Understanding Cowardly Inaction

by Firepower

Intelligent reader emails to me often praise my intelligence and vision, yet beg off their obligation to share their own contributions of intellectual expertise with less-intelligent, uninformed readers. Almost 2,000 readers follow this site. They get every post emailed to them but are too scared to comment and share.  Some weeks I get a hundred-thousand “retweets” and others I get almost half a million; that averages a quarter-million a week.

This is betrayal of compatriots through sins of omission. If one is so intimidated by LN’s of the MMM+USG into self-censoring the basic element of our vaunted, ostensible Free Speech (via mere online opinion, no less) than that vile government tyranny so vociferously hated has indeed won – won without minimal effort of firing a shot or making an arrest. Not only have they bought you cheap, they’ve got you to buy your own prison.

Such timid souls best roll over and…… let their big nigger cell-mates fuck them up the ass every night. Now, if placed among such animals as punishment, one is defenseless. The warrior then endures with enough subterfuge for a future, planned surprise attack to incapacitate as many as possible to even the odds – and if not enough – to then die in combat as a Spartan. That is how a True Warrior thinks…

But wait: On another, higher plane of intellectual existence, the true warrior-strategist knows that such scenarios are mostly cheap Fear Tactics to intimidate trembling whites into cheap silence while free. Sure, it happens – but not as common as we’re taught to believe. In reality Big Prison ButtRape is a myth and rare. Do you not think government deep pockets constantly sued over violating somebody’s civil rights for piddly-ass traffic stops would not get the christ-fuck sued out of it for allowing massive prison fudgepacking? Open your eyes. Awaken.

There are reasons why this is continually used so effectively throughout history as to become a tradition. You do not know The Whys: I will teach you. Fear is used best when coupled with the unknown.

If effective on one group (The Right), it is also equally effective when wielded against the left. The MMM fears NRA Guns because Revolution2 will strip the Patrician Ruling Class and their funding Plutocrats of most power and money. Why? Because the jews of the LN fear being rounded up in boxcars by gun-toting whites again to fill ovens. Their money buys power; these are the only things that keep the well-earned hate they deserve from growing into another YOLOcaust…the most effective fear is all based on: What If?!?

I haven’t read roissy in years now. He has a large audience, yet accomplishes little but repackaging tomorrow the same posts he did yesterday as if a sop to appease new readers into maintaining that large audience as a self-perpetuating machine churning out random numbers. It is my opinion it is intrigue solely for ratings, as in the final, empty seasons of Lost or any long-running series wanting to keep the train rolling. I understand the desire to be popular but also grasp the need to make the message a vehicle for progress, not one’s satisfaction.

I do not assume other men (nor Eradica readership) is as intelligent as I to perform at my level – but what I do expect of them is to try. This is why I started Eradica; to observe the level of like-minded compatriots. Even from the earliest skepticism of inception, I have been greatly disappointed.

Courage is different from wild talk and behavior; wildness is excessive because it has no plan.

If Thomas Jefferson is lauded for stating

The tree of liberty, from time to time, must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

…then others may also say the same – loudly. Even The Little Peeeple

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19 Comments to “Understanding Cowardly Inaction”

  1. Fear is now the dominant emotion in America.

    Doctors use it. AC people use it. The car guy. The dentist. The IT people. Do this….or doom will come.

    No one wn has every skill. Everyone has their own specialization. It’s no different than one man being a doctor, or another being a mechanic. The fear of failure, which is all about in America, has contaminated wn as well. People are afraid to even try.

    • Fear’s use as a national, now universal, tactic emerged as Murkans’ collective intelligence degraded.

      Fear does work on everyone, but it only works all the time on a dumbed people.
      Intelligence always questions and eventually sees through the tactic.

      • They say that an elephant, if leashed when young, will not even try to break the rope around its leg when older. The mental aspects of wn are more important than anything. So few last the years and reach the highest levels.

        William Pierce and Harold Covington laid it out in their times as well as could be done. They found very few takers. In 1978, there were not 2000 members alive to join The Organization. Covington would find fewer still to join his Northwest Republic.

        The later in the game people wake up, the more dramatic the solution must become. I suspect most whites would not wake up and be open to us until the gun was at their neck and their feet were at the grave. The white intellect makes the capacity for self-delusion almost unlimited. We may be too late in this country.

      • Too much television and reading of Jewstream media has led to this.
        Think of all the cop and detective shows where the bad guy confesses to his crime. Repetition is used to condition us to think of cops etc. as invincible. As has been pointed out here, they are not.

      • Victory is possible, but I fear only a few will be able to see the path.

        The clearance rate for most crimes is not that high. I found it astonishing upon first look, with the difference between reality and portrayals.

      • Oh and that oven thing never happened. If Jews actually believed that they would behave better.

