Criminal Justice

by Ryu

FREEZE MuthaFucka! Surrenda YO Turner Diaries!!!

WNs are leaving too much on the table. They work with a small portion of the information out there. Not good enough, for what they claim to want.

Criminal justice is a field of study, just as physics and chemistry are. They have journals and academics, who influence practice. They have papers, seminars, and their own departments at the university.

They also have law enforcement magazines. Because the Americans are capitalists, they will sell you their LEO magazines if you have the money. You can even get a subscription.

There is wide variety of LEO books. Advanced Patrol Tactics, Rules of Evidence, Surviving the Streets and SWAT Tactics are all one’s I’ve read. As with American movies, all you have to do is ……cast off the BS, which for cops is the “we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guy” mentality.

All the secrets of law enforcement are revealed in their tomes. I have been to the university libraries of this country. There are shelves, full of thousands of books, many never having been opened. The wisdom of the ages free for the taking, but no one wants to take. This is not the Information Age.

There is gold out there, if you are willing to look for it. Do they have LEO traiing videos online? You bet.

The intro music was jazzy on this one. FLETC has alot of vids around. Man, cops wear a big white hat.

One phrase that is very important is “clearance rate”. Every crime – homicide, larceny, assault – has a different clearance rate.

There are thousands of papers like this available.

“In terms of time of day, the unsolved cases occurred most often (43%) during the evening hours of 1800 and 2100 hours. Conversely, with the solved cases, most occurred during the morning hours (26%) followed by the afternoon (24%). The location of the attacks revealed statistically little difference between the ratios of solved and unsolved. The residence accounted for the highest occurrence of attacks of which 52% were solved, while the office was the site of 33% of the solved cases. The only noted difference lay in attacks staged while the target was in transit. In those instances, the solved accounted for only 2% of the total attacks.”

4 Comments to “Criminal Justice”

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  2. I suppose you, of course, have ample supply of Potassium Iodide to make egress from your AO.

    To clarify another point: Intelligent reader emails to me often praise my own intelligence and vision, yet beg off their obligation to share their own contributions of intellectual expertise with less-intelligent, uninformed readers. Almost 2,000 readers follow this site. They get every post emailed to them but are too scared to comment and share.

    This is betrayal of compatriots through sins of omission. If one is so intimidated by LN’s of the MMM+USG into self-censoring the basic element of our vaunted Free Speech (online opinion, no less) then that vile government tyranny so hated has indeed won. Such timid souls best roll over and let their big nigger cellmates fuck them up the ass every night. Now, if placed among such animals as punishment, one is defenseless. The warrior then endures with enough subterfuge for a future, planned surprise attack to incapacitate as many as possible to even the odds – and if not enough – to fall in combat as a Spartan. That is how a True Warrior thinks…

    But, on another, higher plane of intellectual existence, the warrior-strategist knows that such scenarios are mostly Fear Tactics to intimidate trembling whites. In reality Big Prison ButtRape is a myth. Do you not think a government getting constantly sued over violating somebody’s civil rights would not get the christ-fuck sued out of it for allowing massive fudgepacking?

    Courage is different from wild talk and behavior; wildness is excessive because it has no plan.

    If Thomas Jefferson is lauded for stating

    The tree of liberty, from time to time, must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    …then others may also say so loudly.

    I do not assume other men (nor Eradica readership) is as intelligent as I to perform at my level – but what I do expect of them is to try. This is why I started Eradica; to observe the level of like-minded compatriots. Even from the earliest skepticism of inception, I have been greatly disappointed.

    • They are afraid to give what they have. Each wn has a different specialty. It becomes very clear after awhile. I can even remember the 5th Horseman, or 1STDV. We can cure misses, but we cannot cure someone unwilling to make mistakes.

  3. Good. Map-reading is a key part of the police officer exam. Cops have to know their AOs well. Thus, so do we.

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