John Conner

by Ryu

I have an image in my mind of the perfect wn. The object of my training is to approach that ideal. He’s a combination of many characters; John Conner is one of them.

The Terminator movies do not get into why John is the leader of the human resistance. For that, we turn to the Sara Conner Chronicles, Season 2. This was a tv series about 5 years ago. John transforms from a teenage boy to a true leader. Sara Conner begins to look like what she is, a soldier, not a strategist.

John’s unique abilities are his emotionless calculation, his fearlessness, and his ability to make decisions others are unwilling to. There are no other people like him in his time.

John, in fact, becomes a human machine. One has to turn to SCC to see this. With time, he trusts humans less and less. Machines are more reliable. He takes terminator bodyguards, and the only one who actually sees him is…… a female terminator named Cameron. This produces resentment, but the people follow him because he gets results.

Everything has its cost and nothing is all gain. He pays a higher price and gets a higher return than any living person. The ordinary soldier does risk his life, but if he screws up, only one dies. If John makes a mistakes, thousands die.

2 Comments to “John Conner”

  1. Have you ever read about Fyodor Rostopchin?

    He was the governor of Moscow during the War of 1812, and was responsible for burning down the city. He isn’t remembered well, but he did something unpopular for the good of his country.

  2. Did the human majority have the secular conviction to submit and become cooperative servants in the hope of being painlessly replaced.

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