 American civilians each year.

It’s the USG taking away American freedoms. Osama understood that by taking his action, he would give the excuse the USG needed to kill off the remaining American rights. Maybe he hoped that the brainwashed American public might wake up and see their true enemy.

I have learned to see Osama bin Laden as a liberator. Not only was he the greatest military leader of in recent memory, he was also the best escape artist.

13 Comments to “Osama bin Laden: Anti-Terrorism Crusader”

  1. I still think 911 was a false flag op but I agree that Murka is the freedom taker. They want to rule them some brown peasants and freedom loving Whites are in the way.

  2. *Freedom loving Whites and their “mountains of guns” that is. (H/T FP)

  3. He had the guts to chase foreigners out of Moslem homelands. Our gutless leaders pretend to avoid the issue by saying nobody’s a foreigner. But that doesn’t make it so.

    I’m not saying that homelands aren’t originally stolen lands. You have to have the guts to take them and call them yours. Since we became sheep, we don’t know why we’re here or how we got here. WE didn’t steal anybody’s land!

  4. The usg’s hypocrisy is magnified because it holds itself up as a self-righteous example of “liberty”.
    Therefore, it is like a teacher constantly bragging of its “duty and honor” while squeezing student ass in secret.

    America, that once held its head up with honor, is now become Murka: The Regime that operates in secret. There is no honor in deeds kept secret out of shame.

    Now we are 1890’s Great Britain, butting in all over the world where we don’t belong. We’ll end the same, too.

    The GREATEST THREAT to our liberty is not ISIS but USG/NSA/IRS and their triggermen SWATZIs.

    I relish looking forward to these twittering pundits & scatterbrains hopping from their impotent venting about “Scary BIGFed NSA!” and switching to beating the war drums for the same BIGov to “bomb ISIL!!”

    In a few months, they’ll be crying sweet tears to abandon Iraq after three strikes because “Obama’s bungled it” and “too many Jordies in bodybaaaaaaaaaags!”

    In the coming months, watch and savor Obama put his own brand of fuck-up on another Muzz War.

    • Yes, it is interesting how it is Americans taking our freedoms, not foreigners. Worse, they do it for money. It must have been like this in Rome and London in the past. Romans destroying Rome.

      You must see more than others do in this, FP. A star expands as it dies, then contracts. The American empire must be nearing its largest size. How far do you reckon it will shrink to? Something less than the original colonies?

      • What happened on Sept 1st? Why so much traffic here, FP?

        [ed note: i will pm you]

      • Presently, the UK is shrinking due to losing former colonies and conquered peoples.

        Despite foaming propaganda, the USA was never “into” colonization. We conquered Germany, Japan – and Iraq – and eventually let them do their thing independently, so the conquered were never part of us as they were in the evil Soviet empire that enslaved Poland, Hungary, Romania and all the others.

        You’ve reminded me to perhaps complete a post about The American Empire.

        America was/is so rich, it never needed to steal wealth from enslaved nations as Great Britain and the Soviet Union did. America’s “empire” only ever existed within its own borders. It’s the true reason why The Civil War happened. Abe wanted all that agri-land and cotton – which was a very lucrative crop then.

        Each state subdued by the USG is an interdependent, enslaved nation to Washington DC. Texas for its oil, Nevada for it’s silver, California for its gold, etc. All of us now are enslaved for out taxes – taxes that feed the MINO Machine.

        Murka may not shrink vis-a-vis losing bases in Germany or Guam, but most territory we took in the Mexican-American War has been ceded back to Miggerland. Our entire southern frontier is lost. All our major cities and industrial centers (except protected Elite Enclaves like Manhattan) fell to the colored long ago.

        Thus, we as a nation have lost far more valuable territory than the former great britain.

        So, as coloreds multiply here into a majority over continuously diminishing, domesticated whites, formerly “white-ruled” territories shall decrease – just as Latin eventually vanished as a language.

  5. Charles J Bishop was apparently furious at Osama but somehow changed his mind and tried to duplicate the attack less than four months later, one of at least three such attempts. Coast Guard chopper followed his Cessna. Suicide note contained a fake nuclear threat. It could have been a lot worse had he aimed for an airliner instead of an empty building.

    • Interesting. Thanks for the name, I will look into him.

      15 years old! So young. What a waste of such potential. No one reaches that level by 15.

  6. Sarah Palin is in the media because “white” male liberals want her in the media. And amongst “white” male liberals, it is the “alt-rite” that provides the acidic commentary that functions as the ideological hammer of the more radical “white” homosexual who’s desire to destroy all notions of “woman” is inherent to hiss “nature.”

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