Pity the Cops and Soldiers

by Ryu

Cops and soldiers are abused children. Their “parents” or trainers piss on them, so they piss on those below them, which is the people. The trainer give recruits so much anger that it must be expressed in some way.

It’s exactly the same as training an attack dog. Look at the what they do.

First minute in, recruits are screamed at. Nothing they do will stop it. The simple reality is, their teachers are bullies. They humiliate, inflict pain on, and intimidate their students.

Nothing is good enough. They could do 1000 pushups, it wouldn’t help. This is done to break the recruits down mentally. They’d do ANYTHING to…… make it stop.

And it’s anything that they do. They learn an alien set of rules, which they take to with zeal. It keep them from pain. They substitute the rules for their own judgement. Anything to get the DIs off their back.

The more the new rules are obeyed, the less the recruit is beaten. Some recruits might even do well enough to become capos themselves. After a spell, most of the fight is beaten out of the recruit, and he goes along to get along.

Then he’s dropped into the shit. Either the American public or the Sandbox. He’s working in a closed environment, almost like a cult. Outsiders aren’t encouraged to know the police and military. They have their own just-us system, and they don’t have to answer to the people.

He does what he’s told for the rest of his time. He just wants to get his benefits and get out. Nothing will jeoparize that.

Then, maybe 10 years after retirement, the cop or soldier becomes an ordinary person again. He looks back, with horror, at what he’s done. He was a merc for the 1%. He killed, burned, and destroyed lives for pay – and he was PROUD of it.

But by then, he’s almost totally burned out. Nothing left to fight with. Many of our wn exmil are like this. They renounce all violence because of the violence the USG used against them as soldiers.

I used to be shocked, at how few soldiers actually fought back against their DIs. Why the hell would anyone allow themselves to be treated that way? Why not use your skills to kill your TRUE oppressor?

I don’t wonder that anymore. What the military and police do to their men is evil, plain and simple. They domesticate and break the spirits of men, just as horses and dogs are broken. What’s left after they are done is a broken shell of a man. Very few come out the other end intact.

If you want to admire men who use violence, admire those who do it with NO protection. No badge or uniform to hide behind.

I found this old movie once, Tribes. It’s about a hippie who is drafted into the marines. In a few scenes, the DIs scream and are completely ignored. They only have the power you give them. Once you take away the “authority” they hide behind, you find nothing. What they fear most in this world is being ignored.

13 Comments to “Pity the Cops and Soldiers”

  1. This is very interesting. It makes me wonder if anyone know other effective training methods for soldiers such as the Cossacks or even the Nazis. I would like to read up on that if anyone can clue me in on where to find such info.
    The FEDGOV brainwashing works well….I had opportunity to speak with a US army vet of Mexican descent. He said he wishes he had been born a few decade earlier so he could have killed him some Nazis.

    The bad thing about brainwashing is that under the right conditions it can wear off. That is part of the purpose of Bob Whitaker’s mantra.

    • There is a writer named HJ Poole. He has books like ‘Tactics of the Cresent Moon” and “the last 100 yards.” In non-American militaries, the lower eschelons take the initiative. They train their own units and set their own schedules.

      The US mil is a top-heavy, very technology dependent. Without their navy and air force, they are inferior in most aspects.

      Alot of wn and survivalist groups train their members well. The only problem is that they don’t have the money to deal with certain personal problems. The Order and the ARA were very well trained.

      Just the other day, the Stanis took out a Murkan general. One man shot a general and wounded 15 others. It’s mindblowing.

      • ryu rote: Just the other day, the Stanis took out a Murkan general. One man shot a general and wounded 15 others. It’s mindblowing.

        When Elite fratboy pals with gold braid start getting greased, all that Pentagon smoke jargon blowing up our asses of “acceptable numbers of combat casualties” and “re-structuring our policy of strategic initiative blah blah”

        …quickly becomes untenable.
        In order to destroy Elites
        ALL IT TAKES is
        Pissing on
        Their Caviar brunch…

      • Wow! Greene….with that last name, his Olive skin and the fact that he had never been in a combat zone before lead me to believe they got one of the Chosenites. Apt.

  2. Some ex-LEOs or ex-mils never really ‘wake up’.

    Like the former Tampa Swat leader who shot a white dude in a theater. He still acts like a cop after 20 years out of service, and he is using all of his police connections to somehow remain free.

    Some are beyond the point of return and should be kept in their own territory, like military dogs who are never discharged.

  3. How many soldiers and LEO’s have gone rogue, fought against the system? I can’t think of any myself. The ones who matter – high ranking officers and special forces – know they can go to on to well paid, cushy contractor jobs in the private sector after they’re done. Even low level guys know that their time in the military equals hiring preference in fedgov, and I’ve seen alot of private sector support for hiring ex-mil. They’re well cared for after service, so there’s no compelling factor to go against the system. No one has the balls and the ambition to go all in and attempt a coup or set off a civil war.

    A few years back some FSB guys resigned because Kadyrov’s Chechens in Moscow were allowed to behave like animals with consequence. I don’t know of any LEO who has done so here because minos are allowed to run wild. Igor Strelkov is another interesting case – he was apparently passed over for promotion in the GRU after failing a psych exam, left and worked in the private sector for a bit, but then he showed up in Ukraine and is commanding the separatists in Donetsk. He is very popular amongst ordinary Russians, and seems to be a genuine nationalist.

    I am not necessarily against working within the system – but for most Murkans it’s just a paycheck and something fun to do (with automatic weapons and laser guided bombs!), not a means to an end.

    • The Chechen wars were basically a semi-civil war in Russia. Almost all the Chechen rebel leaders had Soviet/Russian military backgrounds including as military officers and special forces. Their first leader Dudayev was a Soviet Air Force general. Russia’s most wanted terrorist Shamil Basayev was a GRU soldier perhaps their greatest. Whenever they waste FSB troops and leaders it’s rumored they had help from their friends in the Russian military.


      • It’s possible there was some cloak and dagger stuff going on – but within Russia people from the Caucasus and Central Asia and widely reviled because they “don’t follow the rules and don’t get in trouble” as I’ve been told numerous times.

    • Have you seen the Bond movie GoldenEye? Set in the 1990s two of the villains are from the Caucasus with Soviet/Russian military backgrounds linked to organized crime and international terrorism. The femme fatale “Xenia Onatopp” also bears similarity to a black widow (female terrorist).

  4. my neighbor is a guardsman, was wounded in Afghanistan last month.

    He was standing guard on the ramparts of a firebase. The Taliban blew the wall, and nine of them charged through.

    His partner on sentry duty was captured and he was blown off the wall and severally concussed, both ear drums blown.

    • That’s justice then. Who and whose interest was he guarding?

      Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban. The Americans do not belong there. Your neighbor’s true enemy is the one who sent him over there.

      I’m a guardsman too. I guard our race.

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