Explaining the Ferguson Black Riots

by Firepower

The black’s tendency is to roll over and go to sleep once it’s sated its lust for rape, murder and Plasmas.

Although it can be coaxed into revolution for a time, it is an inferior beast to carry out a long campaign needed by its liberal jewish master strategists: War is work.

The MINO Master Machine (MMM) knows this also. It knows the black is lazy and dim, so it has an alternate strategy.

The Migger has more longevity with its Master Plan of Reconquista orchestrated by La Raza. But, it also will feel its mission prematurely accomplished once it hits …… cold climates and also will quit too soon for the jews’ needs – and their ultimate goal.

The MMM is aware of each of their colored camp’s main flaws, so that is why they planned and took over the inner machinery of BIGov, installing their Affirmative Action hires in every “State Building” and facility. Note even way back then in McVeigh’s OKC, the building was staffed by an over-representation of coloreds – especially for a white cowboy city in the middle of Murka, far from colored areas of influence.

Now that MINOs have taken over the entire BIGFed apparatus with their MMM, they now have the strategic capability to bypass the inherent weakness in each of their barrio & ghetto troop.

The Liberal nazis of the MMM will utilize their new weapon and activate their MINOs installed in BIGov Managerial positions to be the new commanding, public face of their movement’s final pieces falling into place. You see the coloreds have ready black bureaucrat faces in BIGov LEO slots to march with the Ferguson Rioters and reassert Government Control – their government. Whites do not rule anymore; they do not rule any thing.

Ferguson is the first colored riot totally scripted, controlled and propagandized by jews who, of course, remain far behind sounds of cannonfire and danger – while their useful confederacy of idiots does their wetwork.

19 Comments to “Explaining the Ferguson Black Riots”

  1. This is a good comment, FP.

    I don’t see the endgame. The blacks protest, now the media is calling for police demilitarization. That’s good for us, as police are antiwhite and blacks are antiwhite. They can tear each other apart. Seems good – disarm the pigs, beat down the negro.

  2. The “crime” of segregation is “black” self-annihilation. When these predictable effects of integration transpire, we get a clue that must then be transformed into a mandate for further integration. The logic tells us that integration with prolific self-annihilators (he who destroys his own) will induce self-annihilation amongst the newly integrated.

    Mass self-annihilation = “default elite”

    A “default elite” is an “elite” that garners the name for the very fact that “it” does NOTHING elite. To usher in chaos — or in the case of Ferguson, simply legitimate chaos — is the “work” of the anti-elitist. To be elite amongst total chaos has no definitive meaning. One can literally DO ANYTHING in this realm. But alas, it is but a dream. A true “default elite” will devour itself just like the segregated negro does. The white Supremacist bears witness to the Liberated cycle of Death. The negroes in Ferguson need a new host. Pay no mind to the prolific self-annihilation amongst the segregated negro. Paint a false picture of police interaction as a racist desire of all whites. Play a psychological push-pull game where separation is off the table and WHAT TYPE of integration is in the hands of the negro and his “white” liberal minions (also, self-evident annihilators of their own).

    Once you recognize the frame then the desire to be indifferent (the radical autonomy of the “right”) is no longer legitimate.

    To be on Team Liberal is to be some variant of self-annihilator.

    To be “elite,” one must BE or facilitate some sort of self-annihilation.

    If the war is with young “black” males then the psychological argument is separation through black Supremacy. Anything less is negro thug fully suckled on white teat.

  3. Dealing the race card from the bottom- just like OJ. murka should be proud of itself. I like the conspiracy analysis going on here with the endgame scenario. If he did it two weeks from now, the resulting chaos would be forgotten by the time the election cycle swings around proper. The libtards will remember his law-and-order stance on whites with guns and push for a third term. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

  4. Prophets are legion and I think the real gifts in this age are preparation while still living life AS IF the sky is not falling.

    Whites are already under control at this point and despite seeming progress by wn the immigration into White countries continues on a massive scale. The “elites” are pretty much coasting now. Will continue until Whites go feral or scatter to the four corners of the earth or just slip away.

