Lie To Power

by Firepower

Bill Ayers: Son of God? No.

Son of Alinsky.

I expect most will not understand these words. Only a small few will.

Grilled by every LEO honcho in the world. Even the Gloriously Infallible Omnipotent FBI all-amurkan bois, Big Bad Bill was never convicted for plotting to blow the fuck up out of dozens of Establishment symbols and blowing the fuck up out of many. He even blew up cops and…… the sacred cows of Establishment Law:  judges. Ayers got away with it.

Did he spend years of torment in solitary, eating cold, 3rd rate Mac & Cheese with a plastic spork at Leavenworth?

Nope: He teaches Liberal Ideology as a uni professor at one of Murka’s snootiest colleges. Bangs hot JAP co-eds – the daughters of law firm VPs. Gobbles caviar at Chi-town bistros. Mentors Barack Hussein Obama. Farts on silk sheets.

He was on Fox InfoTainMent Network a while back on That Darn Megyny!® show. He amazed me. She salivated languorously, her perfect little white Yorkie teeth chomping in anticipation at her Tiffany’s jewel encrusted chew toy to finally Bite The Big Target.

Kill Bill danced circles around her. Danced. Dance, Bill, Dance!

No, the boys who brought you COINTELPRO, Nixon’s Plumbers, G. Gordon Liddy (who I admire), Ruby Ridge n’ WACO, harumphed in the wings at their former prisoner and frowned at his freedom. Frown, FBI pensioners, frown!

He used the same method to elude persecution he used to moisten Megyny’s eyes (and crotch):

When among enemies, never attempt to convert them. You have nothing to gain and all to lose. You will never convert them with your point of view and powers of persuasion, not interrogators nor BoToxed bims. On a hostile TV set-up, you can’t ever even lightly sway an audience with your views. Now, if he was on MSNBC, he would have had the chance of capability to go further and evangelize savages. He knew how to judge potential from practical experience.

Even if you convert 1000 TV Patriots, it’s not worth your freedom.  Murkans are stupid – prolly always were – so it’s your body language and Cool that carry the day.

You only attempt to convert neutral audiences where your enemies have no agenda due to their blank slate, and even there, you show restraint.  When among enemies, your duty is not to convert them. Your duty is to dance. Lie to power.

Only when among true disciples do you reveal your vision.

9 Responses to “Lie To Power”

  1. There’s nothing to gain by trying to convert enemies. Won’t work. Arguing doesn’t work. Real education takes too much time; to make a good wn takes 5 years minimum.

    Truly the victors write history. It is amazing how the leftist turrism organization of the 60s and 70s are forgotten.

    • Ayers is an old dog.
      Old dogs got that way by being experts at adapting to changing challenges of survival.

      He behaved like a lawyer in a (real- not TV) courtroom. Never shouting. Never looking smug to provoke his enemies.

      I repeat: He did not provoke.
      He did not even waste his time trying to evangelize or convert Megyny or the millions of little ConserviTard eyeballs glued to her legs.

      Your interrogation intel posts corroborate this fully by equating the strategy to a suspect never attempting to justify his crime to an “authority” figure; it is key.

      • Ha. Like an old deer then? The old deer is smart and cunning; hard to kill. Advanced wns approach that ideal.

        It’s a funny thing. As one ages, the body deteriorates, but the mind grows. Wait too long, and you can see everything, but able to do nothing.

  2. The way I consistently kill old deer is as follows:

    1. Hard charge partly up a draw or valley, making lots of noise.
    2. Quietly backtrack and set on point overlooking the location where I started the hard charge.
    3. Snuggle down and take a nap.
    4. Wait patiently until the old deer makes comes full circle. Unless driven away by another hunter(s), the old deer ALWAYS doubles back to see where the source of the original ruckus went or is going. They are curious and seem to want to try and sneak up behind you.

    I’ve shot at least one nice buck every shotgun season for the past 28 years. The biggest ones always fall for this. The key is knowing your quarry and having the patience for them to fall prey to their weakness. If I didn’t take a nap I would probably get fidgety and impatient and get up and leave too early. Funny as it sounds, the three biggest deer I’ve taken woke me up from my nap! I now even go so far as to take a sleeping bag with me when I deer hunt!

    I don’t know if there is a lesson here, but Ryu’s comment made me think of it. The old deer really aren’t that hard to kill, it’s just that most people don’t have the patience.

  3. There is no need to hold back when commenting online. In that case it is better to overstate un-PC beliefs, but very humanely, more in sorrow than anger.

    • The problem with untempered speech online, is it leads the speaker to imagine so many think as he that “the whole mess WILL CHANGE” quickly, without struggle – at internet speed.

      It leads to

      Politics is like fucking a really hot chick. One must use technique throughout each complex stage; from luring silly yet wary prey… then, to keep from “arriving” too soon


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