The Black Begins The Final Revolution

by Firepower

Ferguson, Missouri – August 2014

By now, you *should* see the only stance each side could possibly take.  It repeats in the Trayvon~Streets up to a certain level like an incoming tide inching further and further…

Cops on one side, coloreds on the other.  Now, when the Black Panther agitator shouts “Revolution!” many start to heed.

One race is nitro, another – the fuel oil. It doesn’t really matter which.

Whites are domesticated by media, BIGov School and culture into ……subservient reactionaryism.

Coloreds have no such limiting inhibitions to restrict their own fuck it impulse. They steal when they want, fuck when they want, kill what they want and are as apologetic for it as Hyenas.

That is the state of mind tweeeeeetin’ wns (no caps) should instead admire: If you can’t get to there by thought, deliberation and the power of your mind – then motivation by animal greed is a tolerable second pathway.  If you can’t/won’t do it yourself, it’s easy to hate an inferior devoid of your nobler characteristics that acts.

The black (and all coloreds) simply must weigh their options: Is total, system-destroying revolution worth losing that $200 a month of free Chee-tos and Twinkies? Is Total Revolution worth losing all those free lifetime Welfare Benefits.  When that scale tips into the I-Don’t-Give-A-Shit Zone, it begins. It won’t slide from deliberation by a mythical Wise Black Leader.

Whites’ idea of action is moving out – of the home they’ve lavished with years of money and sweat – and handing over the keys (at a loss) to the first colored family whose daddy has a job as a State Social Worker locating homes for other coloreds in the white neighborhoods.

Such a people are incapable of another Boston Tea Party or Concord Green. You know: Those quint, old-timey events that did not involve tweeting. If they are, quit chomping at your bit to start Niggerspickiking a foaming comment-reply to this post. STFU and provide evidence.

The black will light the fuse that starts The Final Revolution. All it takes is for a few of them to start picking off those Fat SWATZIs on top of their shiny new MRAPs painted in “The Force’s” own beloved version of gang colors.

The Force will then arrogantly fan the flames with their militarized, ex-military staff of SWATZIs until they bravely think of their FAT BIGov Pensions and abandon their posts to run home and save their fat wives and fatter kids – the same way they turned tail in the LA Riot.

The black will go too far and kill Miggers -who will in turn take the opportunity to unbox the 30.06s and AR-15s to get some payback.  Some fat white career-politician incumbent will play his trusty, predictable Law & Order Card and send in the National Guard. But, when the coloreds realize it’s just another gang of fat white guys in different colored uniforms who fall just as easily to a bullet as the SWATZIs do – game on.

No, it won’t be an eloquent white guy in a starched collar or powdered wig starting it by lobbing a fancy speech or a barrage into Fort Sumter. It won’t even be a white guy in cammies and an NRA ballcap: It’ll be a colored burning a White Man’s house with a gun safe.

All you Prepper/Fly Farmers fleeing 50 miles from the nearest colored will miss the Urban Action.

The Ultimate Nightmare of all Elites opens when this ball of flaming hate tumbles into a White suburb staffed by the last three White Men (caps intended) and activates The Third Ingredient (TTI) in that final recipe where we all finally shut up and get off our asses…

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  1. I’m not promoting violence but obviously some naughty racists are going to act up during trying times.

    • It is presumed coloreds are Hyenas that scavenge, pillage and murder; it is a given.

      Now learn that “the Saving Pvt. Ryan” glorious speechifying about eternal racking, sobbing sorrow over greasing some SOB trying to kill YOU is some woeful conscience-tormenting state…because true warriors revel in slaying their enemies forever.

      We know the JewCrew responsible for such pap wants whitey to feel simpwy awfoo over greasing coloreds – while jews, for generations, laff their asses off at poor whites stupid enough to live near them to be gullibly rape-torture-murdered.

      The next step is seeing and realizing the simpering white news propagandists are more a threat than spending a dollar on a slug for a colored looter to save your Fat White Feminist neighbor’s house as she plots to turn you in for it.

      Drunken micks with big mouths are the useful idiot/cannonfodder wn version of Establishment Triggerman Jordi getting baconfaced for Iraqis who won’t fight for their own country.

      • You rat. You got there first.

        I love what the blacks are doing. It’s exactly what whites should do. Whites today have too much brain, and not enough balls.

