by Ryu

The more time that passes, the more drastic our solution must become. Things may go one of two ways: better or worse.

Will whites be better or worse in the future? Men? How about women and feminism?

The time when we could have been concerned with supremacism and using holy methods is over with. We must have passed it in the mid 80s. The more time that passes until revolution, the more certain it is that what comes after will be…… nothing like what was before.

WN is going to shake out much differently than we imagine. The  was written in 1978, in a still white America. TD is a cakewalk compared to what we’ll go through. The book is moderate and goody-goody.

WN is about pure, animal survival. Our situation is desperate. It’s exactly the same as whites being forced to form gangs in prison. The complaint is while many whites do not like us, we are all they’ve got.

1978. That’s when the Turner Diaries was written, over 35 years ago. Anyone calling TD “extreme” has no conception of what it will actually take to win. TD belongs with disco and hippie folk music.

WNs must adapt their methods to their circumstance. Life’s not black and white.

17 Comments to “Time”

  1. It’s impossible to predict what the fault lines are going to be when push comes to shove, and how deep they’ll go. There will be short-term pragmatic needs and long-term strategic needs. A common language for identifying these, and the kind of allegiances that are necessary for both, would help right-thinking Americans coordinate their efforts and not work at cross-purposes with each other, and start shooting each other. E.g., if I’m shooting at Somali gangsters to defend my block, I don’t want to see my friends among them because my friends have a short-term alliance with gangs against the police. Or perhaps more realistically, I don’t want to see my friends in arms with the police coming after me for defending myself against Somali gangsters. A good rule would be, no attacking true friends in the service of short- or long-term alliances, but determining who belongs in that category requires information.

    Developing such common understandings in advance is a task for capable commentators such as post here.

    In addition, educating law enforcement, to the extent possible, is a necessity. Political propaganda is enforced against them with every conceivable level of sanctions.

    These are very short-term thoughts. The long-term goal would be to be able to determine the course of political reconfiguration. That means your people being an important enough player in enough important places to be given what they want in the reconfiguration. That is pure fantasy at the moment. Several months ago, someone posted a piece about snipers getting control of riot situations by striking from a distance. That is fantasy, but with equipment, coordination, and planning it could be an arrow in the quiver.

    If we are going to end up with Afghanistan here, maybe we can get the FedGov to start buying everyone body armor and anti-tank and -helicopter rockets — a new militia bill. The defense contractors would love it, we would be creating manufacturing jobs, and our own people would have a better shot when push comes to shove!

    [ed note: now THAT last scenario is fantasy; yet you misunderstand the marksman ideas. find the passage in question and post a link. snipers are for controlling large ratios of ground thru terror. the Univ. Texas & DC Snipers cost the system a $Million per bullet]

  2. Previous post should read, “to get what they want in the reconfiguration.”

  3. Nothing so dramatic. The modern state, or at least the modern social democratic state, is based on the idea that if you need certain things, you go to certain places. If you have a problem with safety or security, or a problem with another person you can’t resolve directly with them, you go to the government. If you need something, you go to the marketplace, a business that will sell it to you. If you need money, you can go to the government for it, or for a job, or go to a private organization for money or a job. You can make money yourself with a business, providing you follow all government laws and regulations.

    If government can’t, won’t or doesn’t do these things, or the marketplace can’t, won’t or doesn’t do these things, then people will have to develop other ways.

  4. Yes, and these other ways may involve armed conflict. Food, shelter, and security — if not obtained in the stable arrangements we are used to, by legal means in a marketplace backed by law, they have to be sought by other means supported by other sanctions. The friction between the new other means and the non-functioning arrangements we are used to could be dramatic.

    An expansion of anarcho-tyranny would involve decreasing protection and a diminishing guarantee of transactions by government coupled with an increase in domination in the form of taxation and suppression of liberty. The other ways you mention won’t be popular with the anarcho-tyrants. Though I appreciate the sentiment in favor of setting up a parallel economy and security system that won’t provoke armed conflict.

  5. Though I am new here, and years behind you, FP, and others,
    I am obliged to say you are World-class leaders.
    Greatness is the rarest thing in the World.
    We are learning and preparing. Thoughts become deeds.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. I’m not prepared to say “World-class leaders,” but I too am learning a lot. And am thankful for this site.

  7. William Pierce got everything 100% right.

    • The proprietors here never lose sight of the difference between action and thought. Much blog discussion elsewhere seems to aim at intellectual and verbal satisfactions, the pleasures of being “right” and “smart.”

      [ed note: Post of The Year]

      • Thank RobRoySimmons. He created “smartbadge” which many wns desire. I’m not here to show how clever I am.

        [ednote: its why its a shame he had to bravely run away when i disagreed with him! but!! he did warn us 55,032 times that’s exactly the way it would end!!!]

  8. It’s been a while since I’ve read TD. The only part I really thought was likely was the chapter called the Day of the Rope. I could see that very scenario playing out if the Inland Empire ever get pissed and degraded enuff for long enuff, too. Or the reverse as well. It all depends.

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