Don’t Get Raided

by Ryu

I’m going to practice the following cop gesture in the mirror until my gesture looks as good as theirs. Tuck the thumb of my left hand on the belt buckle, right hand on the grip of my revolver. Sunglasses and hat on.

I like that; just the threat of violence. If you say the wrong thing, I’ll shoot you! Nice trick by the cops. I’ve seen this many times by now.

It’s not hard to figure out why the police turned into the tyrants. Look at their training! How do gangs initiate new recruits?

They beat them in! That’s how it works in the Marines, SEALs, and now the cops. I recently found the process broken down as ……brutalization, operant conditioning, covert conditioning, role modeling.

2 Comments to “Don’t Get Raided”

  1. I think it might help to have a walkie talkie too, set to a busy channel so it looks like you have backup. 😄

  2. The fact he is telling the cops he will not open up implies he has nothing to hide. If he did he would pretend no one was home.

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