Reader Mail: Jews, Israel & US Wars

by Firepower

Reader Nigel X. Writes:

…the British handling of the race issue is as follows. The Race Relations Act has existed since 1976. It does not in all this time appear to have made Race Relations any better. Indeed in some parts of the country where there is a big infestation of Paki’s. The regular politicians are concerned about the (racist) British National Party winning through.

It’s worth noting that the liberal types who whine about white racists, tend to live in areas of low or no infestation.

As for the Jews – I can go on there – my most serious concern is a bit of a conspiracy theory.

Now the US has three Carriers round Iran – “coz they are developing Weapons of Mass Destruction”

We were told by lefties when Uncle Sam went into Iraq it was all about the American “Lust for Oil” – Well fuck me I’ve never paid more for petrol/gasoline.

Why does America (and its allies) have to keep on attacking Sand Nigger countries for Israel? The most expensive lynching being Saddam in 2006.

I’ll leave it at that – I’ve not taken my blood pressure pills yet.


Dear Nigel:

There is a long-standing suspicion of American Jews and their perceived relationship with Israel, war and oil.

My extensive personal experience with Jews and Israel had me observing many discrepancies – many which I’m sure are deliberately promoted. The presumption is American Jews blindly support anything Israel does because they are in cahoots with their loyal brothers. That’s untrue: American Jews are extremely liberal. Israelis are conservative – they like defense budgets and use them to kick hell out of their enemies while American Jews throw money at blacks, colored welfare, open borders, suicidal social policy, “Arab Springs” and Ground Zero Mosques. For example: Benjamin Netanyahu is universally…… hated by American Jews – as is any arch-conservative in international political leadership. An Obama wouldn’t even be elected a kosher minstrel in Tel Aviv.

American Jews pilgrimage to Israel for selfish reasons; to fantasize about past glory days and architecture, see sites where yahweh killed thousands for peace and to join fully with the coffee clique of their inner-circle who also vacationed – keeping up with the Jonesbergs. Every liberal Jew I’ve known always makes some weird pilgrimage to Israel and returns absolutely raving with hate at Israelis who dare frisk Palestinians with bombs strapped to their chests at border checkpoints. American Jews foam at the “brutal injustice those nazi Israeli fascists perpetrate on those poor Palestinians and Lebanese!”  (I’ve actually heard and witnessed hippy liberal Jews really call Israelis nazis.) In fact, the only time you’ll hear a Jew call somebody a fascist – and really mean it – is when they use it against Israelis.  They are a different species – like wee britties and (once robust) Americans.  Jews are different from Israelis.

Jews who fled to America used long-established family connections and slid into the stock market and academia, put on suits (and protest signs) and ate $80 steaks. Jews who fled to Israel dug potatoes under sniper fire with UZIs on their backs.  Jews had everything handed to them while Israelis had to kill merely to sleep in peace.  American Jews like Israel insomuch as they like any welfare state propped up with Murkabucks and  beholden to their total control. I know I’d rather live in Jerusalem with Israelis, than the local Jewish enclave – and especially Manhattan.  More jews live in Manhattan than any other city in Murka.  More jews live in Manhattan than anywhere in the world outside Israel and their population there is actually growing.

In America, Jews drool over Clinton-Obama-Socialist rulers.  American Jews don’t contribute to leaders who want to destroy our true enemies – in fact, it’s the just the opposite: They contribute to their opponents instead, using their Vast MainStream Media propaganda tools to promote and instill true hatred against conservatives. Their Big Lie was best illustrated in Hillary Clinton‘s “vast right-wing conspiracy” ploy. Her gambit fell flat; the absurdity of it was inadvertently revealed because the carrier of the propaganda was the epitome of what is actually a true Vast Left Wing Conspiracy – Manhattan Media.

American Jews live in a safe liberal fantasy world coddled by the protection provided by a co-opted US Military power – safe from most harm. That’s a luxury Israelis don’t have. Israelis have to join the military and actually go to real war and kill, while in the USA, the rarest thing you’ll ever see is a Jew in uniform. Jews hate the military – because they aren’t in it. American Jews hate the Israeli military even more than they hate the US military.

