The War You Don’t See

by Ryu

This is a documentary on the role of the media in promoting the Iraq and Stan wars. The media is probably the most powerful weapon the USG has. The journalists interviewed give a confession, but only a partial confession. They didn’t mean to lie to the public. Also, you’ll see how the USG bombed some al-Jazeera offices in Bagdad and Kabul when they wouldn’t set the line. “Embedded” meant in bed with.

9 Comments to “The War You Don’t See”

  1. Any comments on Mindweapon’s less than stellar performance on his “outing”

    • Love his blog, too bad he got caught.

    • I thought he did alright.

      Obviously, he doesn’t control when he’s outed, so it’s just reactive. It’s hard to be good when you are improvising, and haven’t practiced. That’s why continual practice and training is so important.

      He’s been out for years actually. He’d be the first to admit that. He has to moderate his message because he is out there. A great lesson – privacy is power.

      • Ya’ll must read my scheduled post, Lie To Power

        I wrote it Aug 2 – for tomorrow.
        Wish I shouldacouldawoulda done-done it so he couldabeen fortified w/ extra strategy.
        Ah…serendipity, ah, Bartleby!

      • MW is gonna be so busy for the next week he wouldn’t have time to read it anyway, FP.

        Americans today have very short attention spans. In two weeks, the whole thing will be forgotten. I do learn alot from these little episodes.

      • His loss.

        I warned him liberals would never be satisfied with leaving him just 2 tiny acres 70 miles from their cities, but instead come looking to demolish even his secluded worm farm-hamlet.

        Even “rural types” hiding in that same StumpVilleberg – themselves fleeing the threat of coloreds on their street – will recall their MLK Indoctrination Classes from BIGov School and hypocritically betray a white.

        Such folk are not worth saving; certainly not buying a fortune in ammo and canned peaches to rescue.

        Peeeple that Hide N’ Prepp are not of the same cut as Raiders. Such a conserving people will do anything to preserve; it is not in their blood to sacrifice when they are fixated on adding another can of green beans to the pantry.

        I’ve plotted each one of them in any plans. Now, a man who will kill you and your entire family for that can of green beans…

      • Too bad you are not more widely read. The raider mentality could change survivalism for the better.

      • With rooshi-roishy type popularity would come a responsibility to lead that honorable following.

        The reality is the masses are devoid of such honor, happy being PoolSide and so, deserve these governments they elected – that rule their Kardashian-TDO Mentality

    • What do you think he should have done differently Jaeger?

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