The Camera

by Ryu

The journal has already been mentioned. Intel is the primary activity of any active organization. One has to become accustomed to gathering intel everytime one leaves the house.

WNs interested in improvement are encouraged to buy a digital camera. It doesn’t need to be some fancy thing. This will be a special camera – you will be the only one who sees it’s pictures.

No photo developing at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or anywhere like that. The problem is that those computers store their orders. Employees will narc on you if they ……see something objectionable. Remember the ideal – no forensic evidence, no witnesses, no motive – a ghost. Develop pictures at home or not at all.

One of the major activities at any crime scene is taking pictures – for homicides, burglaries, arson, and assault. You won’t need the kind of detailed knowledge they use. The objective is just to capture the essence of the subject. Use the information you obtain, don’t become an expert photographer.

Take picture of things and areas that interest you. Human memory often fails. Maybe the surrounding area, the way in and the way out are interesting. Often getting in and out is the riskiest part of an op.

Use your imagination. You’ll have to take most steps on your own; get used to it. The safest (and most effective!) groups today are groups of one. Work by yourself and you can be sure. I am sorry that things are this way.

Doing the above will give you new eyes. You’ll be able to see and feel more. Everytime you walk out the door, you will see opportunity. With training, preparation, and patience, you will be able to take advantage of those opportunities.

In time, the impossible becomes routine. As always, in anything, the first time is the hardest.

4 Comments to “The Camera”

  1. Digital cameras can be acquired cheaply online, or if you’re the type who supports local businesses, pawn shops. I bought mine at a pawn shop for $50. More than enough resolution to do miniature photography, and full function video with sound.

    Another good use for such a camera is to study yourself. Sit down in front of the camera and just talk, stream-of-conscious style, for 10 minutes. Review that. Check out your mannerisms, your body language, listen to the tone of your voice. Was the overall presentation confident? Nervous? Uncertain? Pick out your weaknesses and work on correcting them.

    Even more applicable if you do martial arts training or weight lifting. Whether alone or with partner(s), videotape yourself. Look for things you could have done better – these are the things you need to work on. The camera is a tool – it has no viewpoint, no emotional attachments, so it won’t deceive you. Only you can do that.

    We borrowed a video camera for one of our rehearsals, and watching it, I was disappointed in my playing. So I spent the next few days focusing on the parts I thought I could have played better. We videotaped the show that weekend, and going over the tape, I was much happier with my performance. That was for something “trivial” as a local metal band. Imagine what such introspection can do for something truly important.

    • How does once advance his musical taste, BTR? Beyond just what one likes. There must be such a thing as an objective scale, that specialists can detect.

      There’s a type of wn that seems to come from the music/skinhead scene of the 1980s. You are like that. I came from survivalism, so I don’t have that.

      I’ve been on camera and I found it enlighting for the reasons you point out. Maybe it’s too addictive.

  2. Everyone should be encouraged to record what the authorities are up to as much as possible as a civic duty.

  3. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Angles and distance.
    The same principles behind useful photography can be cross-applied to art. Basics of composition – to increase the information content of the scene. That last is commonly overlooked.
    There was a good videogame I used to play called Beyond Good and Evil, the protagonist was bringing down a large body with the primary weapon of a digital camera. Learning some finer points of optics never hurt either.

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