        The negro is the only group in the USA today with the balls to set things off. The beans too are servents; they’d rather be trying to make money.

        If the system will do what it’s doing to blacks, ON TV, there is no question what would happen to white if they tried something similar. In a third world country, the cops are the same as the military. That’s what I see on the tube.

        As a wn, I do not play sides. Right now, the police are the ones maintaining “law and order”, Beast-style. Whatever eliminates the pigs. If the white race cannot summon the will to fight back, then they deserve to be eradicated.

      • We shall share our
        And spread it to
        Former Fly Farmers

        Indeed: The MINO Masters’ Machine is designed to kill rebellious whites – not coloreds. It’s why they cannot control a bunch of 70 IQ coloreds with misspelled picket signs – even though they’re equipped with
        FREE MRAPs with every purchase!™
        …from Janet & Jeh.
        The first time the SWATZIs realize their country cottage wetdreams of retiring at age 45 to double dip in the next city-county-state-FED LEO BIGov $$$ Trough disappear the first time they tell a nigger to “stepouttadacar” is the time they all vanish like the did during Rodney King Happee-FunnTime

        The MMM is like our military which is designed to fight a traditional land warfare against Soviets. When it faces insurgency of any type, they are trying to run a marathon with their pants down around their ankles with a pickle up their ass.

    • A few…very few. A true direct action white is 1 in a million. I will stand by that number.

      I’m beginning to think I should join a colored gang if the SHTF. Whites don’t have it. I’d love to do some looting from the corporations and get some free stuff. These whites promoting a “law and order” that doesn’t serve their interests are fools.

      Maybe, just maybe, wns should join the blacks in destroying the white race. It’s beginning to smell right to me.

      [ed note: if whites join the FBI as informants to simply betray their own race…WHAT is the diff if they join coloreds and get grocery carts full of Plasmas and AKs…hmmm?]

      • Something has to goad whites into resistance. I do not know where that line lies. It hasn’t been crossed in South Africa yet, and their situation is far more dire.

        As an SPer, I put the USG as public enemy number one. Joining the blacks is different. They don’t pull Wacos or Ruby Ridges. The minos don’t lie and say they do it for “my benefit.” They do it for them.

        There are two blacks today – the house niggers getting the gov jobs, then the field negros, who are paid a welfare salary to NOT fight. The house niggers are part of the gov.

        The field negros are anti police, and anti gov. More correctly, they don’t give a rip about anything. They’re great raiders. The mentality is there, the lifestyle, the networks in prison. If the gov didn’t pay them, they’d be rioting on a daily basis. They are playing the USG. Kind of like Rome paying tribute to the barbarian.

        I can hear it very clearly. Feel the difference between them and the average SPer. Try it! Let the blacks teach you. They’re good at it.

      • It’s funny you were thinking about joining Blacks if shtf. I was walking through a mex hood yesterday and thinking if they liked me enough, I would fair better with them than White anti-Whites. But that was just my stupid survival instinct talking.

      • No, its true. Anti-white whites hate whites more than anyone. There’s a difference between being mean and truly hateful.

      • I can’t hate Mexis for wanting to better themselves. Whites are the only ones acting unnaturally. I’m not going to join them and I’d be of no use to them anyway. It sure has been frustrating lately though reading the comment regarding Rob’s wife and how everyone thinks she should divorce him for wanting a good future for THEIR CHILD and their future grandchildren. I had to stop reading as I felt like my head might explode. Still I have to remember that it isn’t all Whites writing those comments. I’m sure Kikenbergersteins were all over it.

      • Much of the white race must die, Erin. In fact, I look at them as already dead.

        When you can anticipate the future, there is no anger or emotion. It was predictable. In fact, what will happen to MW now is also written. One just has to look at it plainly, with no self-deception.

        The discipline is to want to know the future, then to reason it out. Don’t move until you know the shot. It will come.

      • Your thought here brings to mind Forrest Carter’s great Josey Wales novels. The former Missouri guerrilla finds his natural companions in a small handful of capable and loyal individuals, a Cherokee, a Mexican and white cowboy, and a white girl build like a heifer (no wispy Sondra Locke). (No blacks, though.) There are those who live by the Code of loyalty and revenge, and there is filth of all races, especially sadistic agents of the U.S. and Mexican governments. The Comanche and Apache live by their own versions of the Code, and they recognize quality in J. Wales — ruthless ability, leadership, and loyalty to the Code.

