by Ryu

Men who put themselves into high risk situations become superstitious as a means of gaining confidence in an uncertain world.

Life is not about will or intention. Sometimes you can play the game perfectly and still lose. Your life and everyone else’s is half chance.

Many cops and soldiers have a compulsive need for control. When the odds change, it really puts the buzz on them. A true nationalist needs to be able to play both sides, when you’re hot and when you’re cold, from the top or from the bottom. It’s not realistic to imitate the wolf when we so seldom have that position.

One has to be able to push when you’ve got the cards, to be able to back off when things aren’t going your way, and how to recover from bad luck. One shouldn’t have any ego about…… pulling out of something that doesn’t feel right.

There’s alot that can be written about operations but I feel that one of life’s pleasures is being able to learn for yourself. It is natural that the strongest wns would want to see things for themselves, not believing the others. Maybe it’s one of the few freedoms left in the US.

This is the video adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand.” Highly recommended. I especially like the opening scenes, which shows the human element in the face of a book of rules. No organization on Earth has such a need for control as the USG.

16 Comments to “Superstition”

  1. Are you aware that Simon Sheppard was arrested in June? How about an article in support.

    “At 8 am on Thursday June 5 revisionist publisher Simon Sheppard, of North Yorkshire, was woken up by a group of police threatening to break down the door of his house unless he opened it immediately, even refusing his request to be allowed to put on some clothes first.

    Once inside, they arrested him on “suspicion of distributing racially inflammatory material, under section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986”, allowed him to dress, handcuffed him and took him away. Soon afterwards a search team arrived on the premises to prowl through his materials, confiscating two computers and some books – he does not know which.

    Sheppard’s friend Paul Ballard explains:

    “… it seems that some sourpuss at the Post Office opened an outgoing package, saw something about Anne Frank, deemed it ‘anti Semitic’ and reported it to the police. This was enough for the special ‘anti racist’ task forces to spring into action.”

    Suspect Sheppard was detained until 1 pm, then bailed for three months, during which time he may or may not be charged with having committed an as yet unspecified act.

    His activity as a revisionist publisher is well known to the authorities: in 2008 he was tried and convicted for distribution of “racist” tracts and imprisoned for three years. But he is unbowed, having no intention of giving up his life’s work merely because the arbitrary ruling power disapproves of it.

    Today the offence of “distributing racially inflammatory material” carries a sentence of up to seven years. So much for freedom of expression in merry old England.

    Simon Sheppard’s catalogue, The Heretical Press, is at:

    It looks as if you can still order books. The ordering info at the bottom of the page says July 2014. I believe he prefers PayPal. And I’m sure any money is good money.

    • I don’t know yet, Kate. Who is he? I’ll wiki him.

      I’m going to buy a sledgehammer and beat into people’s heads that you should NEVER use your real name online. Privacy is power. Don’t out yourself and do the system’s work for them.

      I am willing give him the best I have, which is a portion of my brain, if he follows my instructions to the letter. In our system of wn, getting caught is a sin.

      My first instruction is to leave England. The more people and density, the less freedom and the more control. The middle of nowhere is a good place to be. It’ll clear his head and show him what’s important. There are many places in the USA with no FBI and no NSA.

      All the freedom he could ever desire. The test is what he can do with it.

      • Just as I thought. Vapid keyboard warrior. Firepower has written ad nauseam about how blogging fails. You have the chance to write about something real in your own area of interest and you dismiss it.

        Your advice is crap and unsolicited. People really fighting the system aren’t helped by you telling them to go run and hide in a cave. They need positive publicity and money. He was told to expatriate before and it was a big mistake. And as for using real names. Well, some of us were alive before the internet existed and have the courage to live as revolutionaries not needing the “likes” of Brandons (not the real Brandon R.I.P.) and Britneys to propel us in our causes.

      • You say that now. But if I did do something positive to free him, you’d be the very first in line to call the piggies.

        GL Piggy used to bait us like that too. Daring us to do something…so he could go impress his masters with what a good spy he was.

        My area of interest is not saving fools. Mass awakening will not work. I write for the elite to learn and grow. I do not waste my time teaching the basics. There is no positive publicity for wns – when the publicity comes from the MSM.

        You should know well the dangers of using your real name. Just imagine what would have happened if you were a real wn, what would have happened.

      • Courageous Kate with no last name DEMANDS this blog’s immediate attention. Hop to it boys, lol.

      • I’m not mad. I understand it.

      • You’re deluding yourself.

      • Delusions are very necessary today. The average American has many. I just have a few less, and the ones that I select.

    • Mistake one is hurrying to open the door for noisemakers..

    • I read up on Sam. He has been arrested many times so I’m sure it’s not unexpected. It’s horrible that there’s no free speech in the UK. What does he need at this point? Money? How much? Who is collecting?

  2. I agree. When Katrina hit NOLA the cops there either bailed or went feral, just to give one recent example.

  3. Well first things first, right?

    Get a brand new pre pay phone. Pay cash. Do not fill out a warranty card or anything else that would connect your name to the phone. This is your double life phone and it is only to be used for your second identity, so don’t use it for work or social purposes.

    Go as far away from your home as you can. Use wi-fi that you don’t have to have a password for. Some hotels have this. Use this phone to go online and create your online 2nd identity. Use hushmail address whenever possible to post. If you MUST use a Yahoo or Google email systems to create a handle for posting at blogs etc use this new phone’s number for the verification process and use a pseudonym!
    Now you have a new online identity. Use it sparingly and if you decide to do a fun activity like stealing a gumball from a gumball machine don’t bring ANY phones with you. Cell phones are now a major and easy way to track people.

    Oh and when you aren’t actually talking on your phone or using the internet on it, take the battery out.

    Someone chime in if I’ve missed something.

  4. Americans have become a voyeuristic people, fans. They enjoy watching, but no longer doing. The power of what we write comes from the doing.

  5. Kate,

    Sheppard is brave and steadfast but did something silly.
    He did not migrate to the US to find a job, and become a citizen.
    Then he could go off into a sparsely populated state and live peacefully, continuing his activism.

    Instead, he sought political asylum in the States because of his free speech activities in England.
    He did not get asylum but was shipped back to England.

    His name is now on a list, making it damn difficult to do things the right way as Ryu described.

    • Who said he had to get a job? You don’t need a job to make money.

      Who ARE you people? You show up looking for attention and are n Ad when people don’t respond quickly enough. Weird.

    • Exactly. Being a “known” severely limits one’s activities. Every wn I know, to a man, using his real name, is more moderate than he could be.

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