American Nomads

by Ryu

17 Comments to “American Nomads”

  1. B and I were just talking about White people becoming nomadic yesterday!

  2. Nomadic peoples always were/are the greatest threat to established nations, for example: Huns and Mongols.

    Only through expensive surveillance tech has RED China eased its great, visceral fear (just a tad) by oppressing its Mongols.

    You have stuff. You have infrastructure. It is kept in buildings… it is buildings.
    Nomads swoop in and fuck it up.

    This is why no static Fly Farmer or Worm Wrangler rushing to plant roots in Hicksville will ever strike fear into the Establishment Liberal Urban nazi – or the MMM.

    It is nomads that create the fear.

    • The road used to be a big part of America. Then it died mid 80s. I must have watched Bill Bixby and Michael Landon do it a thousand times. It was an American archtype.

      You cannot raid a nomad SWATzi style. You can’t pin him down. Of course, it’s not all gain. He has to constantly struggle to find work, usually crap work, and comfort can be a rare thing.

      It’s unlikely to happen that most whites would undertake the hardship of the road. But for some wns, it would be the safest path. Privacy is power, stay anonymous. Let other people feel powerful and important.

      I do enjoy hearing the railroads talking about “da law.” The new bulls are feds.

      • Silly, think of the road as how John Dillinger, the Symbionese Liberation Arrmy, Bill Ayers – and Mohammad ATTA did!

      • You don’t have to do crap work in the internet age. Tynan has done pretty well for himself as a programmer. I am in a location dependent business right now but I plan to springboard into something I can do while travelling. It takes time to get a business to that point but I think it’s worthwhile.

  3. I met an anti-racist nomad hippie family a few years ago, fella had a wife and 3 kids. They were looking for sanctuary to pop out their 4th sprog. Made me wonder why they picked an area like ours… Well 3 reasons.

    1. It’s a safe area.

    2. They were fleeing racist violent attacks on their whole family, as they were smooching off government pay checks to teach anti racism to a desert Aboriginal mob that had African refugee tribes placed in their communities. I had to hide my smile when Mr Anti told me they experienced racism and violence against them by the Aboriginals. The nomad anti-racists actually have a bloody travelling Marxist circus they co-ordinate with. It’s their church, and it works to draw in the sheeple to preach.

    3. They are scam artists, and it seems a pattern with this family to make friendships, but not to let anyone into their nuclear family inner sanctum. They get in deep enough for a legal partnership(which has more legal trappings then a marriage.) with a local business. Then run up the debt, take the money and run. Fortunately they failed to scam my friends into forming such a business partnership. So they have moved to a different town.

    They also pay no taxes, their main income is from the dole, but they also make I estimate $20 to 30 thousand/year by selling hippie rocks, crystals, fossils ect at local markets once a week. SWPL are their best customers.

    So these people rely on making you think they are great people, the Mr Anti husband actually has what we call the “Silver tongue” he can sell anything to anyone. I had fun with Mr anti as I purposely went out of my way to let him know my politics when I first met them, to watch his face squirm trying to hide his true feelings was quite telling.

    • Good stuff. I like the crystal selling idea. Build a story around the crystal too so you can charge more. Anti-Whites would just as soon kill me so it would give me pleasure to sell them some magic crystals.

    • Ha. I’ve seen that scam too, Craig. Seems every group has their own special parasites. Someone has to prey on the SWPLs.

  4. I learned a long time ago that American’s are liars and in service to themselves.

    Americans speak ideals as they rape your women.

    It’s true.

    There is no point in denying this.

    Not that it matters. As soon as you u8nderstanhd these simple facts the sooner you can deal with an american.

    (btw, never be suckered in to an american’s love for jesus or stalin. y6anks use any excuse to rape your children.)

    • Yank white devils are fine with me as long as they’re pro-white! I admire Sherman more than genteel Confederate cavaliers who lost. The colored world respects brutality. I only hate American imperialism because it’s the fount of world wide liberalism.

    • I agree, Pat. But maybe they aren’t selfish enough. They should become selfish enough to become wns. Selfish enough to screw the USG.

      • Indeed, yet the problem becomes the dangerous sacrifices they risk in doing so; they don’t wanna give up the Plasma, sexting and all-day gaming on GTA. It is much easier to fap~tweeeet on “Impeeeeeech Sir Eric The Holder!!!!”

        Even though whites are plenty stupid, they are still far advanced compared to coloreds. The black is so stupid and animalistic to the extent, it literally shits where it eats and destroys its own ‘hoods.

        It is not brains or organization that motivate the black to take “action” – it is obliviousness.

        Obliviousness meeting apathy is the death sentence of America – because it’s sunk so low.

    • Only they’re generally not in service to themselves. That’s the big lie a lot of people buy into. In general, it’s more likely that most Murkans are at a sixth-degree-of-separation to direct government work. A lot- too many- are in direct service of the government. If you’re not a governmnet worker, you’re a contractor, or aq sub-contractor, or you’re part of the service industry designed to quell any feelings of revolution. The further down the ladder you go, the fewer illusions that are held. It’s willing suspense of belief.

      Jesus and Stalin- two jews with a lot of blood on their hands.

  5. The road is a special place and it’s not for everybody.

    One place if you really want to learn is a Phish show. Yeah, a bunch of rich hipsters, but if you can strike up a conversation with the Phishheads following the band across the country, you can get some good clues as to the mindset you’ll need. (Grateful) Deadheads were far more dedicated, and thus useful, but you can learn plenty. If you can walk to the parking lot, it’s a festival with the occasional police presence. The merchants will be the best source of knowledge; they generally live on the road off their merch sales. Hell, it would also be a great place to troll for the racially aware if you’re into converting people.

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