      • Thanks, I will look into that book. I’ve gained much appreciation for the Indian perspective. But they too, lied to themselves until it was too late.

        We have so few Sitting Bulls and Geronimos. Even though the Indians survived, they changed. They would be unrecognizable to their ancestors. Like many whites, they now worship Mammon, not the great spirit.

  2. I saw this very footage on some news last night, I had similar thoughts, particularly when you notice all the coppers were white. Once the coloureds stop fighting each other is when the revolution will start, perhaps, notice the Black Panthers are saying, “Target only whitey suburbs…” Well it took them long enough.

    I actually though it might happen in Britain with all the rioting a few years ago.

    One way to accelerate such thing, imagine if stores no longer stock produce/products due to riots and go on-line instead, then black mob will have to rob/trash neighbourhoods rather then businesses. So the rioting and smashing of business plus the deteriorating economy will accelerate that trend.

    Perhaps investing in the post office and carriers is a good idea…

    • I don’t think it’s that simple. EBT brood mares are more than capable of spending YOUR hard-earned money to keep up with cell phone technology, and the dollar-chasing whiteys at the phone store are more than happy to take the time to show them all the cool new tricks. I see it happening more like this: sistas call in deliveries into the hood, Fed Ex, et al, get jacked by the brothas. They’ll probably get the idea from me, or it’ll happen organically. Prior to EBT, they would circle the mailbox like a flock of vultures. There are no secrets among them, so once they get a hold of some sista getting … anything… delivered to her apartment, they’ll be on the lookout. There are no secrets, the slums are a breeding ground for this.

      The problem with the field niggers is that they basically only have to go out every four years to fight for their bennies, and once a month to use them. Not a lot of responsibility being placed on them. Give anyone that much free time, and they’ll find a way to infringe on those around them. Unfortunately, they do a good job of harvesting votes, so important programs get cut so that “baby daddy” can continue to be a tradition. Also unfortunately, we’re running out important and essential programs to cut, and we’re not really succeeding with those anyway. HAH! Painful yet still laughable.

      The house niggers are resentful of the responsibilities placed on them- such as they may be. SO they do the minimum and make their best effort to fake “conventional competence.”

      In this case, the blacks will start it because they have too many outliers for LE to respond to. For the most part, they’re as privilidged-lazy as many whites, but there are the 1 in a million who will lead a personal war against the community… all while wearing their down-low-bro’s memorial t-shirt he got at the funeral for 7.99. Their version of VRW, only with pants that sag instead of fur loincloths. Yawn. If they fail to do the research and gather the intelligence (MAGIC 8-ball sez: gonna happen), it’ll get its 15 minutes of fame until the next brotha gets shot in a senseless drive-by. The gangs will do alright, maybe have to fire off a few more clips here and there, but they’ll try to maintain status quo and have a better chance of maintaining it.

      Cut the electricity off and shit gets real. Even the ones with sickle cell love them some AC, and plasma screens are useless without it.

      • It would be interesting if the power went off. The blacks would revert to an African mode of living. Whites, the ones who did not just lie down and die, would become farmers again.

    • The black tendency is to roll over and go to sleep once its sated its lust for rape, murder and Plasmas.

      Although it can be coaxed into revolution for a time, it is an inferior beast to carry out a long campaign needed by its jewish master strategists. War is work.

      The MINO Master Machine (MMM) knows this also. It knows the black is lazy and dim. It has an alternate strategy.

      The Migger has more longevity with its Master Plan of Reconquista by La Raza. But, it also will feel its mission prematurely accomplished once it hits Winter Lands and will quit too soon for the jews’ liking – and their ultimate goal.

      The MMM is aware of each of their coloreds’ main flaws, so that is why they planned and took over the inner machinery of BIGov and installed their Affirmative Action hires in every “State Building” and facility. Note even way back then in McVeigh’s OKC, the building was staffed by an overrepresentation of coloreds – especially for a white cowboy city in the middle of Murka – far from colored areas of influence.

      Now that MINOs have taken over the entire BIGFed with their MMM, they now have the strategic capability to bypass the inherent weakness in each of their barrio & ghetto troop.

      The Liberal nazis of the MMM will utilize their new weapon and activate their MINOs installed in BIGov Managerial positions to be the new commanding, public face of their movement’s final pieces falling right into place. You see the coloreds have ready black bureaucrat faces in BIGov LEO slots to march with the Ferguson Rioters and reassert Government Control – their government. Whites do not rule anymore; they do not rule any thing.

