Army of Hate

by Ryu

This is a cool docu on the ARA, the Aryan Republican Army. These guys were really good. As always, this is a system presentation, so you’ll see interviews from the ADL and SPLC.

Their ultimate downfall? An inside informant.

6 Comments to “Army of Hate”

  1. It’s not surprising the journalist misses the connection between Secret Service scrutiny and ARA escalation.

  2. “Donna” is just the kind of man wn needs.

    Being able to live a second life is pretty deep into cover, and wouldn’t raise much suspicion to the cause. It took an informant and a second informant to get to him. Had he “gone Donna” he might have escaped. Fascinating. Wasn’t a great cover – whites have higher sexual dimorphism than other races – but some times good enough is enough. Trannies stood out a bit more back then, so getting away with it was a good job of trolling on his part.

    He also had a good sense of logistics, which is important in an operation like that. Sometimes beans must be counted. Make the money, then do the hard work Smart strategy on the bank robberies. I’m at once surprised and not surprised that a slew of copycats haven’t sprung up; Surprised, because it could yield a lot of insured cash, and strain the system in a sore spot; not surprised, because most people don’t have the patience and/or talent to pull that kind of thing off. C’est la vie.

    • Woooo! Robbing banks is big medicine. Always people underestimate how much balls it takes. Plus, one has to find several others like oneself.

      Sometime, I have to write about Bob Matthews. He was a truly great wn leader.

  3. Just slaughtered a bunch of McMutants. Going to cut back on ducks until next year. Got more geese.

    Ever heard Buldok’s Ode to Bob Mathews?

    So, they rounded up an army
    Of maggots and faggots and reds,
    Race traitors and cowards and jackals,
    And other kinds of feds.
    The jews had given the orders.
    Race traitors would obey.
    By the hundreds they came to murder
    The greatest White man of his day.

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