Home Invasion versus Breaching

by Ryu

What’s the difference between the two?

Little difference. The methods are the same. It’s only who you get your authority from that differs.

Speed, surprise, violence of action. Cops sit on a place, running intel for a few hours before the raid, avoid being seen. Then they swoop in, yelling and screaming to distract the mark. They want to minimize the time to engagement with the target. It’s a very fast, aggressive movement.

Once in, they secure the people inside and disarm them. Then the police toss or search the place looking for evidence.

This is all exactly the same as a home invasion. A no-knock warrant service is the true equivalent. Cops and robbers are ……really two sides of the same coin. All day-to-day activities have an equivalent cop or criminal method.

Casing a place is gathering intel. Talking to people is developing networks and developing leads. Patrol is seeing what’s going on in your area that day. Making notes in both cases to help with recall and for future reference. The pucker factor and adrenaline is important for both cops and robbers.

Remember the dogma, because it is true in all police, military and criminal enterprises – the action is nothing. Any op is 95%+ preparation and intel. Do not allow fancy jargon to create the illusion of difference.

One Comment to “Home Invasion versus Breaching”

  1. The illusion of chaos can be paralyzing instead of panic inducing as seen in spectacular terrorist attacks

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