      Ferguson is the first colored riot totally scripted, controlled and propagandized by jews.

      • This is a good comment.

        I’m not sure I fully understand. A mino bureaucrat still cannot motivate his mino people to live in northern climes. White men will follow a mino leader, if paid enough. But minos cannot hold the ground in those places by themselves. One day, they will run out of willing white soldiers.

        They must consider some whites as members of their troop. What are the white weaknesses? Overbelief in law and order, being naive, desire for money and praise.

  3. When niggerised yanks stop taking their cues from niggers the revolution will have begun.

  4. I’d call myself an international racist revolutionary, but it’s less catchy. In any case, it doesn’t matter my title, but my actions.

  5. You’ve got to get out of that shithole, Jay. You need to see what America really is. DC is like a funhouse or something. It’s not real. The city is for raiding and conning.

    • Nice documentary.

      With the wonders of technology, such a place could be a haven for “shadow” folk. Money could be made out there if you took the time and effort to make it. Not in the communtiy itself, butonce you leave…

  6. Wow. Nice comment Jay.

  7. Here is all comes, Eradica..

  8. Dude, you’re just too sexy for your shirt 😉

  9. Don’t quite understand all this new hip hop talk, but you fight your enemy with all your might.

    • In every generation talk is still talk.

      It’s the black who is fighting its enemy with all its might
      While whites fiddle as Rome burns…

      • So now…
        What might have been read
        As Edgar Allan Poems
        Or mini-tomes
        Ain’t nothing but hip hop rap
        Or talking in monotones?
        You two need
        New sets of head phones
        Zone in on the words
        Forget about your own
        Bias and prejudices
        And ask why you’re alone
        Casting aspersions
        On the truly home grown…
        I’ll surly knuckle down
        All the way to the bone…

      • You really gotta quit w the poetry.

      • But the LARGER POINT is that I’ve served it up in multiple fashions and the Eradicans still cannot come to grips with the FACT that “they” are anti-white Supremacists ACTUALLY butt-naked in bed with Uncle Beast.

      • thordaddy claimed:
        But the LARGER POINT is that I’ve served it up in multiple fashions and the Eradicans still cannot come to grips with the FACT that “they” are anti-white Supremacists ACTUALLY butt-naked in bed with Uncle Beast.

        I told you: Your doctrine fails on pragmatists. To assert that those here are anti-white is ludicrous.
        In its simplest, most easily attainable form, all a man need do to achieve supremacy is merely see the displays of the lesser, obviously inferior races then believe he is superior.

        It is a simple belief where if one believes, it is so – as is done in Christianity.

        I’ve repeated to you many times that your duty is to pass out refreshing, sugary Kool-Aid to evangelize new converts for the cause, not alienate them with sour poison while donning Jim Jones sunglasses to pontificate over a PA system.

        Religiosity works on suspension of disbelief, like Hollywood. Religion (and all politics) functions best on the new, simple convert from initial dawning “revelations” – like with the thrill of romance – and fails when it has to go deep and explain itself, exposing it as dysfunctional, or worse a sham or a cult.

        You lack discipline. Your doctrine and writing are self-indulgent and grow increasingly so. If you were a Jesuit missionary, the king might determine you’d gone full-native Brando ala Heart of Darkness and have you flogged, then crucified.

      • Some are waking up, FP. Revolution is a top-down affair. We reveal that the police and military are the muscle end of the USG, the people learn it. There will be failure, but they will learn in time.

      • You are correct.
        I make progress in this on twitter every day. I have convinced many former vets that they fought for IRS persecution of the TEA Party, Affirmative Action, Ferguson, unlimited Migger Amnesty and ObamaCare, etc.

        This propaganda poster is quite effective. Pictures often speak better and are ideal for the 4 second world of twitter:

        My twitter account has a larger jpg.

      • I like that one. We don’t want them to put down the gun yet, but to use it for us, and themselves.

        Traditionally, the police and military only become revolutionary when the checks stop. Hitler was able to hire the SA when the German government stopped paying them. If we had the money, we’d have our army.

      • So I was correct that you’re ex-military. Probably 5 years too young for Vietnam, but clearly old enough and intelligent enough to analyze the event itself. I peg you at about 55. Your knowledge of history suggests a military family.