Contrary to popular belief, jews do not want to transform Manhattan (and Murka) into Israel: Jews want to turn Israel into New York. They want it run by a Bloomberg-type liberal grandee passing State Welfare Cash out to Palestinians (all while completely safe to indulge this fantasy), but with a threatening, authoritative US naval fleet anchored off the Palestinian coast: Just like they indulge their NYC liberal fantasies with everyone else’s tax dollars and bully boys keeping order. This assuages their evil liberal consciences. You’ll notice New York purged of blacks. That makes the perfect liberal situation: sympathy for far-away barbarians – kept far away by the pleasant, deniable barrier of gentrified property prices, out of reach to said barbarians. Good fences, make Good Neighbors.  Penthouses, armored limos and armed ex-US military bodyguard mercenaries,make even better neighbors.

The Real Reason For American Military Meddling in The Middle-East

Im in yer wallet infiltratinz yer SPR

The Arab Spring brought about the fall of dictators who kept order in their animalistic, backwards, savage countries.  Brutal people require even more brutal oppression just to keep them running the sewer system instead of machine-gunning each other in the streets with AK-47s.  These dictators had treaties and truces with Israel that kept a workable, tolerable peace for decades – yet there is no American Jewish outcry at their replacement by foaming, rabid Islamist haters actively preaching the nuclear destruction of Israel.  Odd, isn’t it?  There’s no Jewish cry of outrage when Barack Obama gives Benjamin Netanyahu the baldy and humiliates him, then runs over to bow and kiss the ring of the Saudi King – the guy who sent us every bomber who toppled every building in the World Trade Center Complex, in the heart of Jews’ allegedly beloved financial district in Manhattan.  You should expect every Sulzburger~NYT writer, every Network News program, Daily Show! episode and Hollywood movie to condemn such actions. Like they do the TEA Party when they dare protest lowering taxes and subtracting just 500,000 pages from this year’s crop of government regulations.

Stable regimes protected Israel. Unstable regimes now, threaten Israel.  Millions of screaming infidels cause havoc and lob missiles without traceable national insignia on the projectiles and provide a convenient ready-made excuses for war.  Just like the “non-affiliated” terrorists who blew up the WTC.  Bushie goes to attack…who now, exactly? There’s no country to attack or formally declare war upon, only dead terrorists.  Quaddaffi did it ala Lockerbie. The Japanese should have bombed Pearl Harbor with unmarked planes and claimed:

“Honorable FDR-san! Some fanatic Tojoist terrorists commandeered some airplanes and attack you without our invorvement. So solly bout Freet. Prease hand over all Pacific now kaythxbai!”

The enemy of my enemy is my…enemy

Millions of unleashed, savage Muslims now cause mayhem in their respective countries and the Saudis reap the rewards. Not Israel.  Israel gets far too much military aid from the US, but not as much outright lucre as Saudi Arabia gets. Anarchy in one country protects Monarchy in another.  Instability makes countries like Iraq weak, no longer threatening an invasion of Kuwait and Saudi oilfields. Instability in all surrounding countries guarantees no organized conquering army – from anywhere.  Chaos brings Peace to the Saudis.  The threat luxuriously and permanently elevates oil prices, as witnessed today.  So now, Saudis can afford those 100 new Filipina Sex Slaves to restock those old ones they wore out and liquidated.  If you wonder why you pay near as much for gasoline as you did in 2008 – stop now.

Chaos threatens Israel, neutralizes the threat of oil-conquering nationalistic armies, protects Saudi monarchy and keeps them rich.  It’s a win-win-win² for the true Evil Empire. America’s and Obama’s bread is both buttered in Riyadh – not Tel Aviv. Better to destroy these nations, give the keys to conservative Israel and force our Business-loving Liberal American Jews to then deal with them, thus negating any charges of “antisemitism” that censor and silence un-PC critics.  American jews are the ones who make money here over sky high oil prices. The Bushsteins make far more money than the Bushes ever dreamt from mid-east meddling – no matter what the Helpful New York Times and their fawning MSM claimed.  When bombs land on Israel, Israel takes care of the problem. When bombs are even threatened against Saudis – entire US Armies invade for peace chanting the “this ain’t a war for oil” mantra. Compare our response to Kuwait – and the last time Lebanon lobbed Scuds into Israeli towns.

