The Most Dangerous Conclusion

by Ryu

Is America a “turn-key” police state?

Just about?

Getting there yet?

No way. It’s a police state right now, as it sits.

So what happens when you realize the USA is a police state today? Shall we petition our congressman? Write some letters? pamphlets? TV interviews? Some mass awakening?

People hedge that this is not a police state to avoid the dangerous conclusion. All legal methods of political change have been hijacked. All legal groups capable of producing change have been infiltrated.

You live in a police state TODAY. There is no…… difference between the military and the police. They use the same tactics, weapons, jargon, and uniforms. Both serve the 1% and the USG. The media and the internet are both under system control. There is no hope of legal, organized change.

Hard to believe. In a police state, the sun still rises. One can still sleep with a woman if desired. People still put in the 9-5. There’s still some pleasure to be had. It’s not dark or rainy all the time, with thunder and lightning. Not as one would imagine it.

Never lie to yourself. Overcome the lies of our age. We live in a police state now. There will be no collapse, and no mass awakening either. Consider how this changes what you must do.

10 Comments to “The Most Dangerous Conclusion”

  1. America is a soft authoritarian oligarchy. It is successful because it doesn’t ride people too hard, you just have to keep your mouth shut, and not directly piss off anyone important, and they will leave you alone. Most people are well-numbed by the inducements they offer.

    • It is soft authoritarian…for those who cooperate. Soft meaning they’ll kick you with the side of the boot, not the point.

      For those who resist, it is the hardest rock God put on this Earth. Only those who desire change feel it at all.

      You may tell how revolutionary someone is by how they evaluate where America is. The sheep will say America is still free.

      Eventually, smaller and smaller offences will warrent more severe punishment. The USG will not tolerate a hint of revolution. We see this now in how police are acting in schools with little children.

      I can hear the intimidation in the cop’s voice. He’s a thug.

  2. Citizen-Sheeeple do not risk the dangers of combat, nor do they want to – with all the Pizza, sexting & Football they have to do.

    The greatest improvement over the Hitler/Stalin model is combining that with “free speech”. It took the internet to amplify it into the pointless noise of 300 Million turkeys cackling. Now, it’s just venting – masturbating into a tissue instead of picking up a female. You can prove it in observing no “Great Man” even emerges to speak The Truth. All you get are hasbeens like James Woods & Jon Voight who now, have less left to lose.

    While the most expensive method, USG figured out it is the best scheme to pacify a mob: They had to – with the 2nd Amendment. They can afford it, but it’s getting sketchy now with having to feed growing numbers of breeding coloreds and imported miggers.

    The Orwellian model we’re so enamored with paints too bleak a scene to resonate with new sheeeple readers; it is fantastical, too exaggerated to believe. However, that bleakness does come when USG finally possesses the majority of guns. They know they cannot confiscate them, but they can get Future Peeeeple to turn them in because they’re “too dangerous and we don’t need them”.

    • Why don’t YOU be the great man FP. I’m not being sarcastic. Come out of the shadows and be the leader you are looking for.

      • That’s part of what Eradica was for, a test to see who was/is out there.

        People are far more interested in my fake noods of Jennifer Lawrence in lieu of her box getting hacked. I’ve written the best tenets of my life philosophy: People want Fun & Games.

        Now I’m not being sarcastic: Even you did not follow at first – and perhaps still don’t. The list is long. Many did and do understand but that really is immaterial compared to a populace that ushers in The Re-Election of Barack Hussein Obama. Once is understandable – to be blinded by a jiggaboo. Twice…is unforgivable. Next up: Mme HRH Hillary…for 8 years.

        I suspect the masses (especially whites) get exactly what they deserve.
        Watch the movie Idiocracy; you’ll see.

        I’m fully capable of leadership and am a great leader. Problem is, there’s nobody to lead…

      • If this is so, I recommend you stop blogging and enjoy what you can of life.

      • Thanks.
        I’ll buy a crawdad farm with a bunker.
        Because I’m totally wrong
        And denying it
        By making
        Nice-Nice Dreams
        …always works out so well

      • It is so. More and more I see it myself. I estimate there are fewer than 500 men in the US with the quantities we need. This number is insufficient.

        Poolside is not an option for US. Pierce mentioned this in his masterpiece. That was the genius of TD:

        Elsa is basically a good kid, and there must be a number of others whose instincts are mostly all right but who just couldn’t cope with
        this nightmare world and so they dropped out. Although we both reject the world in its present condition and have both dropped out,
        in a sense, the difference between the people in the Organization and Elsa’s friends is that we are capable of coping and they aren’t. I
        cannot imagine myself or Henry or Katherine or anyone else in the Organization just sitting around watching TV and letting the world
        go by when so much needs to be done. It is a difference of human quality.

        But there’s more than one kind of quality that’s important to us. Most Americans are still coping, some barely and some quite
        successfully. They haven’t dropped out, because they lack a certain sensitivity-a sensitivity which I believe we in the Organization
        share with Elsa and the best of her friends-a sensitivity which allows us to smell the stink of this decaying society and which makes
        us gag. The copers out there, just like many of the non-copers, either can’t smell the stink or it doesn’t bother them. The Jews could
        lead them to any kind of pigsty at all, and as long as there was plenty of swill they would adapt to it. Evolution has made skilled
        survivors of them, but it has failed them in another respect.

        How fragile a thing is man’s civilization! How superficial it is to his basic nature! And upon how few of the teeming multitudes to whose
        lives it gives a pattern does it depend for its sustenance!

        Without the presence of perhaps one or two per cent of the most capable individuals-the most aggressive, intelligent, and
        hardworking of our fellow citizens-I am convinced that neither this civilization nor any civilization could long sustain itself. It would
        gradually disintegrate, over centuries, perhaps, and the people would not have the will or the energy or the genius to patch up the
        cracks. Eventually, all would return to their natural, pre-civilized state-a state not too different from that of Georgetown’s dropouts.

  3. G4S company gang stalking white activists

  4. Police states are boring though, like depression and poverty. They are always a sign of deeper failure or just low intelligence. Obama’s latest speech used generic bullet points dosed with anodyne pablum to justify the upcoming pacification of the Levant.

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