        It’s odd that you don’t intuit white Supremacy…

        Your family was probably very much a public symbol of “white supremacy” that could not speak its name…

        That’s my online analysis.

      • re FP poster:
        19th c. northern nativists legislated for: 1. extended naturalization period (political self-rule); 2. exclusion of pauper and criminal immigrants (demographic self-rule); 3. debt-relief (economic self-rule); 4. non-cooperation with slavery regime (economic self-rule); 5. use of protestant Bible in schools (cultural self-rule); 6. lay ownership of church property (cultural and political self-rule); 7. temperance (cultural self-rule)

        a simpler, 21st c. program might be: 1. no immigration (demographic, cultural, economic, and political self-rule); 2. no affirmative action (demographic, cultural, and political self-rule); 3. restore domestic manufacturing (economic self-rule); 4. restore the currency (economic, political, and cultural self-rule); 5. local control of legislation, enforcement, and interpretation of laws (economic, political, and cultural self-rule)

      • Your recommendations already existed in what was known as America. They made it into the once-greatest nation.

        It’s gone now because of both Republicants, Demorats and lazy, apathetic voters.

        The entire political degradation is succinctly contained in the contrast between Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act and Republicans’ NAFTA: The GOP wants you working for $1 an hour in their factories then Dems demand it all, to give to coloreds.

  10. TD,
    As a reader of VFR, I feel a kinship for you and I respect your intention to carry the ball Auster set down last year. You are getting criticism here for the manner in which you present your message as well as the contents, so I commend Auster’s example to you. He was a consummate journalist. He wrote to communicate. He wrote as clearly and efficiently as he could, with elegance as well. Part of communicating is using words in the way other people use them. More significantly, being a traditionalist, as he called himself, means recognizing that you are in a tradition, i.e., living in communities in which others live besides you, in which others lived before you, and in which others will live after you, God willing. The communities of which you are a member or in which you aspire to membership have traditions of using words, ascribing agreed meanings to them so the members of the communities each know what the other is talking about. Your insistence on the private meaning of words is counter to the traditionalist respect for the agreed meanings of words. It looks like the opposite of traditionalism, which is liberalism, which you call radical autonomy or radical liberationism.

    Auster left behind a great archive. If I may make a suggestion, touch base with him from time to time. An important point is that he created the editorial norms for VFR and did not post contributions that did not satisfy his journalistic purposes. You know that Eradica is a community of other journalists besides yourself; you probably should try to conform to their agreed norms and contribute to the collective effort, or find other vehicles. Develop a “rhetorical strategy” for communicating with readers through Eradica, with a terser, less abstract style, and more emphasis on concrete action. Action (and secondarily, words about action) shows the orientation of the spirit more persuasively than words, and that is closer to the Eradica norms than philosophizing.

    You have a powerful orientation towards culture and thinking, as did Auster. Can you make your language more persuasive, and less private, by incorporating historical and cultural information, including the great classics of literature, philosophy, and religion? Constantly recurring to real situations and presenting them in clear ways would also be more persuasive than wrestling with private definitions. If you have a unique philosophy, let it come out through narration and description and references, rather than private language.

    Compared to you I’m a newcomer to Eradica, so these thoughts may seem ridiculously presumptuous. They are simply my suggestions for how you can profit from L.A.’s example in contributing to the Eradica enterprise. Best wishes for the new year!

    • Anon…

      Thank you… And could you be so kind as to give one example of a word that I’ve used in conjunction with my own private definition? Mr. Auster’s pedantic style always motivated me to write more clearly so much so that I now regularly use true and false equations to make simple assertions that then show which individuals in the “audience” are actually radical autonomist in cloak.

  11. TD, thanks for your response. Here are some of your key terms that you seem to use idiosyncratically. White supremacy. Anti-white supremacy. Radical autonomy. Radical liberation. Perfect man. Perfect God. Homosexuality. Self-annihilation.