I read where a Jewish author once said, (I paraphrase) that “you can’t even use the word ‘Jew’ without it sounding like a racial slur.” I wish I could remember who it was that said that. A wise rabbi, indeed.

There’s not much Americans can do (politically) at present, except let your representatives know that you are aware.  The best response is to dissuade all eager boys you have influence over, from ever joining the military to “Defend” America’s rich folk’s oil Freedom.

Published on: May 21, 2012

24 Responses to “Reader Mail: Jews, Israel & US Wars”

  1. Good article. That’s especially true about the word Jew. Its absolutely forbidden to say today. WN sites that go after the jews too much are often shut down. I’ve seen this happen to more than a few.
    [it’s like it holds a structural insult within an ordinary word. odd, really.]

  2. A good example of Saudi power comes from Bob Woodward’s ‘State of Denial, Bush at War Part III’. In Chapter 1 Woodward describes how W. was considering running for president. So who does his his father, H.W., turn to to school junior about foreign policy? Saudi Prince Bandar. That’s right with all H.W.’s contacts at his beck and call he turns to a Saudi prince!

    H.W and Bandar went back a long way “During Bush’s 1991 Gulf War to oust Hussein from Kuwait and prevent him from invading Saudi Arabia, Bandar had been virtually a member of the Bush war cabinet.”

    [ed note: That proves the point still further. American voters are always tricked into thinking Israel is the USA’s prime interest. Not only do Saudi interests actually dictate US mid east policy instead of Israel’s, the money spread around there trumps any political contribution and connection American Jews have cultivated among our For Sale Politicians:

    It speaks ill of America to have elected Bush – either one.]

  3. I think another key point is that people are told that American support of Israel is the key reason for Islamic terrorism. Sure it’s *a* reason but just as big a one is the US propping up these regimes like the Saudis (the US troops on Saudi soil arranged by Bandar and Bush set Bin Laden right off). The Saudis of course use their oil money to spread the Wahhabist form of Islam which isn’t that far removed from the Islamists ideology.

    Scheuer raises some interesting points here:

    [ed note: Before I watch that vid you shared, I wish to point out to readers how easy it really is. Think about it: What better way to control the uncontrollable – one billion screaming Muslim fanatics – by giving them a carrot to fixate upon. To hate. All the while, the Royal Saudis live in (safe) splendor, the likes of which, would make their former Babylonian & Persian emperors jealous. Israel = carrot. It keeps American Jews happy, and Muslims living in corrugated tin shacks… “hatey.”]

  4. Hey will someone do the Maths

  5. I never thought of that. Good one. I mean, why does Obama treat the israelis like garbage and bow before all arabs – arabs with oil? I’m gonna recommend you to my friends to follow. Super great ideas! That gunslingy guy SURE loves them Haha!
    [ed note: thanks. obama is NO different than other us presidents. obviously, “Arab Spring” is Saudi-approved. US Jews don’t want truly dangerous, unstable triggers on fingers. So, it’s important to discern why the saudi view trumps US jews’ policy]

  6. I don’t really agree with the tempering of irrational anti-semitism. Frankly, the world needs more of it.

    I get the point about ‘not falling into the trap’, I guess, I just don’t think any intelligent anti-semite really does that.
    [ed note: it means you have one more enemy you’d better think about]

  7. I’ve discussed this with my friends and it is amazing how it all fits together when you figure out tht the saudis hold the upper hand instead of israel, like we always thought. we are SO STUPID for supporting them both even, we should just take the oil and give it to the jews, like you say. Them, we can control with money and luxuries.

  8. Wow! Did you really write this several years ago? Impressive.

  9. The core problem is Islam, which claims to be the solution to everything, but is incompatible with advanced societies with the possible future exception of Turkey.

    • Islam is only a problem inasmuch as it provides a unity of power to an inferior and aggressive people.

      Islam is not a problem for Murka if it avoids entangling itself in muzz squabbles and sticks to making money from its backwards – and therefore cheap – labor.

      Wnen muzz don’t know how to even build a toilet, Murka can step in and charge them for construction expertise and dig the ditch with cheap muzz labor.

  10. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Nigel Farage, is that you? 😉
    “Anarchy in one country protects Monarchy in another.” ~ very good point.

  11. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Hell is eternal…


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