The Financial System

by Ryu

Wall Street is just as important to the US military as the guns. If the checks don’t clear, they don’t have any soldiers.

The survivalists were right about everything. They just underestimated the extent of the USG’s control. They would not lock down everything else just to leave the money unattended.

There will be no collapse. That would only happen when they want it to happen, or if it was to the USG’s advantage. More accurately, the house of cards is …

…coming down very slowly, one card at a time. Controlled demolition. So slowly, only a few notice the legs being kicked out.

The only reason people come to the US now is money. The Murkan dream is to get rich, no matter the way. The only reason the people stay loyal is if there’s still the “hope” that one can cash in. Not even the cops or the soldiers believe the USA is worth dying for anymore.

The gold of survivalism is a mindset of self-sufficiency and preparedness. “If I don’t take care of it, it won’t happen.” The collapse is anomalous to this philosophy. It doesn’t belong.

There are two great myths of our age: the collapse and mass awakening, I urge wns to discard them both and find out what comes after.

7 Comments to “The Financial System”

  1. What comes after?

    But before the blood, a new despotic feudalism; the majority on EBT, a thin working wedge, and the elite in their secluded estates.

    • One realizes that nothing will happen until we make it happen. The system won’t fall by itself. It makes one far more revolutionary.

  2. A revolutionary earns his bandana every time a right-winger retreats to his cabin.

  3. It’s just that the house of cards is so big, one section could collapse and most wouldn’t notice, courtesy of course of the same people who brought you “too Big To Fail”… it’s an analogy for the USG itself. It’s not that GM was TBTF, it’s just a bit of jegerdemain to draw your attention from the condition on a government level. Kind of like “No Child Left Behind”… some children need to be left behind so that their betters can advance with dragging dead weight. And 12 years later, our government school STILL suck.

  4. The System is almost immune to collapse, but countless individuals will continue to receive free previews of hell and vote for the same politicians.

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