Ferguson Edition! Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Glorify & Cry over Sweet Baby Trayvon

– and Michael Brown



Never Ever Heard of Letalvis Cobbins!


15 Comments to “Ferguson Edition! Liberals Are The Kind of People That…”

  1. white peeple will still Vote Hillary in droves. They have not YET even rectified Waco or Ruby Ridge, which every Hiptard OWSer ignores: They’ll lament the death of a nigger thug/Big E Smalls Wannabe as “racial injustice” but completely ignore the murder of Randy Weaver’s little boy – as well as your butchered white couple.

    I recall the dad of the table-leg raped bleach-doused white fucktoy Channon “didn’t want this to be a racial thing.”

    Fine. Fuck him.
    Such a people deserve sex/murder torture-death.
    I will survive to collect my own multi-culti wallpaper of Rainbow Scalps.
    Worm Wranchers of The World – UNITE!

    • If anything like those horror slayings had impinged upon my life I would probably have reacted in the least dignified and restrained way imaginable. There is joy in going absolutely apeshit berserk, even if on some level you know may regret it

    • Be sure to include some White scalps because not all White folks are your friends. Some would rape and/or kill those you hold dear in a heartbeat.

      • That’s understood – but white trash don’t have Preferential Treatment Affirmative Action Groups led by Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson-types that cheer when “their” President gets elected or loot when “their” thug-of-the-day gets offed for stealing blunts.

        The difference between a man and a monkey is I know the difference between White and white trash – black and nigger.

  2. Sweet Baby Trey. I agree with FP. I kind of like that gangsta picture. No matter how obvious the reality, white America refuses to wake up. We cannot lament the death of a people who will not eradicate.

  3. Even if it can’t be PROVEN in a court of LAAAAWWWW…

    My nigga Mikey looks like the kind of guy who would get caught up in the stupidity of a riot, er, looting spree. Gun in hand… duh. Two LITER*1 of Hawaiian Punch… check. Wad of cash*2 in his mouth… check. Cheap liquor to mix TWO LITERS*1 of Hawaiian Punch with… check. It’s the details. Looks slightly staged, but dude in the back didn’t think he’d actually pull a gun on camera. He seems very aware and/or stoned out of his mind. Check. I wonder if we’ll ever get a tox report on Mikey. Alcohol can not only fuel a mad-on, but also cause it to fail horribly… a possibility here, or we wouldn’t even be talking about this, as it probably would have been a white cop who would have died, and nobody cares about them…

    Not terribly domesticated, so it looks like a Mens’ Space ™… A woman would have all sorts of shit on the walls, either intentionally or not. Much like her spawn… (rimshot). aVfM would be proud… Probably have another couple places set up for banging hoes, but this is the clubhouse. whites haven’t figured this part out except by accident. Unless your women are going on on shenanigans with you, you don’t keep them around in the planning of an action. Too much talking to too many people. I wonder how many change-of-heart ex-wns came to their “epiphany” at the threat of no more pussy (or whatever their woman was around for). I don’t think blacks have their version of the “14 words”, and it shows.

    Maybe wn should lay off that a bit. The practical argument is that PU jockeys stumbling onto wn sites will take it the wrong way. The philosophical argument is that white women already have taken it the wrong way. It’s a beta move… pedastalizing chicks gives them more leverage on the leash. Inspiring them to take their beauty (or lack thereof) for granted will empower them to become all sorts of useless. The muzz have the leash thing right, but after a generation or two in murka, a lot of that shit will just normalize do to mass media output. Knew an arab cabbie whose daughter married a black xian military guy. He lost a lot of face on that one, even with- especially with- the black drivers. These years later, he may never be able to show his or his whore-daughter’s face in his native country again. Ding-ding-ding Political Asylum… not getting rid of him through legal channels.

    *1 bet he couldn’t tell you how many ounces in a liter, even given clues printed on the bottle… sadly, most murkans can’t… Metric kicks ass.

    *2 placeholder for layman’s analysis of small-store economics. Maybe a future post. I think cab driving would be a better business for most, and outside of metro areas, the economy has tanked on that industry.

    • The 14 words may be outdated, like ZOG.

      It doesn’t describe us as a people or why we act any longer. Duty is a word the USG uses on it’s soldiers. They have the cash to make people believe. We do not.

      WNs should do it for themselves. WN should not be a net loss in your life. To me, wn means I am allowed far more freedom than a system white. The USG’s rules do not serve our interests, so we obey them at our pleasure. The government derives it’s power from the consent of the governed – we no longer consent.

  4. From the NYT article –

    “Mr. Brown was a big man at 6-foot-4 and 292 pounds, though his family and friends described him as quiet and shy, a homebody who lived with his grandmother.”


    • “Lived with grandmother” (even among Whites) is generally code for, parents gave up on him or were too dysfunctional to raise him themselves so they sent him on to poor old granny who barely knows what’s going on and lets him come and go as he pleases.

  5. That guy is not Michael Brown. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/marc-catron-ferguson-michael-brown-facebook

    For the record, I am a Black Democrat and I don’t go around saying I am either like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. Neither were good role models but both died unneccessarily. Trayvon Martin would have been fine if George Zimmerman had not taken it upon himself to follow him with a gun even though a police dispatcher said the cops didn’t need him to do that. Most of those here would have a fit if someone did that to their kids. Michael Brown would have been fine if a White cop had decided to heed his surrender. That’s the bottom lines concerning those cases.

    • “That’s the bottom lines concerning those cases.”

      The media lied about both of them, presenting them as sinless saints. I don’t have a problem with what Zimmerman did because there were break-ins and he was trying to prevent them. He was not a pig. He was not racist. I only care because the media pretends he is white and I know they are targeting us all. I didn’t bother reading about Michael Brown because I suspected it would be just another Trayvon.

      “Be sure to include some White scalps because not all White folks are your friends.”


    • Zimmy is not white; he’s a hispanic jew.

      He merely asked Trayvon “what are you doing here?” then got jumped, assaulted and skull-smashed and punched until his nose broke.

      No civilized, reasonable human assaults another over a simple question: He just answers it or ignores it.

      Whites are too timid to realize this gives them a hunting license. Blacks showed they LOUDLY believe it’s justified to assault a person simply over this mere question.

      So… if I choose to to wander suspiciously on a black street and a black asks me “what are you doing here” I have the right to assault the questioner – and blacks will defend me, of course – because attacking the questioner over this question is justified.

      When Blacks Attack a white for helping a pre-thug kid who deliberately jumps in front of a vehicle the Liberal Propaganda Media cover up for blacks. The greatest crime is The Injustice System run by the MINO Machine gives you The OJ Pass:

      Yet still all of you move away from “your own people” the first chance you get…and into White neighborhoods because even a black doesn’t want to live near uncivilized blacks.

  6. That is not Michael Brown. That kid killed his white great grandmother and stole her car last year. Different case.

    [oh look! Mr.Helpy McHelper can tell them apart!! way to keep your focus on the post’s main point!!!]

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