Why Don’t the American People Feel the Police State?

by Ryu

…because only dissidents are censored.

There was a tremendous amount of freedom in the old USSR and currently in communist China. You are free to say that you hate America, that grass is green and that the sky is blue. One thing you don’t say is anything against the communists. You may tell who holds the real power by who you cannot criticize.

Conventional thoughts and conventional thinkers present no threat to the system. The public doen’t feel the police state because they have never exercised their political freedoms.

Naturally there are tradeoffs. Only extremists and rebels truly ……move things forward. This is true in science, politics, sports, any human endevour. By hampering the extremists, one slows progress.

Strange how science “progresses” but our lives aren’t improving. An iphone or a portable TV set doesn’t change your life. Technological wizardry has nothing to do with how people live their lives and the quality of those years. Some believe that most jobs today are make-work jobs, designed to eliminate free time. Click and behold what “nonsense jobs” are.


Most scientists in the US today work directly or indirectly for the USG. There are very few independent scientists in this world. If you have ever wondered why science seems different in 2013 than a hundred years ago, follow the funding. No technology comes into existence today without the stamp of approval.

Observe the government fear over 3D printing of guns. It scares the hell out of them. The USG will find some way to corrupt that process to secure their own position. Something similar happened with copy machines, where the USG slowed progress so their dollars could not be counterfeited well.

The occult principle being that which we repress grows stronger. Our enemies do us a great service by making us take, rather than them giving. We have to grow while the enemy stagnates.

12 Comments to “Why Don’t the American People Feel the Police State?”

  1. The establishment needs extremists so they can slap their hands and make an example of them. If there were no extremists they will literally create them. And from there they train people, see the Mosby race threads, those average shlumps are nothing but well trained, and part of that training involved watching real life humans self destruct (insert your average WN tragedy here).

    99.99999% of the humans on earth will do little but recite a script, I’m not interested in them, for the most part they are nothing. What interests me are the script writers and the authority figures these writers create.

    Whites traveled the globe before others, they landed in lands, and utterly destroyed whole cultures, by essentially ass raping the OOGA BOOGA gods in front of the locals. Which teaches me one thing, one must find a person’s authority figure or wordist authority jibber jabber and destroy it or use it, much power comes from this.

    As for the security state it will collapse. It depends on the whites it oppresses once they regain their freedom to think, speak and act in the interests of whites it will collapse or even become ours again.

  2. Ha. Is that what you like? Exploring, raping and destroying? I like that in a man. That’s exactly what we need.

    Why aren’t you like this at Mosby’s? I always see you sucking his kneecaps. I loved that crap about how he would kill a man who is on his feet, but you can’t go through the battlefield and frag the wounded. Ah, he’d ban you in 2 seconds if you did.

    • Right Wingers are just as whacko as Leftists.

      They have their dogma that they treat as a “religion”
      SPers cum in their camo panties when clappin’ fo
      HE-RO-Kris Kyle!!!™” 🙄

      While hypocritically posting pictures of Obama with a Hammer & Sickle.
      The very Master whose Executive Orders commanded him to kill in a NON Cons-tee-tooshy-null undeclared war…

      Remember: Mass social media is constructed of endless bloviating so hypocrites will out.
      They cannot HELP but expose their flaws based on the sheer amount of shit they shovel from their drool-stained keyboards.

      Avoid hypocrites. Shun them. But before you do, wound them with stinging barbs.

      Learn to use Philosophical/Intellectual JUDO on them. When you have mastered the art, welcome their weak attacks and slay them before their adoring fans. You may convert new disciples.

      For when you have Truth on your side – as we DO – let petty banHams struggle to prove a Truth as wrong.

    • He is useful I ask questions he answers. I get mean about race he deletes post even if I mind Fuck the authority he recites. What would you expect? Besides I expect more from whites such as yourself

      • There’s some information I want too. Get him to talk about the psychological profile of a SuperSEAL or whatever he was. His own words on the matter. Their greatest fears, why they do it, what they want, what they think of their masters. I can guess on my own but I’d like to be sure.

      • That is a very good idea. I also want to say about WNs they and I certainly include myself in this description are assholes to the max. We’re like minks all put in a small cage, and I like to venture outside of that cage and engage my other interests.

        [ed note: throughout all of history, more white men have been killed by white men than even the current colored pogrom and slaughter of Hipsters. I now dub it: The Hipster HOLOCAUST]

  3. There is another reason why the masses don’t feel the “police state” and that is because they have no real desire for privacy. It’s a fluke. The “right to privacy” was created at the very time that the “American” people decided “privacy” was irrelevant.

    If one could take the shame out of publicly acknowledging that a “mother” desired to kill her child in utero then there was literally no action in which privacy became necessary.

    There has been nothing to be ashamed of since 1973 and so few feel any real encroachment on their actions.

    [ed note: be aware the Murkan Pheeple NOW HAVE a decade-long compulsion to show off their cars, their tits and their watches with Iphone pics. they want to be in a 24-hour reality show – not circumspect valuers of privacy]

    • Exactly…

      So there is not only a total lack of desire for privacy amongst the masses… There is actually a desire to publicly shame one’s self and the “police state” apparatus is seamlessly utilized.

  4. Some believe that most jobs today are make-work jobs, designed to eliminate free time. Click and behold what “nonsense jobs” are.

    In North Korean schools they make the students do physical labor when they aren’t studying. Probably ostensibly for fostering class sympathy with the proletariat or whatever – but physical labor tires and dulls a man. It isn’t like working out where after an hour or so you feel great.

    Office jobs are bad too – you drink coffee all day, sit around, and feel tired afterwards anyways. Most people use their time to look at pictures of cats and Youtube vids.

    Try getting a makework job and then doing as little as possible – work on your own projects and get paid anyways. Not alot of people have the discipline to do this, though.

  5. “Only extremists and rebels truly move things forward.”

    Don’t lose hope. The tide is turned by a small, militant minority prepared to take action.

  6. Great idea, posting this one again. I am free from stifling jobs now and it’s amazing how my mind has been set free and my creativity is blossoming. I’ve had to live in smaller quarters but it has been totally worth it. Let the McMansion dwellers scorn my ilk, I don’t care. I wouldn’t trade my life for theirs.

    Interestingly, a couple of years ago I was recruited with flattery back into a field I hate. Worked in a big glass building with a man made lake outside where I could walk around like a drone during my breaks. It WAS a job a computer could do and I lasted 3 whole months. The flatterer that recruited me was a workaholic a hole and she treated me like crap. We were barely civil to each other by the time I left.

    When I let my imagination run away from me I imagine that somehow USG reached its tentacles out and was trying to pull me back into the system where I would end up too mentally exhausted to be a radical. Probably pure fantasy on my part but I’m glad I escaped anyway!

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