  2. Overcoming fear might require second-order revenge drives, retaliation for wrongs committed against others, like how McVeigh got mad about the Branch Davidian raid, Osama got pissed about the Iraq sanctions, and John Brown helped start the Civil War after a plantationist caned senator Sumner.
    For some reason people are less likely to get furious about injustices they feel only affect themselves. Instead they retreat into their shells like turtles.

    • Its something I also have noticed, people become angrier with injustice made against some one they never met than wrong doings against their own person.

      • To address multiple commenters,
        it was the white that took it upon itself and freed the contemptible negro for it was utterly incapable of doing it itself. Still today, every Murkan Ebola patient is white.

        Chained young elephants have more value simply because they cause less death, destruction & sorrow.

        Murka – as America before it – is a culture childishly fixated on symbols and symbolism: Baby G-Ziss Creches, MLK, Trayvon. It’s why they cannot stop blubbering over each new Ace Reporter beheading before the blood is dry on the previous.

        McVeighism has lost its sting to anyone under 30 – or anyone obsessively gaming during their youth while an event happened around them. The Mob demands Bread & Circus – Fun & Games. America was always less a mob than other nations, but Murka definitely is a mob now, so Mob Control Tactics of the Elite are in effect more than ever.

        All jewish Media capitalize on this to simultaneously direct the dumb beast and acquire massive profits.

  3. Edgar Steele murdered. Rest in peace Brother. http://www.free-edgar-steele.com

    • Hmmm. I am not surprised by that. In truth, he died when he entered the American justice system. I am sorry to hear it though.

      [ed note: any white who surrenders his living body to the USG *should* expect the same]

      One has to train himself to see the American prison system just as the gulags were. America too has political prisoners. So many can call the Soviets evil, but not the Americans. The more subtle a thing is, the more dangerous.

  4. Has anyone seen the latest Vibrancy on video?

    A white couple is surrounded and attacked by five Negroes in a concrete tunnel.
    Worst case scenario even if you are armed, close space, surprised from the back…

    But on the bright side it made 50k new wns, that’s how many views the clip has youtube.

    • I wouldn’t count on the 50k new wns thing. Maybe a few will be outraged enough to *want* to go nig-hunting… and most of them will fail or end up in jail on a hate crime. Surprised from the back is a bad situation for anyone, but then again it could have been another case of trusting the *threat* of police to prevent anything from happening… the first notion anyone should lose in the cities.

      • Right on, BTR. 50K no good. Maybe 5. You should develop your abilities more. You have more potential than Simon or MW.

        I don’t like anyone to walk behind me. Cops too love that trick. They always come at you from behind.

        I can no longer express outrage at the blacks, because I don’t feel it. Those whites were fools and made targets of themselves. I now have more appreciation for the balls of the blacks, what they felt right before they did it. If more organized, they could have beat those whites with no resistance at all. 5 men against a man and woman *should* be no contest.

        I don’t look for good people or even wns anymore. We need the killer instinct and the hate. One has to love the sight of blood.

        I remember when I first saw the new type of wn. They start young. Apt Pupil may be the best wn movie of them all.

  5. Something as innocent as tutoring kids in math could open up possibilities. Everything is time and effort, put in enough of both and you could have a stable of young proteges at your disposal. If you can counterbqalance the brainwashing they get at school, on TV, et cetera, et cetera, that would be a great step in reducing the time and effort they have to put into fighting it on their own. THat alone will create more big-letter WNs than TDO videos of fools getting mugged.

    • THAT is a great idea BTR.

    • Ryu spent much of his pre-Eradica career doing just that, sadly, for an online classroom of four.

      Realistically tutoring kids in math requires their parents forcing their attendance.
      The vast majority of others are quite stupid – both parents and children – and will not awaken from Pizza & Football; Bread & Circus.

      • There are few pupils to receive the gift. We suffer from a lack of students and soldiers.

        “Most” of the really dedicated students today will become scientists and engineers for the regime. They wish to sell their brain to the USG for money, in some form. Get their official smart badge. I looked and never found more than a handful, across many disciplines and schools. You always look for a certain look, someone who wants/needs more. Something uncontrollable.

        It’s not generally known how rare we are. Real direct action nationalists like Brevik are one in a million. Those who can understand him are also rare.

        James Mason never graduated HS, but he joined the NS Youth Movement, back in the 60s. He educated himself. He had the right stuff immediately. He was Pierce’s student. I think Pierce had perhaps a dozen students in all his life.

        That’s how wn is really passed down – teacher to student, one on one. No mass awakenings ever. Just like that kid learned from the Nazi in Apt Pupil. That’s why the movie is so good. The teacher died, but the student surpassed him and the teaching lived on.

  6. too bad when you do take action or tell the truth they label you as a anti semitic and or racsist and put you in jail ect and or sue you riot ect.that rat pos sob sharpton wants a law passed that jails whites for self defence against blacks

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