    Maybe L.A.’s “pedantic” style was the price he paid for speaking the language of other people. It also takes extra effort, maybe extra verbiage, to create a clear language to say things that few or none are saying. All of your terms above seem consistent with L.A.’s wide-ranging commentary on liberalism vs. Western tradition. Reducing them to algebra probably makes them less intelligible, not more. If you think some WN’s are really liberals because they are Darwinian/Marxist materialists instead of traditionalists — which requires matter + spirit, as in the Incarnation — why not just come out and say it? You are no doubt correct that a spiritual orientation has to be part of action — in the beginning was the Word. But you lose people with focusing exclusively on spiritual orientation unconnected with more tangible realities. Maybe you could also be more concrete about how a proper spiritual orientation helps you to get off the dime in your conduct, and doesn’t get you stuck in endless critique.

    For readers not familiar with Auster, his Path to National Suicide is a gem.

    • Anon….

      Give me time to define if you do not mind?

      • By all means, but observations and experience, inc. sources, should be part of a persuasive definition, instead of pure verbal engineering.

      • Anon…

        Remember, to the genuine white Supremacist, it makes no sense to battle with ambiguous words, terms and phrases. It only makes sense to the radical autonomist TO FEIGN a total lack of understanding of the words, equations and poetry being deployed. That’s the SIGNATURE MOVE of the radical autonomist. It is the modern version of the “dumb blond” meme UTILIZED MOST EFFECTIVELY by high IQ “white” male autonomists who REJECT genuine white Supremacy.

      • Anon…

        As I’ve said before, I’ve essentially been a bouncer in SoCal for the last 20 years. Within that time period, I became a conscious profiler because that is the name of game amongst the “default elite.” The problem is how to predict the actions of a mass of radical autonomists AND profit?

        So anyways… Out of Mr. Richardson’s “autonomy theory” was my own interpretation of “radical autonomy.” Whereas in Mr. Richardson’s interpretation “liberalism” was the act of creating a new self (by throwing off race, sex, religion, nation… all aspects not chosen), “radical autonomy” was the act of annihilating that created self in order to CHANGE into a new self. Where Mr. Richardson came up short in my estimation is that to the liberationist “the new created self” MUST BECOME AN IMPOSITION over time and in need of destruction. So “radical autonomy” is ALL
        ABOUT the process of self-annihilation and how that process proves constant change… No particular self… Autonomy… Liberation… Where it goes radical is in the delusion that it doesn’t then lead to FINAL liberation. Total annihilation.

        Anyway… Radical autonomy, IRL, CANNOT be certainly proved by death other than in the most obvious situations. I began to see “it” in the robotic-like, disassociating acts of repeat customers to my establishments. For example, a person coming to a weekly frequented bar, consistently rendering ID for check AND being 10-20 years past the age of 21 and NEVER making personal contact with the SAME individual that could render the whole exchange obsolete (as I actually desire for efficiency and flow).

        The reality is that some men have genuine free will and the “others” are suboptimal AI.

      • Thordaddy….now you’re talking.

        You should write about being muscle, being paid to en-force. That’s worthwhile.

        You’ve gotta add some sugar to the medicine you want people to swallow. Every good teacher knows how to do a tapdance. Put on a magic show. Entertain us!

      • So whereas It has travelled extensively internationally, no doubt having the natives put on their “best” liberal face, the two-faces come right to me and let It all hang out.

        Who knows what about It?

      • And of course the U.S. military…. Think of a single occupation that would have more contact with these yes-“men”-ions than a bouncer in San Diego?

      • And I’ve undoubtedly witness firsthand the rapidly altering relationship between cop and citizen. In other words, there was a time, other than the most egregious altercations, when you could count on a cop to have the bouncer’s back. That does not exist anymore. The collective HAS FURTHER defined the us/them paradigm TO EXCLUDE license security. The obvious conclusion was made that a) licensed security are lessers and b) don’t increase our personal autonomy with their inclusion.

        So be it… “They” get ALL the “benefits” of doubt.

      • Good. We’ll print up our own “I can use force” licences. Get some nice paper, make it real official looking.

        A true white supremacist buys his force licence from God. He doesn’t need to answer to men.

      • And lastly, the “economics” of bouncing… Not just the economics as it relates to feeding or not feeding Uncle Beast, but the economics of the job itself… As in, how much work do I have to do to achieve my goal and how does this tie to the perception of the current subject of reprimand? In other words, I can make my job easier by mere perception alone. That’s called economic efficiency.

