War With Iran: The Saudi States of America

by Firepower

No wonder even FOX News happily beats the drums of war to send in “the troops” to save poor, struggling Syrians.  Their coaxing is still a respectable 80 decibels below any CNN/MSNBC pro-warmongering Arab propaganda.  After all, those white rural boy-soldiers’ mommies vote Romney. GI Jordie & his Rootin’ Tootin’ Farm Hick cannonfodder pals best go – instead of tender young Saudi lads just beginning to enjoy the finer things in life.

I wrote of this in May’s Jews, Israel and US Wars

Loud cheers from The Media curiously resound when a blow strikes against Iran and a reactor spins itself to destruction, or a satisfactory sanction results from one of our many protracted embargoes.

Saudi Struggle vs. Iran Looks Likely to Get Worse

The Sunni Saudis fear Shiite Iran and of course, the USA will do its master’s bidding.

They supply the oil
We supply the toil

Most of the info you need, can’t help but seep out of even Mainstream Media.

If you only look for it.

Published Aug 24, 2012

[hat tip to pat et al for prompt, snotty editing tips – and a hearty fuck off]

29 Comments to “War With Iran: The Saudi States of America”

  1. Well, there’s only one song for it, with that immortal line “The shia in Korea, being insincere”:

  2. But as the wind changed direction
    And the Sunni band took five
    The crowd caught a whiff
    Of that crazy Shia jive

  3. Shia drives me crazy:

  4. Whites hold the meat!

    Jews fold the ham!

  5. Saudi Shia! Über Alles!

  6. For Cambro, Distant Sunni:

  7. I think I’ve got it:

    We’re all shiites now.

  8. Or maybe:

    “We are here to help the Arabs, because inside every sunni there is a shia trying to get out.”

  9. I’m a Shia, you’re a Sunni, we’re okay!

  10. I’m your Shia, I’m your Saudi empire
    At your desire

  11. In honour of Tony Scott:

    Goose: No. No, Mav, this is not a good idea.

    Maverick: Sorry, Goose, but it’s time to buzz a tower.

    And for all you Shia Saudis out there, this one’s for you:

  12. One night in Riyadh makes a man a Shia
    The temples are bars but the drinkin ain’t kill free
    You’ll find Allah in every Sunni cloister
    And if you’re lucky then the Shia’s a Saudi
    I can feel an angel sliding up to me

  13. Pat! Cam! How are you guys doing? I get worried when WNs disappear into thin air.

  14. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  15. Nice retrospective.

    We should be looking at the example the Iranians provide for us. They had the balls to get together and depose a foreign occupational government (the US-backed Shah) and determine their own fate. They fought through an 8-year war with a US-supplied Iraq, and decades of international sanctions to become the true jewel of the Middle East. No wonder they get propagandized negatively on a level almost equal to Nazi Germany. In many ways, the parallels don’t end there. They’ve created an internal economic infrastructure which has allowed them to reverse-engineer the nuclear power capabilities that the US provided them, before they kicked the Shah out. Among other things.

    Another case of Jordies potentially being sent to fight the WRONG enemy.

    • I admire Persia. They are a treasure to their race. One of the few who have opposed the Great Whore. I would be comfortable moving there and adapting their customs if I had to.

      • Just ate a plate o’ ribs, so that would be tough. But they are Shiites, which makes them a bit more tolerant of infidels. Iran has the largest jewish population in the ME outside of Israel, so that’s something to be aware of. Also has a large and well-represented Xian population. I think they’re a bit multi-cult to be a threat to the world in a cultural sense, they’re surrounded by enemies so a military threat is overstated, and economically it’s still forbidden to do very much trade with them. On the other hand, if SHTF on a global level, they’re probably best suited for toughing it out on their own… if they can avoid being nuked to the stone age by a plethora of enemies.

    • Also, there are a LOT of “Persian-Jews” in California who claim they were not welcome in Iran. They could be lying but I hope it’s true.

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