Bernard Goetz

by Ryu

A forgotten hero. The Death Wish series is based on Bernie’s actions.

How was he caught? He turned himself in. It wasn’t the brilliant police work of the NYPD. If he had kept his mouth shut, he…… would have been clear. There were witnesses, but he got away in the short term. Someone would have had to make a positive make off police sketches. In two weeks, the case would have been forgotten.

Bronson showing how its done. See how calm he is? No running, no looking around or looking back. Two corners and he’s clear.

12 Comments to “Bernard Goetz”

  1. Death Wish: 1974
    Bernie Goetz: 1984

    Goetz was likely inspired by Death Wish.

  2. Also note the fairly small weapon, a revolver with a 3″(?) barrel. No Desert Eagle or hand cannon beloved of film tradition.

  3. With all the video surveillance we have now, not to mention camera phones, and without a disguise, CB would be nabbed and crucified in rather short order IRL. But I feel ya’. Goetz had a small five shot 38 revolver too, and didn’t kill any one with five shots at four perps, so a handcannon, or at least a 357 is called for.

    • The police still need the public’s help. Their cameras aren’t enough. If he could remain clear for a week, he’d make it. The American memory is very short now.

      The clearance rate for homicide is only 60%. 90% of those within the first 48 hours. Everyday, someone gets away with murder.

      The police are only one part of the just-us system. It is their job to find, and assist in the prosecutuion of criminals. An arrest means nothing. Their system depends greatly upon a person informing on himself.

      • And most of those cop tv shows, as I remember show almost every criminal caving to the interrogation technique, in order to brainwash the viewer on how it goes when you are arrested.

      • Yes, that’s why wns have to learn those tricks. I believe that unless one has been specifically trained, one will fold under the heat. It only takes a few months.

  4. In early 70’s that little .32 Colt would have been more than adequate especially with a double tap like you saw in the video . The light report and recoil would make effective shot placement much easier. It was regarded as plenty for police in the early 20th after all.

    Also the chance of the bad guys bleeding out with 1974 trauma medicine was much higher.

    I’ll say the grace under fire and situational awareness The Architect displays is awesome and the gun handling feels real.

    As to what Ryu said, right now in inordinate amount of effort would be spent to find the White guy but that ability is going to diminish and sooner than later, the America of Deathwish will look like a nice place. Having a bit of Kerseys mindset might be life saver in the near future

    • Nice point about trauma medicine 1974->2014. With all the CYAing going on in hospitals, they’re going to make sure he lives so they can make a bundle off him til he’s released to police. Follow the money…

      If you’re sufficiently trained with any weapon, it can be useful. A Glass bottle can be very useful if you keep your head about you. Know a capable lawyer and this is but a short-term issue for the alleged events at hand. Then again, Shakespeare had something to say about lawyers and revolutions, so take this as you will. Anything can be a weapon if you’ve internalized the mindset.

      Two points I may be remembering correctly:
      1. Kersey started out with two rolls of quarters in a sock, just to see what was out there.
      2. He was “mere” civilian, so heavy handguns would have been unrealistic, unlike Dirty Harry and his .44 Magnum.

  5. If CB/BG was on a decoy/ambush/kill mission then a silenced hi-cap 9mm or better is in order, as well as an easily ditched disguise would both have to be part of the plan, if escaping and going undetected is a goal. An ordinary bloke just standing up to a robbers or on a suicide mission, then whatever, just be armed and ready. As for the “60% clearance rate” mentioned above, that’s mostly because of the vibrants (who are the main victims and perps in NYC shootings) refusing to snitch on each other. No such qualms on their part if the shooter were white. Goetz frankly lucked out here, getting a mainly white jury many of whom were street crime victims previously, he did far less well in civil courts with vibrant juries. The DA’s would never allow this outcome to happen again today. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Bullies are usually opportunists. They only start to attack after playing with their prey for a while, scoping out weaknesses. It helps all the prey if a few members can be unpredictably violent, despite all the liberal protestations.

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