by Ryu

You’ll get good at what you practice each day. The mind of a survivalist and a cop are the same. Both emphasize level of preparedness and being aware of your environment.

Police training manuals go into great detail about various scenarios. There’s way too much information to cover in one article. There are some easy things that will help you though.

Before you get out of your car and walk into a place, take a lap around it. Look into the windows, how many ways in and out, see what’s going on. This is a standard patrol technique. Make it a part of your routine from now on. In 3 days, it’ll be like breathing.

Tactical parking means parking through and backing into spots. When you leave an area, you don’t want to have to go into reverse. The next time you drive by a cop shop, look for it. It allows one to leave faster without having to look over your shoulder.

13 Comments to “Parking”

  1. Tactical awareness is important; it prepares a defense to transform into good offense.

    • Are you watching the Gaza deal, FP? I’m amazed at how servile everyone is to Israel. It’s a great lesson how people respond to power.

      Tunnels are a major part of guerilla warfare. They were used in Iraq, Nam, the Stan and Korea.

      • All i hear and see re Gaza is whining over dead Arabs. I hope Israel finishes the job they started there.

      • Really, Cam? You support Israel here?

        I think Jews are the greater enemy than the Arab. In many ways, I envy the Muzz. They still have a culture and a family structure. The west has nothing but money.

      • My time is spent on entertaining tweets harassing neocontard types who want to invade everybody “because israel is our friend!”

        I simply ask them what israel has ever done for us. The expected answer from these idiots is “thur awr al-lie cuzthaygive us intel n’ stuff on turrists!”

        I increase the mind-expanding anal insertion to point out, telling us which daily Muzz enemy of israel’s to shoot is not beneficial and pretty much explains why Muzz fly airplanes into jewish Manhattan…

        Even though the Murkan jew disapproves of israel, they support it for two main reasons: Inter-jew blood loyalty is thicker than water and, it’s cheap and easy for the jew to support The Homeland when they get Gentiles to foot the tax bill and Hick Jordies to foot The Blood Bill.

        Being expert media/propaganda manipulators, the jew cares only that israel is mentioned but not in what context. The old jew advertising commandment that “any publicity is GOOD publicity” is their maxim.

        They are the ones who twist vile scum like Madonna (in the past), Bieber & Kardashians and foist them onto Dim Murkan Slobs as a marketable commodity that profits them. FoxNEWS’ predicted 24-hour fellatio-fest on Israel VS “Evil” Part 80,584 sells lots of commercials.

      • It’s not that I support Israel but that I’m sick of Westerners meddling with things. Here they push for a cease fire which would just see the status quo return and the cycle of stupidity continue. Best to stay out of these types of disputes and let a clear winner emerge. The problem with the world is there is not enough killing.

  2. I hope someone pushes the “israelis” into the sea.

    [ednote: hope is NOT a strategy. I “hope” youre under 200 lbs]

  3. The cops seem to pull over disreputable or unconventional looking drivers out of proportion to their number. My guess is they mostly ignore introverts. Cops are always checking license plate tags from a distance.

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