Never Mourn DEAD Liberals – Rejoice

by Firepower

Min Yer Tax Dollas
Werkin Fer U!

The Daily Outrage prescribes your reading now (daily) accounts of black on white Hate Murders on a forum like Taki or AmRen – then responding with your comments composed of something like: “Blacks are animals!  Somebody should do something!!”

NYC School Teacher Simonette Mapes-Crupi Found Fatally Stabbed Inside Staten Island Apartment « CBS New York.

Responding with any more words is a waste of time.  Two thousand word response essays belong on…… a blog, or kept buried in your soul, festering the anger until released properly – not for a grade by TakiMag on how well it spikes his hit meter; his advertisers are pleased.

Advertisers like Ruger or WorldNetDaily.  I don’t know – I  have so many adblockers I keep forgetting This Newest gooooogle Advert Wave of  The Future To TOTALLY Change The World as We Know It!©… even exists.

Gee, well, yes – no shit: Blacks are animals, so the somebody that should¹ be doing “something” is you.  But, that’s way too scary.  So, nothing is ever done, except publish the next accounts of black on white Hate Murders (…on a forum like Taki or AmRen!) then responding with your repetitive comments composed of something like: “Blacks are animals!  Somebody should do something!!”

Don’t waste your anger on dead NYC Teachas.  That’s about the lowest liberal scum you can devise.  “Barack Hussein Obama!  Mmm-Mmm-Mmh”

Ever notice 99% of Teachas Be Wimmin?  Usually fat white ones you picture more in a SlutWalk, The Spearhead Outrage™ Crosshairs – or an OWS sit-in. That gender and hyphenation is a dead give away (pun intended).  WASPs are predictable.  Don’t waste That Precious Outrage!™ on people not your own – on people who’d turn you in, for dare calling a Black Gangster Disciple a “nigger” for raping your mother.

When misguided do-gooders get their faces eaten for vaccinating The Chimps, who gives a shit.  It’s a laff-riot.  I’m heavily armed so I concomitantly carry with me, the sprightly humor of the heavily-armed.  That goes for Zimmy, too.  Never forget he’s a Jewish Hispanic who’d be oh-so eager to discuss his race to tilt a hiring decision in his favor during his Government Job Interview with the Female, Jewish-Hispanic-Black-Lesbian-Pacific Islander HR hiring bureaucrat.  It’s funnee when Liberals carry those Evil Guns – itself a reactionary response to even worse classes of coloreds moving on their street.

Now, conservative leaders “Do The Jimmy Carter,” so George Bush Visits the Petting Zoo, aka Africa to do some rolled-up shirtsleeves arm’s-length Feel-Good Stuff …with 450 Armed SS Guards.  Ignore That Man Behind The Curtain:  Never mind St. George doesn’t really give a shit about all the mangled whiteboys courtesy of his Iraq.  GWB won’t even go to Detroit to hug pickaninnies – even when he had the cash (and power) to do it as American President.  Last I knew, Detroit was still in the USA, no matter how much worse it looks than Kenya.  Shit, Shrub doesn’t even live 200 miles near a colored making less than $4 Million a year  – even with 450 Armed SS Guards with H&K MP5’s and $245,000 worth of Delectable Gear per today’s Murkan AH Liebstandarte Soldat.

Whenever you get that uncomfortable feeling something’s just not “right” and somebody’s staring at you and you should do “something” about that situation, odds are – it’s 100% correct.  Anthropology does not lie.  It may talk a lot arcane jargon, but the one thing anthro does very well, in the end, is tell The Truth. That squirmy gut feeling you’re getting is your flight or fight response kicking in.  Anxiety is real. You can’t “flee” anywhere while constantly reading in your Electronic Cave, hypnotized by The Latest Outrage!®, so the only proper, remaining response is Fight – but you don’t do that either and that’s the conflicted feeling you get.  Live with it.

When a Cave Bear or Tribe of enemies came to loot your cave, rape your females and kill you, you defended yourself.  Today, Big Government locks you up in their cave for killing Cave Bears and enemies of all Preferential colors.  Live with it.  Your kids will.

¹mras: note proper usage of the word “should”
Published on: Jul 9, 2012

27 Comments to “Never Mourn DEAD Liberals – Rejoice”

  1. you misogynystic white supremacist asshole. i’m embarrassed that wordpress even linked our sites together. please stop writing. anything.

    • You “sex pervert genderqueer trans dyke” cocksucker – you are an evil perversion on America. Go to Egypt, where they love your type. Please die of AIDS.

  2. Hilarious story about Dubya getting spit on by the Gibs Me Dat ruler of Zambia and just grinning and taking it like a good little “conservative.”