    • You always fail…
      No, prophets are not legion – false ones are.
      Just as dumbass morons are.
      Just as useless soldiers are

      What fool would want to capitalize on a potential movement to actually “lead” the Ferguson rioters? Such a stupid rabble gets what it deserves: Rev. Jesse and Sharpton…

      True prophets are rare.
      You need them to tell you
      That running away
      To the woods
      And Headin’ For The Hills
      means you paint the target on your very own back – helping save USG the time & money.

      How stupid would the IRA have been, moving out of Belfast into the woods; Iraq Insurgents abandoning their greatest weapon – the streets of Baghdad – to shuffle off into the desert, exposed. Hamas rocketeers mingle with schoolkids. They do not charge out to the desert where they stand out against an empty background…

      Even the Ferguson Black knows you head toward the sound of gunfire

      Ask your favorite mwir: You have even greater enemies your own color in those so-called greener pastures of yours…even worse if you don’t see them.

      • Yes, very true.

        From descending order, the average white, to NRA Whites on down to SP whites and TrailerPark Whites™ failed to learn the difference between strategy and a tactic.

        Even the illiterate barbarian who shat in a mud bucket knew because it was important to survival. Today, with an INTERNET giving unprecedented access to all information, the trend **should** be whites making educated gains against Liberal nazism. However, whites on “our” side are just as stupid as Ferguson Monkeys; both are stupefied by USG Skoolz, the media and fun n’ games.

        There is no need to fight to feed or fight for freedom when you’re bought by the USG.

      • It’s affecting us too, FP. Everyone gets hit.

        The internet has decreased my attention span. Many times I’ll walk into a gym, there’ll be TVs on every wall, loud music playing. So many distractions make it impossible to concentrate.

        I don’t necessarily have to believe that people are stupider. But the ability to focus on anything today is rapidly decreasing. The result is the same. Short attention spans decrease the results that one can obtain.

        The amount of pure attention to bring about revolution may be beyond us. The numbers are not there. If the attention isn’t there, the intellect won’t help.

      • When a STEM article comes out hours later on the very day a point is made, it means millions also think like you/we do:

        The deliberately educationally diminished Murkan population is by MMM design – to keep them controlled. The unintended consequence is the damage unthinking, unfeeling Morloks will cause before the MMM can put up enough cams to coax them into surrendering MOG, that Mountain Of Guns.

      • There is a common problem in that article. Hedging. Maybeeee we’re stupider. Maybeeeee we might kind of be a police state.

        They run from the conclusion that yes, we are stupider. Yes, we are a police state. Because then the paradigm has to change. One has to become more radical.

      • It’s a moot point; I don’t actually require an article to affirm my view that today’s Murkan is vastly inferior to those of even the Reagan Era.

        Earlier eras shame current Murkans still more.

  5. People would rather follow a visionary than one “smarter than they” because it makes today’s everyday internet god feel inferior. You’ve got to be white to indulge in self-denigration and denigration of such visionaries. You will never see a colored do that. Do not do it: My prescience displays itself well, from years ago


    The LN exists to solely eradicate whites:
    Its SWATZIs exist to solely subjugate NRA Whites. SO1776 Whites.

    They do not exist to prevent the colored destroying Mom & Pop Stores. There are no Goldman Sachs branches in Ferguson. SWATZIs exist purely to keep the colored from trespassing into white neighborhoods where millions of whites eagerly anticipate mounting their scalps as lawn trophies, igniting The Domestic War even the LN realizes is uncontrollable.

  6. Ah, thanks. I can understand that.

  7. Don’t forget the anti-white lesbian protestor in the background. FYI, they’re still looking for her body. LOL

  8. Hipsters have such sincere respect for hoodsters.

  9. Anonymous Jew-Rat Marxist Cowards At It Again : Only This Time In Ferguson USA! http://wp.me/p3GQY8-cdB

  10. blacks have low future time orientation. It’s in their blood to be failures when it comes to creating a society, let alone a great civilization.

  11. What comes next? Coloreds are already the majority in MURKA, Whites don’t have the FEDGov on their side.

    Will Murka become like Brazil and South Africa?

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