Randy Weaver

by Ryu

He’s been on my mind alot. The system still owes him.

He’s an old man by now. Wiki lists him as being 66 years old. There’s a progression that all old folks go though. Relative good health and mobility – then an accident. The recovery defeats them. First a cane, then a walker, then a scooter, then a wheelchair. After the wheelchair, they never stand on their own again. They die in bed, unable to bathe themselves, unable to control their bladders. Invalids, objects of pity.

As a green beret, Randy pulled triggers and did the system’s dirty work. After he finished serving them, they killed his wife and …one of his children. He was right to retreat to Northern Idaho – a hostile Zionist occupied government did come to oppress him.

It would be tragic for Randy to die in a bed, waiting for death to come, with his business unfinished. His fight with the USG in 1992 was the pinnacle of his life. He can beat that peak by ending well.

The system won their encounter with Randy – not because he gave up, but because his surviving daughters lived ordinary lives. They went from survivalist to ordinary American.

You’ve got to take your shot when you’ve got it. Wait too long, and it disappears. I don’t know if Randy has the spirit anymore to take what’s his.

11 Comments to “Randy Weaver”

  1. If this same situation occurred today the feds would kill them all with some kind of “accidental fire” incident and the evidence would be burned into ashes. The SPLC center would put out the “facts” that the Weavers were hate group kooks who deserved what they got..and the the average American would just sigh and change the channel dismiss it all and wonder what time the ball game comes on and if he has enuff beer and chips.

    • That’s right. It’s 20 years later. The US is much less free than it was. I doubt cameras would be allowed anywhere in that city while it was happening.

      And the standards are going up. Whites did not revolt after Ruby Ridge. We are worse off today. Anything that might kick things off, would have to be a worse atrocity than RR or Waco. Hard to imagine how bad it would have to be.

      • It might be some relatively unimportant outrage that went viral, not an atrocity but an insult, like a vendor who set himself on fire after one police harrassment too many, or police failing to properly investigate the silencing of a rape victim.

  2. The sniper who killed his wife was present at Waco, oddly enough. McVeigh doxed him at gun shows – I bet doxing a fed would get you into major league trouble now, even if it isn’t illegal.


    Something similar to Waco occurred back in ’01, a few days before 9/11:


    The incident is almost comical – two queer dope farmers have a big festival for hippie burnouts, run afoul of the law, get armed to the teeth, then start burning down their complex to hide evidence. Then they were killed. You don’t even need to be a polygamist claiming to be Jesus Christ for the feds to kill you.

    • I know who Loni is. He’s an old man now too, 60 yo. He’s got to have a phat gov pension now.

      The Rainbow Farm is now forgotten by everyone. Those dudes were hippies, and their liberal friends didn’t even memorialize them. Like the Amish and Quakers, they represent no threat.

      • The first victim of the radical liberal is always a lesser liberal. Call this the First Law of Self-Annihilation. Think of the journalist that was just beheaded? His “compatriots” could roar like a rampaging lion across the globe and they have barely squeaked as a mere mouse.

        Darwinism is dead. Many humans desire annihilation. Facilitating suchs desires is a path to personal wealth.

  3. Yeah Ryu, it’s twenty years later. Times have indeed changed, but in both directions. Today all the bon pesants could do a anonymous bit coin fundraiser through a Dark Net website to be paid to anyone who delivers a valid YouTube video of LH reading a confession, if they had the technique and the balls to. Israelis and diaspora Jews were still doing this kind of retribution as late as the 1970’s against ex-Third Reichers, Black September, the PLO, and others who crossed them. Time is not the issue; Will is, and if it ends as a snuff film, well so much the better. They can show it at police academies as an example of what pissing off the wrong kind of people can get you.



    Leave it to the USgov to give ObL a decent (albeit anonymous) burial more befitting a respected enemy, rather than having a torchlight speech with ObL’s head on a pike next to the microphone. They really need someone with more imagination and insight in these matters.

    • That’s the kind of job to be done alone. The smallest groups today are the most successful, at least in Murka. The right man wouldn’t need a bounty. And it is just a matter of will.

      At least in public, the USG has to appear merciful. They keep their monsters in the closet, like Abu Ghraib or Guantanimo. Not that it matters – the average American can’t pay attention to anything for long.

      I have always kept the jews in my mind about that, Anon. They tracked their enemies to the ends of the Earth, broke every law, gave no quarter. They have taught me how to be ruthless.

  4. I don’t buy the ObL death and discarding, as reported in the news. It was medically likely he died years ago from this renal failure. Just something to take the minds of certain people off the sad state of political affairs. The people who preach guns, Jesus, and Israel.

    Rainbow Farm sounds like a government quelling of free speech, end of story. They got away with it due to some unfortunate timing, if you beleive the official 9/11 story…

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