    [ed note: all do-gooder fools betrayed by their coloreds are ripe targets for mockery. too bad the only ones with the balls to spit in his eye or throw a shoe, are coloreds]

  3. Firepower? Have you been out moonlighting?
    [i don’t know Gay Humour, but i DO know… if baal discovers you watching movies with accused Negresses (vanessa williams) tainting Aryan Arynold’s Nordic resolve, he’ll drum you out of Der Bund and he’ll have only one person to talk to.]

  4. FirePower,

    Check this out..

    If you were ever wondering why LilGrl and Epoxytocin vanished without a trace, it was because bag lady outed Epoxytocin for having posed in Playgirl, proving him to be bisexual. The link above goes to the link listing the Playgirl pose, with his real name (Ron Purewal).

    Now, an attractive guy who lives in San Francisco does not pose in Playgirl (in 2004) if not to impress the gay community.

    Bag Lady kept spreading this on InMalaFide, Obsidian’s, and Lady Raine’s. Pretty obsessively, but the facts could not be denied.

    LilGrl did not know this at the time of marriage. They vanished from here forever. I wonder if their marriage survived?


    Check it out. Bag lady outed Epoxytocin for posing in Playgirl and being bisexual. That is why he and Lil vanished permanently without a trace…

  6. Post not going through. Maybe hyperlink will work :

    Check this out. Bag lady has outed Epoxytocin (real name : Ron Purewal) for posing in Playgirl in 2004.

    The link above has a link to the Playgirl entry (but no photos, so sorry to all homos)..

    Now, why would a good-looking guy who lives in San Francisco pose for Playgirl, if not to impress local gays?

    LilGirl did not know about his bisexuality when entering marriage. I wonder if their marriage survived?

    • Post not going through. Maybe hyperlink will work

      Posters have to be ok’d once, then posting privileges commence.
      That’s interesting about lil. Do you have any nudes? A commenter has requested pics of azn chicks with big butts. I wonder why an azn who could market her asianity to the highest STEM bidder would marry a gay guy? Weird. I did like her (and his) comments. It’s a far cry above what posts there now. Go ask Mauri about them – he met them IRL many times. Perhaps, for a rousing 3some, but I doub it; mauri would muss his hair.

      See him on my sibling of daedelus blogroll link.

      • He is not gay, but bisexual. The bombshell was that he made Lil believe he was straight, and she only learned of this after marriage, and that too after an investigation from Bag Lady, of all people.

        What was funny is that both Lil and groupie Chic Noir were first bragging about how good looking he is, because they thought that women read PlayGirl. After others told Lil that this is a huge indicator of being gay/bi, especially since Epoxy also lived in San Francisco. Posing for Playgirl while living in San Francisco, can only be for one reason and one audience.

        I wonder if their marriage survived that. To conceal bisexuality while entering a marriage is a big deal.
        [incredible. I heard he’s a millionaire heir-type and she’s on TV and they have an open-type marriage where swinging(?) is encouraged]

        Lil’s mannish appearance and muscular upper body also explain a lot about why he would like Lil. Lil’s desperation to nail a white guy explains her actions, and bag lady’s obsession with a good-looking half-Indian guy explains why she investigated him and outed him.
        [i was a fan of her bigAss. i’m not a titman. that was a Big One for an AZN. she had a nice sense of humor]

    • He posed for the money and because he has a huge ego. good luck to LilGirl; she’s gonna need it; ask his ex girlfriends.

      [ed note: c’mon. she and he are the cool kids and you always sound like the spiteful haternerd. they always communicated in a non-stuckup way. smart people are missed at roissy’s. besides, did you ever see an AZN over a b-cup that even had to work? show respect. those are some pretty nice boobs for an asina]

  7. to the first commentor, first ass fisting demented dementor. firepowers is but a shade of grey the realz naziwhitecunts are already prepping the cannonz lzolzolzolzo
    “but you don’t do that either and that’s the conflicted feeling you get. Live with it.” Needs Heeds translation
    “but you need a leader to explain that conflicted feeling you get. die for it” all better
    [good point. yet, a rallying cry of “let slip the dogs of war” challenges the comfortable safety net of modern living. The west no longer is the village of sturdy farmer stock but wifi coffee fans. Manscaped WikiLeaks Dandies were the only type to show balls and show how it’s done. Scented, shaven, moisturized balls.]

  8. Is hirschborsch a womyn as well?

    I wrote a new piece

    Da GBFM,
    Revelations of Da Meth-OD, Da Methadone lozlozlozlozlzo

    Accept your saviour and god, da GBFM, for he took adderall for our sins!

    Short and to the point just as zlozlzolzozlo are!

