Hurting Enemies by Mockery & Ridicule

by Firepower

Niggerspickiking does not work on a domesticated, neutered white race.  It’s not only Murka, but the entire Occidental World: They are too enfeebled and reflexive (since the Evil Truman Era) from years of rewards for hugging cockroaches to their bosom and paying them to breed.

Sheep require herding. You cannot growl at them like the wolf you may be, lest you frighten a stupid, skittish herd. Truth is even dangerous in a world run by Stupids…especially in such a world

I can’t remember if it was Trotsky that said it is not by violence but by destroying an enemy through ridicule, that works best.  Meh. Killing and death seem to work pretty well for Stalin, Ho Chi Minh and ISIL.  BUT…until you and The White Army sprout enough balls to …… be like those rulers, mockery must do to herd the sheep. Do you understand? Herd the sheep. Sheep require herding…

Whites cannot overcome the Propaganda Media if they themselves do not propagandize the LowInfo Undecided Moron Citizen.  Cunning, intelligent operatives want stupids intheir ranks. Somebody has to be the pawns. Whaite Jore-Deez want to die for their country. Always give the yokels what they want.

If anybody knows the quote, toss it in. Dissemination and action are better than being a bookish quote nazi lurker, you simpering fuck.

19 Responses to “Hurting Enemies by Mockery & Ridicule”

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  2. Wow. That’s a very suggestive video, FP. In the 90s, we would have called that softcore porn. She looks a lot better imitating a white woman, with the nigger wool gone and whiter skin.

    What are we to tell the lower whites then? Victory is right around the corner if you revolt? Some VRW? They like that stuff. The kids eat up the patriot and VRM crap.

    • 1. Minaj is a true oddball in every facet of her career.
      She does not speak nigger but instead, Bronx or Brooklynese. She sounds Eye-talian to me.

      Yet, the money comes from her pushing the black african jungle-queen routine. Always follow the money.

      2. I’ve seen today’s lower white. Decades ago, when they lived amongst the colored in border neighborhoods, there was violence and combat. Today, they’d as soon share and impregnate the same neighborhood white girls and do the Eminem Thing.

      Because of their proximity, the TrailerPark White knows best of the actual black and its proclivity for fornicating, intoxication and crime: Trailerpark Whites know better about the black than any Elites – New York Times jewish pundits and DC-Reston WASP toadies pushing BIGov programs of miscegenation and diversity.

      Thus, they have seen the results after being duly warned about their black brother-in-law…
      But still join in with the monkeyshines because fornication and intoxication are fun.

      The Lower White has descended into a morass after surrendering its dignity – its racial awareness.

      • Only poor folks fuck coloreds anymore. Weirdest thing in the world to a small town guy like myself.

      • It’s telling that decades ago, both warred against each other, but sometime during the humiliating Jimmy Carter era, they settled for fucking and fun – typically colored boys sexing white girls while the white boys passively watched.

        That still truly amazes me.

  3. Bob Whitaker has talked for years about using ridicule.

    • You’ll be intrigued to discover
      I will not
      talk for years
      about using ridicule

      • Sorry! Couldn’t resist trolling you a little for grecycling Bob.

        [ednote: ensure you properly mis-credit bob for inventing and sharing concepts of B-VRW, Bob’s MM and bob~grecycling]

      • Modern white men were reduced by Feminist Teachers in Government School to non-thinking meatbags.
        IOW, they no longer use logic or rationale, but only emotion – like females.

        You girls all come to Eradica and every single one of you needle, nag, nitpick, backtalk and pull the standard Bitchy Girlfriend Act.

        You lick bob’s dick because he states the obvious “white people are weak!” yet those of us explaining why this is so, you nag and nitpick.

        You like the VRW because you are less than incapable of comprehending it; you can’t even see it yet. You are like cows who prefer the barnyard to a Plasma TV and couch, but that still doesn’t make a cow smart.

  4. Mockery is a key tool of Jews. I wrote something about this if anyone wants to look it up. (Mockery is actually strongly prohibited by the OT.)

    Mockery is a subset of humor, in which a person is targeted for reduced honor, respect or status. Humor I think is demonstrating a higher level of awareness on something, an apparent paradox being resolved and tension being released through laughter.

    Plausible deniability is a big part of humor. If the humor is found offensive, one says “I was only joking. Can’t you take a joke?”

    Humor really needs a social support system, or at least not an anti-support system. PC is an anti-humor system, since it prevents anything considered subjectively offensive. Humor provides a social safety valve because it is not objectively offensive, and that is all that is required for staying in bounds. However a big guy can always tell you “That’s not funny” and you shut the hell up.

    The trick here is something just offensive enough that it makes people look bad, but not so offensive it gets people in trouble. That’s extremely difficult to impossible with PC. They know the power of their weapon, and aren’t going to let us have it, just like they aren’t going to let Iran have the bomb.

    One might start a page called something like “Funny Pages in Full Color, featuring light-hearted antics of our vibrant friends.” Something that gives people a laugh, but is not too over the top. Of if that is even too much- it probably is- just a humor page that features mostly monkeyshines.

    Subversion almost always works because the people in power want it to work, because it isn’t actually subverting them. Subversive humor is no different.

    Here’s an idea- a picture of Michael Brown, captioned “I had to steal cigars because I was hungry!” (The joke being he obviously wasn’t hungry, he was a big fat guy, and you can’t eat cigars, and commies always say black people do things because they are poor and oppressed.)

    • Interesting. I think George Carlin might have made a good revolutionary leader once. He could have done it. Only a comedian today can speak the truth.

    • Mockery is really a subtextual ploy of Mystery Method and Game, itself a reframed derivative of Psycology repackaged for easy digestion by dumbed-down Yoof.

      Your ideas are totally correct and show you understand the basic concept and are ready to advance it. If you’re good at photoshopping memes, send some to Eradica and I’ll publish the good ones.

  5. Out of all the reprehensible individuals communism produced Leon Trotsky was one of the better ones.

    [ed note: your last pm to me was strange]

    • @ Firepower

      That’s odd I don’t recall sending you anything. Forward me the message there may be an impostor at work.

      [ed note: i quarantined the message when it arrived, as it was an obvious impostor and is inconsequential now]


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