Sitting Still

by Ryu

Being able to sit or stand and to do nothing. No moving, no talking, nothing. This is an underrated skill, very much lacking in Murka today. It’s even more important for wns, who need patience, discipline and silence in their art.

Sometimes there is talk of imbalance in Americans. There is the CNS or “fight or flight” system, and the PNS or “rest and digest” system; when one is on, the other is off. Murkans are overstimulated and cannot properly relax themselves. They are hyped up, on the juice 24-7. No wonder they cannot focus on what is happening around them.

So often one sees these military training videos. Men running around, screaming, jumping, a hustle of activity. Real men of action. But action isn’t always necessary. Sometimes the best thing to do is…… nothing at all.

There is no difference between hunting a bison and hunting a man, no difference between long range game hunting and sniping. The skillsets are exactly the same. The game today is to overcomplicate, try to monopolize knowledge, then cash in.

The military has managed to convince people that only their elite can soldier. Certainly not – 10 year old kids can do it in Africa. More shockingly, they can teach the skill to 18 year old Jordies. That ought to demonstrate how easy it is.

A skill is valuable in accordance to its rarity. The greatest technology today is human technology. Electronics and computers cannot replace the will to act.

7 Comments to “Sitting Still”

  1. Soldiering is the ability to follow orders and march around for days on end in shitty weather.

    Third worlders don’t mind the shitty aspects because that’s their daily life. I’d bet that for them it’s a vacation from the boredom of herding animals, sitting around in a humid hellhole.

    The US military relies alot – too much – on fancy toys which require loads of gas, expensive replacement parts, and know-how to operate.

    • On an individual level, I believe most third worlders are superior to most first worlders. Some sects of wn have overrated the value of intelligence. I don’t think the US can use technology to cover for inferior men forever.

  2. Pure gold: “A skill is valuable in accordance to its rarity. The greatest technology today is human technology. Electronics and computers cannot replace the will to act.”

    That is truth. That is why White men are valuable, and becoming more valuable. The more rare we become, the more valued we will be. That is not necessarily positive either. Because we are so valuable the current elite must try to enslave us. Our will to act has been subtly redirected to their purposes. Perhaps their current success will not last.

    On the issue of patience. I learned patience during a youth spent hunting. I went hunting nearly every day from Sept. 1 through Jan. 31. I still go when I can but the cold weather takes its toll on my arthritis. I am currently building a house in the timber on our farm. There will be a hot tub on the patio overlooking the pond. My primary goal when agreeing to build this house with my wife, was that I would deer hunt while sitting in the hot tub. The neighboring hunting parties always drive deer into my farm, right between the pond and the patio where I will place the hot tub. I look forward to this greatly. Is it a sign of the times of the coming of the “last man”, or well deserved fruits of my success. I like to believe the latter! It took a lot of patience to build up the wealth necessary to build my fortress of solitude!

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