  9. In case ur missing the memo and searching for nemo (noone lzolzolzozl), the shite (yes i spellcheck) man fell this way:
    “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?” everything 😦
    [I put that on my ‘to watch’ list. It looks highly interesting]

  10. ure supermaning vs the elite. u cant win a game u dont know the rules of. supraman came from above – only fitting, he’s from the other world, otherworldy messiah who came to pachinko parlor and parlours in french when every chink is silent ass a ssnake zlozlzolzozlol

  11. onto the actual discussion

    “Two thousand word response essays belong on a blog, or kept buried in your soul, festering the anger until released properly” – lzolzozlo is it released in God Bless America properly? or retardelderly?

    “450 Armed SS Guards” u mean hired thugs?

    ” the only proper, remaining response is Fight” fight or flight? those who fight get eaten by wolves lolzolzolzozlozl ill translatte that forya: the only proper remaining response, that advocated by still working sunapses, is to make the niggahs and muslims and other debvils fight for ur ass, just like rothschilds fight their fights. lzolzlozlozzlzol
    [we’ll never know the extent of rothschild plans; we don’t even know what their favorite Opera is. what we CAN surmise is today’s world MUST thus be the culmination of those plans. if so, bet on them in the next stage]

  12. Shit Explained

    at the beginning there was aword (ass it wasn’t our word, whoever words, or sh00ts first wins), aword created, aword dominated, aword colonised, word domineered (ye it’s just random).
    then came religions, the poison of the mind, the revolutionary cunts who search & destroy
    death became life, war = peace, greatness = stupidity, logic seen as abhorrent and as such eradicated
    what u se today is a conclusion long foregone; illuminati, masons, jews u hate: they all try to save as much of pre christian (sound) civilisation as possible in arks, bunkers, perhaps even space shuttles and orbiting stations.

    if you really need to study sth, i suggest you study eminem. the guy understands whats going on, he HATES everything, and even splits (mkultra? or are we all like eminem, like me like me like me like me?)

    disclaimer i tried to post this on my own wordpress blog, but i beleive it’s deliberately designed to make sure you can’t post asap (5 min installation protocol)

  13. New here, love it.

    Please consider blogrolling and / or following us over at :

    Lots of illustrious (sorta) alt-righters do.


    – Arturo

    ps: did you really get .25m hits on 4th July?

    • Nice site, I might even do a post on it. Good combo of info n’ graphics. I don’t know why people try to argue with the NYT, just do like you do – show it’s bloody hands and the bodies in the basement.

  14. do you ever wonder how come sword is an extension of the word? we’ll never know the extent of rothschild plans; we don’t even know what their favorite Opera is hahah it’s goddamerung bakabakabaka

  15. “If God meant to interfere in the degeneracy of mankind would he not have done so by now? Wolves cull themselves, man. What other creatures could? And is the race of man not more predacious yet?”

    A good Culling. Yes.

  16. Wow. 2 years ago?

    But nothing has changed. More atrocities have stacked up, and Americans are less revolutionary than they were. All schoolteachers I see are either women or fag men.

    It’s contemptible. What a horrible way for a nation to die. And we get to feel every little twitch.

    • It’s why the wisdom of the previous posts are brought back into the light.

      The words themselves, and especially the time now elapsed, should tell a man something

  17. It goes without saying, but those teachers also lean liberal, in accordance with everything they learn in college. The fact tax money will be paying their pensions and medical care well into their 90s, when they’re shitting and drooling all over themselves, is merely insult to injury. I wonder if Shakespeare’s quote could use the revision, “…and teachers.”

    This is one area where MW gets it 100% right in advocating home-schooling. First, it keeps kids from being SOCIALIZED (the bad way). Second, the education system is a joke. Even in my day, we spent the better part of a year on addition and subtraction, even though most of my circle had assimilated it in the first week; gotta make sure no child is left behind. Thanks again, Shrub. Even in an *advanced math* program, I didn’t do Geometry til the first year of high school. That’s ridiculous.

    I do remember one phenomenon in my school days… I had a good bit of male teachers, and I tended to learn from them better than the female teachers. They demanded that we do the work, and then do some more so we could carry on with the next lessons. I imagine the system got rid of them rather harshly. But I remember being excited to do the work for their classes. The female teachers… meh. You did the work? Really? Good for you.

    • The killing of vile liberals – especially Teachaz – is always a fun treat.

      Their killings happen quite often because liberal scum put themselves in the closest proximity to their dangerous pet monkeys.

      A personal fave is a Hipstard Son of super-rich Obama/Hillary voting mega millionaire computer guy living in the suburbs, who refutes “daddy’s money” to slum as “an artist” in a dilapidated neighborhood,

      …getting greased by some local crackheads he “befriended’


  18. There’s a word for people like that:


  19. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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