Why Eradica Will Fail

by Ryu

You ask, we deliver. Eradica, and every other wn site, fails because wns do not really want to win.

They want something else. They want a smart-badge from the liberal gatekeepers. They want to go to heaven with Jesus. They want to impress their masters and show what obediant slaves they are.

Do you want to win or do you want something else? There should be NOTHING on this Earth more important than winning, nothing in the way.

Winning means working. Most wns today suffer from arrested development, like toddlers who never learned how to walk. Get past news and jews. NAJ is meant for beginners, not to spend your whole career in it.

Whites lack aggression. WN has no enforcers. Cops work in law en-FORCE-ment. Without the force, no one cares. Worse, many actually ……disavow those wns who do use force.

This is one time you’re encouraged to be American – second place is first loser. Believe it?

This video is accurate – white women do not respect weakness. No one does. But there’s no reason to be afraid of Kali Muscle. In his own realm, he is quite average. Only when compared to a normal person does he look awesome. WNs must strive to be extraordinary in an extraordinary realm.

9 Comments to “Why Eradica Will Fail”

  1. Yup. Serious wns will spend a short time reading online if anytime at all.. Just enough to stay motivated.

    I cancelled cable tv MANY years ago because I was no longer willing to spend good money for the privilege of being brainwashed. Today I’m unwilling to spend another important asset of mine, TIME, on being brainwashed and demoralized or drawn into pointless debates. I’ve got shit to do. Don’t YOU?

    • Criticizing those with foresight, originality and wisdom to point out a flaw is not clever; it’s not even helpful.

      You’re a former willing, ardent flatearther
      Blaming Galileo
      For not discovering the round Earth sooner

    • TV can be educational, IF done properly. One has to consciously not be passive. I’ve learned a lot from TV and movies. I take notes on what I watch.

      • You are an exception Ryu. Most people are not able to look at television objectively.

        As far as followers go, we get more everyday. It is our self proclaimed leaders’ responsibility to build TRUST so that someone actually wants to follow. And who would trust some untested unvested guy from the internet who says they are a leader? FP I hope for once instead of dismissing what I say as the rantings of a woman…I hope you will give some thought to what I have said. Or not. Maybe someone else will.

      • We all know (from Glorious Murkan History) James Monroe, John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were hot sexy secret spy agent ninja killer warrior soldiers. We thank you for pointing us in this proper direction, the way Herstory proves the most effective…

        I nominate Marky Marcus Luttrell for Fuhrer 2.0

  2. For the first time in History, a movement will not fail do to lack of quality leaders
    But to a lack of
    Quality followers

    The Age of Murka
    Has made Special Snowflake Jesuses
    Out of every mediocrity

    • The system also has this problem. But they have something we do not, momentum and money. I do think they will run into the same issue, if the money should slow down. The gov agencies must have this issue in spades.

  3. The problem is the most conventionally competent people have the strongest drive to conform and follow the rules, to be respectable, to feel popular.
    The freedom from such urges may be the only hope there exists for losers and failures.

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