Roosh Calls Out WNs

by Ryu

There’s an article up at Roosh’s on why white men are afraid of black men stealing their women:

Roosh, the leader/alpha male, has banned me from commenting. A few WNs have managed to get through, I’m happy to report. There are some good comments from WNs who are unknown to me, a statement of how large we have grown.

Learning PU has become a necessity. Feminism has been an issue in WN ever since the beginning; Rockwell and Pierce talked about it. It is not a matter of competing against colored racists like VK or Roosh – his competition is nothing but “muh dick” game. PU and the MRM became necessary with the planned destruction of ……the white family. I hope all WNs male and female take the time to learn the basics of PU for their own profit, and for all of us.

The major issues for a WN to master today are interracial violence, immigration, jewry, HBD, PU, the MRM, and mixing. Once one has learned of those issues, the real work begins: making ourselves stronger, smarter, more determined and fanatical. Take you can, learn, but never forget that this is about us. White nationalism at the highest levels focuses entirely on the Aryan race, the how. The rest is just the why.

This post of Roosh’s gives a glimpse of how an affirmative action, minority PUA views WN horning in on his territory, PU. If interested, take a look at this thread. You may judge for yourself the progress we are making, and the fear that white racial consciousness strikes into the vibrants.

29 Comments to “Roosh Calls Out WNs”

  1. The real question is why do non-Whites want to be with us so badly? Oh! I can answer that! Because we are better in every way that matters. Once our (unruined) people realize this, smarmy Semites like “Roosh” will learn their place.

  2. I think PUA has served it’s purpose.

    A lot of girls in the next ten years are going to grow up different from their mothers and sisters. Women need to be more feminine and know their place.

    Men are changing, masculinity is re-asserting itself. A standard has been raised. And young women in ten years will be more modest, wear dresses and such.

    Women aren’t going to stop being clients of the state, until the current state is removed. But PUA wouldn’t help there, anyway.

    • Ah, you think so?

      I think we’ve got a long way to go there. Murka isn’t poor enough yet. It’s not dangerous enough on the street yet. There’s still the hope that women can go to college, get a great job, then have a family.

  3. Roosh and ROK are inconsequential in my opinion.

    I wrote an article for ROK and the response from 99% of the readership was “fuck responsibility, I’m going to get rich and fuck a lot of chicks.”

    Real revolutionaries are that way by blood. Most Americans are bred to be consumers, not fighters, for generations.

    • Really? You wrote for ROK? What article?

      If they want to evade responsibility, it can be good. Say “fuck you” to the establishment and make their own rules. But if they want to be rich and fuck chicks, that’s not revolutionary – to get rich, you have to appease those with the money, which is the USG.

  4. Roosh’s dilemma is three-fold…

    First, he won’t simply say he values radical sexual autonomy above all other things… Er, he can “f&$k, screw, love” whomever he pleases. The liberationist’s violation of the First Commandment.

    Secondly, he does not logically conclude that the purest form of radical sexual autonomy (unfettered sexual gratification) is HOMO-sexuality where homo=same=exact same=self. The homosexual “nature” desires to pleasure its self to death. Self-annihilating. Homosexuality is self-annihilating. PUA (paint us azzholes) was homosexual recruiting and this article is another psychological bomb hurled at white males.

    And third… He’s childless and without true identity. What he values for himself is then what he values for any accidental “progeny.” He LITERALLY would not care who his “daughter” had sexual relations with… This is a pathological mindset.

    AND this indifference must certainly encompass genuine white Supremacists, no?

    But alas… Roosh is not thinking in these terms that pile cognitive dissonance upon cognitive dissonance.

    “Black” males who desire white woman also value radical sexual autonomy. And “they” are certainly not permitted to assert imperial intent. Ergo, they do “white women” for fun and GAME.

    To feel nothing is not a sign of one’s good health.

  5. rooshi is the kind of annoying hypocrite that censors speech from those who have not lived – and therefore do not share – his privileged life.

    As an Iranian, his dad came to Murka likely as a collaborating refugee in the post-Shah era and settled in rich Washington DC as reward for his service to those thugs.

