Feminist Government School Teachaz

by Firepower

Divorced 4 times, Expert on Feminist Studies

While private pro sports teams can get away with being all colored, BIGov Indoctrination Camps (aka US Publik Skools) also do it.

The black is the NBA & NFL, the Migger is MLB – and the newly invasive MLS.

Fat white feminists control all classrooms and, more important, control all inner cubicles of bureaucracy in state capitals as managers, directors, program managers and district program directors.  Combine any BIGov Newspeak bureaucrat-title word you like to make pernicious PC Gov Stew.  Just note when you see them in the news; they are disproportionately female.  White males – actually still the nation’s majority demographic – are rare.

Obviously Affirmative Action factors in, guaranteeing any black bitch who’s been on Maury “tessin fo muh babydaddy an sheet” gets the plum management slots in your StateGOV.  Coloreds run the government, hire and promote more coloreds.

Liberal nazism is run like past totalitarian regimes. It’s based on feudal models of: From the King down to the Duke to the Count to the Earl to the vassal to the peon. States are Dukedoms, and it’s impossible to ……fire a fat white lez-feminist and colored fatty coming in an hour late for the past nine years.

These fugsters hate whites, males, white males and – hate even more – White Men.  Now, even middle class whites cannot afford private schools to avoid this brainwashing filth. Nevermind poor white trash who might have combined with the lower classes to create a new, combined Revolutionary Class that stormed the Bastille. These emasculated Brandons & Jareds are too timid to even smoke cigarettes and flaunt “The Rules”.

Imagine what indoctrination tools these vicious cunts use on little children. It’s worse than any picture I can draw and far more than I want to type.

3 Comments to “Feminist Government School Teachaz”

  1. Those small beginnings of revolution, like breaking the rules or smoking in the bathroom, are not present in quantity. It’s rare to find a boy under 20 who has any rebelliousness left. They don’t have ‘the edge.’

    I find alot of profit in reading some PUA and MRM authors. The loss of manhood is a big part of the wn problem.

    I’ll support drug use, underage drinking and being a jackass if it helps young whites get their balls back. There are things that cannot be taught after 25. You’ve got to start rebelling young, so you can make mistakes on the cheap. All the best wns were JDs.

    Those hardass wns trying to make whites “good” do alot of damage. We will not win by playing the system’s rules. They’ve got all the angles covered there.

    • You see this story FP? It’s exactly the type we need.

      I salute these teens for even trying. We can fix mistakes. We can’t fix won’t try.

      • Sounds like you read my upcoming, scheduled post on Reasons for Cowardice?

        We can fix mistakes. We can’t fix won’t try.

        The imaginary VRW is the subject of my ridicule for the reasons you state. Ridiculing losers “should” also be apparent to the rest of the blowhards venting on twitta, but instead, they fantasize about Conan on a polar bear, when the reality is: Whites don’t even meekly complain about their neighbor’s barking dog at 4am.

        Thus, an already castrated cohort of white boy geldings are prime for further Feminazification at the hands of BIGov Skool Feminist Teachaz…

        Now, these pussies are even easier to break.

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