by Ryu

SWATing is a prank call made in such a way as to draw the swatzis to someone’s house. It has happened to normal people, all the way to celebrities: Rihanna, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood. Even system bureaucrats are susceptible.

The professional begins with the end in mind, and he works forward towards the action. That end is always to go clear. Getting away in the short term is easy, in the long run is hard.

SWATers have to think deeply about the whole ball of wax. When a phone is bought, the cameras there, how its paid for, the location where a call is made, destroying the phone after it’s used, the elimination of forensic evidence, timelines, contingencies. Then resisting the urge to brag to others – the hard part. Anyone who is good at ……what he does wants credit:


The feebs didn’t want the idea to spread. Whenever the system shills say they don’t like something, one might suspect it’s effective. So easy a child can do it, as this 16 year old proves. He did it 30 times:

This article has some audio.

The key is silence. Resist the urge to be seen as special and unique. Successful SWATers can’t tell anyone. Not their priest, not mommy, not their bro. This comes from the police themselves:

“However, he said, the swatters tend to give themselves away. “It’s almost like a high for them,” he said. “They want to memorialize all this activity, all this news media. They’re only going to stay quiet for so long.””

Jew-jitsu is Tom Metzger’s invention, using the American police state against itself. The more violent and brutal the police, the more they will injure their public.

The occult motto of wn:
To know,
to dare,
to will,
to remain silent.

This guy got swatted. He seems to find it amusing.

5 Comments to “SWATing”

  1. Sounds like an easy game.

  2. Is it human nature or cultural conditioning breeding Homo Snitchinomous? Christian guilt mixed with Amerikwan narcissism or something deeper?

    • I don’t think it’s human nature, but it’s definitely white nature, at least in Murka. American whites still believe in the system. Most whites I know today are rule-followers, even when those rules do not benefit them. White intelligence has made them better slaves than the negro was. They have sucessfully conned themselves.

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