How The Mino Master Machine Falls

by Firepower

Jews figured out that the best way to avoid eradication by Nazis was for jews to become the nazis

Jews still indeed possess influential power despite occasional setbacks in their overreaching (but vastly successful) arab-hate campaign.

Even seemingly perfect leaders and movements fail occasionally from the common pitfall of overplaying one’s hand.

We know the vast majority of jews are generally evil because they seek to continue our oppression.

We are learning that a buck of spraypaint is worth more than gold in both quickness of application, time of exposure-risk and ultimate effect.

Imagine if Sainted WW2 Allied HEROCommandos paratrooped into Fortress Europe to paint Star of Davids on ……Unka Dolfi’s propaganda posters …then ten German divisions get diverted to stop them because Mista~Hitla has a hissy-fit over graffiti.

America was founded by White Men. Murka is now run by jews of the Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism as administrated enforced by the MINO Master Machine.

Beating up on impoverished cripples armed only with slingshots doesn’t count, so it’s sad to say – but bitingly true: White WASPs have no martial success since 1945.  Do such a people deserve the wealthiest, once-greatest nation in history?

Jews played no part in The Founding.  The Hearst-like media magnates, “Robber Barons” and master Wall Street financiers of the latter 19th Century Industrial Revolution who built America also were not jews. Jews first emerge here only in the early to mid-20th Century.

Murka is the first nation in the world to be taken over by jews – after it surrendered itself without a shot – then given freely to jews. No other nation capitulated and fell in that way because no other nation was as wealthy and made such a desirable target while simultaneously divesting itself of the natural, historic defenses against jews.

Who wouldn’t walk in, take it all, then wipe their silky slippers on a nation that did such a thing?

What others will learn is that no nation in history (especially jews’ own Israel & Judah)
ever survived being
run by

9 Comments to “How The Mino Master Machine Falls”

  1. I guess a new group of White robber barons will have to arise. White Jew-wise overlords will be more generous to us than the lizards.

    • I do not think so.

      All that gets you is what it got whites in 1850 when we were a majority in power. It got you Irish coalminers slaving away for a different white ethnic group (English & Scots) or whops pressed into squalid tenements.

      Expect white elites to serve only themselves.

      • Ok then who should I be routing for if not Whites? Speak plainly.

      • It’s obvious you must root for whites, but do so freed of illusions this makes a perfect society.

        While you’re waving the flag, temper your thoughts and always remind yourself of the British starving Irish during the potato famine and you may get an idea of how to modulate the vision of your ideal society.

      • Of course. Its ok, you can use me to teach others.😄

    • Anyone who would rebel against jew robbers would rebel against white robbers too.

      Money has to be secondary. The true economic “product” of a white ethnostate must be superior men and women. Right now, the best men are the Afghan men.

      • Oswald Spengler wrote that only blood can overcome money. That is what happens when democracy — which is in reality the rule of money — ultimately gives way to Caesarism, the rule of individuals and their followers.

        You might say that the victory of blood over money is the meaning of the Incarnation. Incarnate man vs. the manipulated symbol of sovereignty.

  2. Jews have control of the money supply since antiquity, the Jerusalem Temple was so wealthy that financed the construction of the Colosseum after the Romans sacked in 70 AD, the Temple is the model of today Jew-run Central Banks.

    But is not only money control, jews always influenced the “anti-establishment” movements… Christianity, Islam, Protestant reformation, Marxism, Trotskysm, Freudism, Liberalism,.. All supported by the mass jewsmedia propaganda machine that they control at least since the 19th century.

    [ed note: yet, if they financed all those groups that caused many of their own kind to die – what does that say of the Greater White 86% Majority permitting itself to be enslaved by a 2% jew minority?]

    • Not sure if Jews got around yet to supporting the libertarians, or bitcoin, or open source software, or the singularity, not to mention race realism and underground reactionaries.

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