      • Ryu…

        I resisted the “guard card” for many, many years. I finally acquired one (I was the only individual at this particular licensing outfit that a) scored 100% on the first try and b) finished the whole course in one setting) BUT, the entire affair is simply PAYING TO BE PROFILED and the gathering of intel from prospective “security.” In other words, the test was designed to have one simulate being a criminal/terrorist and then elucidating on what “criminal” things he would hypothetically do… Who he would look to recruit… What methods he would employ… What disguises he would utilize…

        AND YOU PAY THEM to give the info!!!

        It’s rather dastardly, but only if one is not entirely naive.

      • So they have you play-act being a criminal?

        What answers do they reward? Thinking like a good criminal, or being a good citizen?

        I am curious as to the average bouncer/security guard’s mind. Do they really care about the system, or is it all for the money?

        I sent you something, TD. Please check your email.

      • Ryu…

        It’s one part test, one part profiling… There are no right answers to the latter just a desire for the individual to give detailed intel. Because the masses actually care nothing for privacy other than in their most degenerate acts, there is little recognition that one is being profiled.

        As for bouncers… A mixed bag… Definitely a lot of yes-“men”-ion mindset along with outlaw mindset. No beta males in this circle for the most part unless one is unusually large and perhaps looks the part. There is a bouncer code so to speak… Sometimes details need to be fixed in an incident report and things like that… There is definitely bureaucratic creep to the job.

  12. White supremacy: A voluntary collective of white men all striving towards Supremacy and thus on parallel paths and in relation to each other, frictionless.

    Anti-white supremacy: A coerced collective whose adherents’ raison d’être is to fear, loathe and violently oppose the above phenomenon, both real and self-fulfilling.

    Radical autonomy: a self-imposed identity crisis; an essence that is nothing in particular; the anti-everything; a detachment from reality.

    Radical liberation: The seeking of an absolute freedom in a finite universe without sufficient cognitive perception to “know” the impossibility of such an undertaking and its ultimate conclusion ending in total conversion or total self-annihilation.

    Perfect man: Jesus Christ; He who will do all right; the solution to the infinite regress; nonduplicating, nonredundant phenomenon; a Singularity; The Reprieve; Absolutely autonomous; Sinless.

    Perfect God; the Creator of the above Perfect Man; THE Singularity; Answer to the Infinite Regress.

    Homosexuality: self-sexualizing where homo=same=exact same=self; radical sexual autonomy… No external OR INTERNAL restraint or restriction to sexual gratification; self-annihilation.

    Self-annihilation: procedural and ideological “inspired” suicide generally taking the path of spiritual self-annihilation–> intellectual self-annihilation–> biological annihilation/homo-sexuality.

    [ed note: your definitions are more arcane than your original labels…]

    • Editor… Then you are left to intuit these combinations of English words on your own AND IF you CANNOT actually do this… Then you figure out how to… And if you’re just too lazy then these words can mean whatever you and I try to make them mean.

      For example…

      “Homosexual man” and “gay marriage…”

      YOU know what these combinations of English words mean BUTT I don’t… I CANNOT intuit these “things.” These phrases make no sense BUTT they make sense to you.

      That should tell you something?

      [ednote: it tells me you’ve dropped way too much acid, while alone]

      • Lol… No…

        It MEANS “you” think that a man can have sexual relations with another males AND NOT BE automatically disqualified from the category of “man.”

        It also means that “believe” two self-annihilators can form a UNION.

        And although I understand that YOU BELIEVE THESE THINGS…

        They simple are not true…

        Men DO NOT HAVE SEX with males AND are not sexually averse to females… Men are not homosexual therefore a “homosexual man” is PURE CONCOCKTION.

        Likewise, those who desire self-annihilation above all things BECAUSE they embrace the self-annihilating “nature,” i.e., homo-sexuality, CANNOT form unions. A UNION of self-annihilators makes NO SENSE. The best we could make of something like that is suicide pact. So marriage = suicide pact. You BELIEVE it.

      • Excuse all the typos… I rushed that response…. But a high IQ individual will fill in the words and correct the mistakes.

  13. Anti-white whites hate whites more than anyone.

    Elites generally dislike their own who are not on the same wavelength. The coloreds and Jews have problems with theirs. It’s the same everywhere. Anti-Whitey Whites are usually the upper echelons of Western Society.

  14. they called the rioting ,looting and mass murder of the the race a protest and failed to mention the 4 murders of whites during that time 2 of which was burning them alive 1 was a 14 yr. old white girl that was forced to swallow gas and doused with gas and burnt alive .

  15. Lock n load.

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