    So, plush 6,000 sq. ft. mansions in a DC suburb fit for a US Assistant Deputy Director in the Department of Blah Blah Bla mean no Affirmative Action colored rooshi ever knew made less than $460,000 a year.

    Thus, he is incapable of realizing coloreds actually really do live in Detroit & LA. Lots of ghetto mamas are hot, but he has to go to favelas to slum and fuck.

    He would certainly pile on an outed wn for “Crimes Against The State of PC!!!”
    …but would be Tender McTippytoes about his father being outed to the Iranian Republican Guard for being actually involved in murdering thousands of Iranian muzz.

    He is a Privileged Prince of Nothing. No virtue, no honor – no belief except selfishness. He is the face of dim gameboys wiping the girl off their dick on a 3 week old pizza box in dad’s basement.


  6. Amongst the “other” is the unspoken LIBERATED notion that its males do not mind the sexual predilections of its females.

    This is general TRUE and a sure tell sign of collective pathology

    FOR it ultimately entails the notion that the father cares nothing for his daughter’s sexual choices (or completely defines them setting about the desire in the female). Radical sexual autonomy. Self-annihilating. Pathological.

    So this deep seated psyche MUST BE HIDDEN in the only manner it can be…

    Behind the notion that white males who feel a visceral distaste for their white daughters choosing the “other” are somehow irrationally pathological.

    What Roosh does not acknowledge is that these white females SHARE his mindset. They also “f&$k, screw, love” for fun and games. Many ideal multicult fetuses may have experienced a sudden end in the name of Roosh?

    Healthy white males should be disgusted by liberated “white” females and black females are entirely irrelevant to the issue.

  7. It’s amazing that all these ‘red pill’ heroes can’t take a little race realism.

    I saw an article on ROK that complained that Sydney women were too ethnocentric!!!

    What a pack of faggots. You’d have to be a completely desperate to purchase one of the 6,000,000,000,000 e-‘books’ these tools pump out every week.

  8. Apparently 63% of the readers of In Mala Fide were Asian (inc the sub-continent).

    • I don’t buy that stat. I’d bet at least 75% were white, at least the people who commented. Minimum. There were very few gooks and dots there. I remember it well. Alot of people read but don’t comment.

  9. I think Roosh throws shit out to stir things up and keep his web hits high. His blogroll links to Roissy who in the last 3 years started posting stuff on his blog about race and the anti-white system that could be on Stormfront or BUGS. And Mangan too who is a race realist. Most of the men reading and getting value from Roosh are white, and his value is basically teaching you how to “talk to women”, how to initiate and get beyond that biggest hurdle, approaching and maintaining a conversation for enough time for the woman to feel comfortable and decide if she’s attracted enough to let you fuck her. Most guys can take it from there once they can get past that first hurdle. Roosh is making a living doing this and writing books so he’s definitely going to steer his ship based on the prevailing winds and those winds still blow anti-white.

  10. Roosh is a self-admitted “clown” who offers nothing to women but entertainment. From what little I’ve read of him, I concur. So the same anti-fa nuts that just “outed” MW recently came to my blog and make jokes about “black guys dicks are bigger.”

    No white man is afraid of a black man stealing his women. None. Roosh, being “off white” is using a YKW tactic – use black masculinity against white men, since his own masculinity wouldn’t fare that well. Compare Roosh to say, Dolph Lundgren or even a Sean Connery type.

    I’m not worried.

    People put way too much stock in this “game” thing. It’s true, it works – for young guys, like teens and early 20s. If you haven’t figured out women by the time you’re, say 25, be a monk. No shame in that.

    At the end of the day, Roosh is a blogger throwing out red meat to get hits.

    • Yet there is no reason to think of Roosh as just that when his inexplicable success suggests so much more. His triumphs are GAMERS themselves. Radical “white” females knowingly transgressing. It’s not as though they are pining to have lil’ Rooshes… In fact, the evidence or lack therefore of says all who could, aborted. At the end of the day, Roosh sells homosexuality/self-annihilation. And his market is just the same. All fully in concert with the zeitgeist.

    • HR, how is your new country? I don’t know if I envy you or not yet.

      It would be nice to move to Greece or Romania, but I feel the US is the belly of the beast. America must be destroyed. I feel more useful living in the US as a soldier than in Russia as a family man.

