Harrison Bergeron

by Ryu

I think nationalists would learn alot reading Harrison Bergeron with an eye to our current struggle.

This short story actually has several lessons for nationalists.

Harry thought he’d take over a TV station and awaken the masses. That didn’t happen.

His actions were too much, too soon. He was too impatient. One cannot reverse decades of decay in an evening.

The will of one man cannot…… change the world. Even Adolph Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger had help.

Modern technology has been a disaster for our race. In many ways the race was healthier in the middle ages. I’m beginning to wonder if Kaczynski and Sara Conner were right; perhaps its well to go after the technologists.

6 Comments to “Harrison Bergeron”

  1. Most people, especially women, shouldn’t be allowed to own smart phones just as much as the mentally ill and minos shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms.

    • I do not think technology helps our lives as much as people reckon it does. Technology is now a distraction used to convince people that life is better than in the past, even though things like marriage and pensions are now obsolete. The average man was better off in 1950, than today.

  2. Bergeron is a clear lesson on where the MINOization of Murka finally ends.

    You’ll get no geniuses out of MINOs or the growing Migger Class. With coloreds, you get Ebolaville, Tijuana CarteLand – Detroit and LA.

    You do not get Paris.
    Hell, you don’t even get clever colored writers to come near to a Vonnegut Harrison Bergeron idea.
    You have seen zero remarkable literary figures the past 30 years. Not even white ones…

    • Most of the men who “should” have been revolutionary writers were bought off. Somehow, the revolution of the 1960s was carried off, threw off the old white conservative order, but they became slaves to it. They lost control. Maybe the then white leaders empowered the minos too much, and the whites had to go along to appear consistent.

      Celebrity is a thing that can be manufactured today, just as a car or pizza is. Kardashin and Hilton are great examples. Anyone who becomes famous, MUST tow the line, or it can be taken away in an instant.

      I think that Murka will end up in a Brave New World situation. The exiles are the only interesting people around in that reality, and they live on an island. Today, the only interesting Murkans are the crazy ones.

      • It’s not only whites, but wns, who mistakenly presume “the once greatest nation on earth!!!” will always remain white, as if the millions of unchecked Pre-Amnestied-Hispanic Miggers will furure-revere July 4th, amp; George Washington…and Paule Revere.

        Rome did not fall with a thunderous clang of a bell to announce commencement of The Dark Ages. It eroded so slowly, nobody remaining in those hollow ruins remembered they once were grand.

        Murka’s fall will look like Detroit and Los Angeles’ collapse: One day, it will just be.

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