Who Can Teach How to Steal Cars?

by Ryu

For every crime, there’s someone who does it for big money or big gov, then it’s not considered a crime.

If one wanted to learn revolution and assassination, the CIA would be the people to ask. How to set fires and burn some forests down? Firefighters.

How to scrub a crime scene? The CIA has cleaning and disposal squads. They jack up crime scenes so they become useless.

How to use pain to “gain compliance”? The American police do this and have a wide variety of holds. They also teach how to kill and use deadly force.

How to blow shit up, take down buildings and bridges, how much explosive to use? Special Forces. They do all the jobs that the regular military can’t be seen doing, in their capacity as the president’s personal hit squad. Just like in ……the Mafia, where they have to call outsiders to do jobs their own people won’t take.

How to inflict maximum pain on a human being, and how to keep a person alive while they are being tortuted? Doctors who work for the CIA know these things. Doctors are consulted on how to torture and how much pain to inflict.

A repo man.

In America, it is not what is done, so much as who does it. The person determines the crime. Expect in the future a class of untouchables who can do anything, and a group who can do nothing without being busted. One has power, the other does not.

Working for the banksters. The demeanor of this repoman reminds me of the average cop and soldier. It’s the strange combination of puritainism with “legally” breaking the law. I urge wns to study and learn what these sort of men are like. They are our natural enemy. Study their mindset, how they carry themselves, everything. I recognize immediately the dog with the strong chase drive.

Remember – you don’t have to talk to anyone about anything. STOP giving away free information! Make them do their own damn work.

18 Comments to “Who Can Teach How to Steal Cars?”

  1. Guys like the one in the latter video definitely have a certain look to them – rubber faced, fat, stupid, but they’re still aggressive as long as they’ve got permission. I bet I could identify someone as a USG stormtrooper just by looking at their face. Jordie phrenology.

  2. Ever read Edward Luttwak, Ryu?

  3. People like to live vicariously – experience danger with an exceptional sanction.

    Often the best cops/detectives are those who think like criminals; they feel their opponents’ moves and motivations.

    It takes a crook to catch a crook.

  4. I don’t understand what Ryu thinks can be gained from watching this repo guy in action. That Afrikans fight to hold onto their shit, Hispanics cave pretty easily, and Caucs dig in and hope it’ll all blow over? If you read Eradica you already know these meta themes of racial behavior, no?

    • By watching a repo man in action, you will witness the mindset of someone who steals, legally, for the big banks. You will witness how much he believes in what he is doing. How he operates.

      The survivalists are wrong. It’s not the military who will be the enemy. It’s the police, and men like the above.

  5. Bottom line: If you can’t make the payments you’re going to lose the car eventually. Instead, insure it to the hilt, hide it in a rental unit somewhere, and report it stolen. Take the insurance pay-out and get out from under the debt. Either way you’re gonna lose the car, but at least you don’t have to play a game you can’t win and if you’r pro-active, your FINCO number isn’t nuked. Your op sec might be skin tight but your gram sister ex-whatever will rat you out just make the repo man go away. You can try and sell the car in Mexico for some cash, if you got the balls. You could even make a business out of doing it. Playing cat & maus with repo guys seems stupid and doomed to failure

    • Believing in that, one is already a defeated man. In fact, this is also why whites do not fight back.

      The repo man, is a man, bound by the law and his own illusions.

      I would call it a test. If you could not keep your car from the repo man, you are not fit for revolution.

      The smart money is always with the system, the status quo. I know that. But those of us who would lead the revolution, must be capable of taking the long shot properly and knowing how to play it. We train to fight those type of odds.

      Unlike system minions, we know how to play BOTH the cat and the mouse. They play only the cat.

      • Lol…

        16.5k… Water under the bridge at this juncture.

        171,000 miles AND counting…

        Repo man threw in the towel…

        Then again… I was in the right and simply stated it so.

        Keep on truckin’…

      • Where do you spend your time these days, TD? Isn’t GL Piggy’s closed for business?

      • Not too much reading and writing lately… Still keep up on Eradica on the daily. Lurching further right to get a feel for the truthfulness of people’s articulated hatred. Can’t say it reads genuine. Doesn’t seem to me to be any group that genuinely loves the white man… Especially the wn. All of reality is perceived as scripted. No one desires a true free will.

        No personal solution to a collective descent outside of genuine white Supremacy.

      • No one hates whites like a wn. RRS said that and I agree.

        Loving the white race. But love and hate are equally powerful. Pushing away from the enemy or pulling toward ourselves is the same.

        You’ve not done the best job expressing your white supremecist ideal, TD. I have an image in my mind of what it looks like. That’s what I work towards.

        It’s starts with that picture Brandon found:

      • Ryu…

        On the contrary, I believe I have defined white Supremacist in the most succinct and impenetrable manner possible.

        A white Supremacist is a white man that believes in objective Supremacy.

        In other words, a white Supremacist REJECTS all notions of naturally occurring “equality.”

        All “equalities” are socially constructed, i.e., man-made. The stuff of totalitarians.

        What the picture represents is the notion of relativist subjective supremacy within the sphere of objective Supremacy, i.e. The Perfect Man… He who will do all right. Hitler embraced perfect German man while rejecting The Perfect Man. Doomed to failure just like modern day liberationists.

        Is it not a simple fact that the man who does all right is objectively supreme?

        What are the consequences of embracing this chain of logic versus rejecting it? What are the consequences for populations of men who embrace or reject the notion of The Perfect Man?

        WN is… White Supremacy ought to be.

        Everyone already knows that the pendulum must move much farther.

      • I’m still unclear how one puts those ideas into practice. You’ve not pointed to anyone embodying those principles yet, except Jesus.

      • Ryu…

        My thought processes are desirous of a simple formula to describe the actions of “white man” and the “other.”

        Each “white man” is really a war unto himself.

        To me, as a practical autonomist, the path towards white Supremacy starts in rejecting radical autonomy.

        For example… Paganism? Does its embrace signify a desire for radical autonomy? Yes, because paganism = multiple fathers = matriarchy = primitive lifestyle. Except that… Pagans won’t concede a desire for primitive life then will duly reject the notion of a preference for matriarchy and shoo away any questions of white man as creation of multiple fathers.

        A white Supremacist believes in the existence of The Perfect Man. A true singularity. There is a consequential mindset that accompanies this belief AS WELL AS ONE that goes with its rejection.

        Almost ALL WHITE MEN deny the existence of The Perfect Man.

        So… We are in collective descent each under various degree of self-annihilation.

        This is the big picture reality.


        I am a white man who believes in object Supremacy/Perfect Man/No naturally occurring equality and thus I’m a white Supremacist…

        Would be a monumental psychological step for most white males.

        They need not even think action yet.

  6. I would only have shouted from the doorway. There’s a difference between being mad and brave.

  7. Ha. Nice story, Jay.

    They will bust you for defending your property, but not him for taking it. The cops work for the elite, don’t forget it.

    I watched someone try to steal a car once. He pried open the passenger door and went to work on the ignition. The giveaway was that he left door open enough to have the dome light on briefly. After watching a few minutes, I flipped on the outside light and loudly opened the door, he ran off, leaving his tools. He failed, but I admire the balls it takes to even try it.

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