  11. I have always tried to call out the male surplus in the influx of illegal immigrants. It is just a small part of what I suspect is an effective gender imbalance worsened by bad birth ratios, obesity, serial monogamy (monopogamy), bureaucracy, dead end culture etc

  12. “But the Emperor has nothing at all on!” said a little child.

  13. I read this an an earlier pua article, it sounds a lot like me in a way, pua was the wakeup call to snap out of the false dynamics we were raised in, but ultimately pua stuff only goes partway, their is no ultimate goal beyond hedonism.

    • PU is only a part of what’s out there to learn. It should only take a year or two to exhaust all the PUA knowledge. There’s no reason to spend one’s life in it.

      There’s a difference in quality between them and us. They see as we do, but decide to go poolside.

      • That was what I realized. I lived the hedonistic lifestyle pulling women, but it left me empty. There is more to life than that.

      • I think men are actually more degraded than women in PU. Sex is quite a limited activity. There is only so much variety possible and it’s desire without satisfaction.

        A man who can see higher things spending his time chasing women is a lowly thing. Like Jesus or Caeser cruising the bars. It’s hard to imagine Roosh keeping up his current pace. He could be alot more.

      • There is a “birds of a feather flock together” phenomenon where all involve benefit from a total lack of recognition of the said phenomenon. The logic tells us that AT LEAST ONE Roosh spawn should have, would have or could have come to life IF NOT for the apparent fact that ALL of the “gamed” chose an ending far more sinister. In other words, the “gamed” (liberated “white” females) in Roosh’s world are largely the “gamers” (liberated “white” females) in their own minds and will EASILY dispense of ALL lil’ rooshes if necessary Roosh’s is a world of symbiotic regression and ultimately an exaltation of the homo-sexual “nature.”

        Somebody should ask Roosh to pen a post on a speculative rewind into how many “white” females does he think aborted a lil’ rooshy? He could use a title like, “All who could, aborted.”

        Just think of being a prolific non-white PUA of “white” females of either too low or too high a self-esteem and your unspoken legacy is the 100% mortality of your global spawn?

      • Of course, a Roosh will readily concur with a foreknowledge that hiss pawn would face total annihilation, but he would not see that he was merely a vessel in which the liberated “white” female practiced “self-annihilation” at lil’ rooshy’s expense. But what is to be missed by the masses is that PUA ROOSHY style is “miscegenation for fun.” Not miscegenating for love or hate. No imperial motive. No revenge. Just fun. Use “game” to have “fun.” And a 100% mortality rate = homo-sexual internet recruitment campaign.

      • Thordaddy,
        I want to see if I’m understanding your homosexual theme. A friend of mine says that the country was finished when sex was uncoupled from procreation, officially when the Episcopal Church approved contraception. I’ve extended this to, “We’re all homosexuals now.” Is that what you’re saying? But maybe it would be more accurate to say, “We’re all just masturbating kids.”

      • Anon…

        Yes, pretty much what you say…

        I use real simple EQUATIONS:

        Homo = same = exact same = Self

        Homo-sexuality = Sex with Self = Self-annihilation

        Liberalism = homosexual “nature”

        To me, these equations encompass 99% of Western “white man.” “We” all believe in the “right” to “f&$k, screw, love” whomever “we” please. “We” are nearly ALL at the most fundamentally filthy level of Liberalism.

      • Escaping from the tension of self-sacrifice to the relief of self-gratification. As Ryu said, “lowly.”

  14. I think men are actually more degraded than women in PU. Sex is quite a limited activity. There is only so much variety possible and it’s desire without satisfaction. A man who can see higher things spending his time chasing women is a lowly thing. Like Jesus or Caeser cruising the bars. It’s hard to imagine Roosh keeping up his current pace. He could be alot more.

    I have a female friend who attends college and she was telling me that the school security is on the lookout for older guys from the outside of the campus environs, who trespass and try to PU young female students, which is considered a form of harassment and intrusion, such that these dudes are a warning to women in their school’s student handbook. This being said, it’s sad to see a complete downgrade of our society, as many men are gaming women as a full time endeavor, which could be used for more meaningful activities.

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